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Mike Schneider beats short stacked Kenna James to win the $1m top prize in the Million V.
James survived one all in on the previous hand. He was holding 83 and was all in on the big blind. He hit a 3 on the river to survive.
The following hand James raised with his remaining $120,000 in chips holding J6, and was called by Schneider who showed Q10. Mike hit a queen on the flop and there was no help from the turn or river. Kenna James will collect $700,000 for second place.

Michael Schneider Wins
Kenna James admits defeat as Schneider wins.

Mike Schneider’s buddies from the University of Minnesota, who had been supporting him throughout the tournament, erupted into cheers as the 22 year-old went up on to stage to collect his $1,000,000 from Claudia diFolco and Mike Sexton.

Mike Schneider and has million dollars
Mike Schneider collects $1m from Claudia diFolco

Michael Schneider and his freinds
Mike Schneider on stage with his buddies.


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