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Pascal Lefrancois headed into the final table of the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona Main Event and emerged from it a true champion, holding aloft the winner’s trophy and adding €1,700,000 to his bankroll.

2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona Main Event final table results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Pascal Lefrancois Canada €1,700,000
2 Adam Owen United Kingdom €1,300,000
3 Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom €1,000,000
4 Dominik Nitsche Germany €800,000
5 Jan-Eric Schwippert Germany €602,500
6 Diogo Veiga Portugal €450,000
7 Davidi Kitai Belgium €325,000
8 Thomas Boivin Belgium €225,000

A total of 1,175 players bought into the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona Main Event and created a guarantee-busting prize pool of €11,397,500 in the process. This massive sum was distributed to the top 143 finishers and the payout list read like a who’s who of global poker.

Such luminaries as former World Series of Poker Main Event winner Ryan Riess (134th for $25,000), Sergio Aido (120th for €30,000), Anthony Zinno (86th for €30,000), Andras Nemeth (75th for €35,000), partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Germany winner Viktor Blom (68th for €35,000), Team partypoker’s Johnny Lodden (54th for €35,000), Sam Trickett (35th for €40,000) and Philipp Gruissem (22nd for €50,000) made it into the money place.

The final table begins

partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Main Event final table

Everyone at the final table was guaranteed at least €225,000. It took almost exactly four hours for the final table to lose its first player and that dubious honour was bestowed on Belgium’s Thomas Boivin. The Belgian moved all-in for 33,000,000 at the 2,000,000/4,000,000/4,000,000a level with and Stephen Chidwick called from the small blind with . Boivin paired his three on the flop yet Chidwick’s jacks held to send Boivin to the rail.

Davidi Kitai fell a couple of hands later. Kitai jammed for 28,500,000 from under the gun with and Diogo Veiga called from the small blind with the dominated . Veiga, representing Portugal, spiked a four on the flop and it proved strong enough to eliminated Kitai who added €325,000 to the €700,000 he raked in for winning the €25,500 Super High Roller earlier in the week.

Sixth-place went to Veiga shortly after the blinds had increased to 2,500,000/5,000,000/5,000,000a. Chidwick opened to 10,000,000 from the cutoff, Veiga three-bet to 39,000,000 from the small blind and Chidwick called. Veiga checked on the flop, Chidwick bet 20,000,000 and then called when Veiga check-raised all-in for 45,000,000. Veiga showed and Chidwick the superior . Both the turn and river were jacks, meaning Chidwick’s nine-kicker played and the tournament lost another player.

Huge coinflip eliminates Schwippert

Jan-Eric Schwipprts

You need to win your coinflips if you are to have a chance of winning poker tournaments, something that Jan-Eric Schwippert couldn’t do in a clash with Adam Owen. With blinds now 3,000,000/6,000,000/6,000,000a, Owen raised to 16,000,000 from the cutoff and then eventually called after Schwippert moved all-in for 136,000,000 from the big blind. Schwippert revealed the and Owen the . The board ran out and with that Schwippert was gone.

The dangerous Dominik Nitsche was the next to fall after he pushed all-in from the small blind for approximately nine big blinds with what turned out to be and Lefrancois called from the big blind with . A cruel board reading gave Lefrancois an unlikely straight and resigned Nitsche to fourth-place money, namely €800,000.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Stephen Chidwick

Chidwick became the first Grand Final Main Event player to win a seven-figure score. Lefrancois limped on the button and then quickly called when Chidwick moved all-in for 94,000,000 or a shade under 12 big blinds. Chidwick’s was narrowly ahead of Lefrancois’ , but only until the flop where the raised its head. It proved enough to bust Chidwick and send the tournament into the heads-up stage.

Lefrancois lead Owen by 856,000,000 to 320,000,000 chips and the final duo engaged in a thrilling one-on-one encounter that saw the chip lead exchange several times. The final hand took place during the 6,000,000/12,000,000/12,000,000a level and saw Own raise to 38,000,000 with . Lefrancois three-bet to 105,000,000 with , Owen four-bet all-in for 451,000,000 and Lefrancois called.

A flop reading kept Lefrancois ahead and the turn was as much as a brick as it could have been. Owen needed a ten on the river to win, although he could still chop the pot with a five or a three, but the river was the to send Owen home in second-place and to crown Lefrancois the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona Main Event champion.

Another huge MILLIONS event is here

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