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giancarlo-fisichella-joins-partypoker.itHot on the heals of the announcement that Aussie Millions winner Stewart Scott has joined the PartyPoker Grassroots Team we are delighted to announce that Ferrari’s Giancarlo Fisichella will be the ambassador for our Italian poker site.

You will have all heard about Giancarlo’s exploits on the racetrack but you may not know that he is also a keen poker player and has already starred in one of our tournaments, the Sports Stars Challenge IV, earlier this year in London.

We were so impressed with Giancarlo’s passionate and aggressive poker skills that we knew that we had to sign him up straight away.  After a couple of months of fierce negotiations we finally got our man.

All of our Italian players will have the chance to play against the F1 legend at but first off we are celebrating the new arrival to the PartyPoker paddock by offering daily poker freerolls where players can win a slice of a €500 prize pool and to top it off each winner will win a shirt signed by the great man himself.  Unfortunately, we can’t offer these freerolls to anybody outside if Italy due to the nature of regulations in Italy.

Commenting on our partnership, Giancarlo said: “Poker has become a very popular pastime in the paddock in recent months with many of the drivers.  I have joined two new teams recently and am delighted to be in pole position as a new ambassador for!”

So who knows, maybe we will see other Formula 1 drivers gracing the tables at PartyPoker in the future.  Now that would be a tourney I’m sure we would all like to see!


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