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Eastgate and Tran continue to set the pace

Day four at the Premier League III saw wins for Tom ‘Durrr’ Dwan and Peter Eastgate. Dwan’s win is a timely boost for his final table chances, while 2008 WSOP Main Event champion Eastgate has put himself in a prime position for a place at Sunday’s deep-stack final table. The success of Eastgate and JC Tran is good news for all the other players as it leaves the rest of the league wide open and the chances of making the final table live.

Heat seven

Heat seven was eventful and, unsurprisingly, Dwan was at the centre of it all with a mixture of creative play that bamboozled his opponents and good fortune at key times. Again, the heat was fantastic for JC Tran, who finished second for six points as his domination of the event continued.

When it got heads-up Dwan led 490,000-110,000 and it was all over very quickly. ‘Durrrr’ pushed all-in with Ac-7c and was called by Tran with Q-7 off-suit. An Ace of the flop was enough to take it down. After the maximum on day three Phil Hellmuth ended up with the bagel busting out for 0 points. Tony G finished fifth for two points, Nenad Medic was fourth for three points and Roland De Wolfe ended third for four points.

Heat eight

Heat eight saw another win for Eastgate, who continues to impress on his Premier League debut. This heat also saw Juha Helppi pick up six valuable points as runner-up.

The heat was very fast and ended-up heads-up after just 71 hands. Helppi held a strong advantage over Eastgate, leading 463,000-137,000, but the WSOP champ showed his mettle to claw his way back and snatch victory from the season one winner.

The decisive hand saw Helppi raise with K-J off-suit and pushed all-in by Eastgate with A-K. Nothing came on the flop and the Dane consolidated his second position in the league table behind JC Tran. First out for the bagel was Andy Black and finishing fifth was Annette Obrestad for two points. Devilfish finished fourth for three points as he continues to be dreadfully unlucky and in desperate need of a break. Vicky Coren ended third for four points and continues to accumulate the points to see her through. Premier League III standings after day four:

32 points – JC Tran
26 – Peter Eastgate
22 – Tom Dwan
20 – Juha Helppi
18 – Vicky Coren
16 – Tony G
16 – Roland De Wolfe
13 – Phil Hellmuth
12 – Annette Obrestad
10 – Andy Black
9 – Nenad Medic
3 – Devilfish

Heat nine line-up
Juha Helppi
Nenad Medic
Phil Hellmuth
JC Tran
Peter Eastgate

Heat 10
Andy Black
Annette Obrestad
Vicky Coren
Roland De Wolfe
Tony G
Tom Dwan

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