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Welcome to the first post on the brand new blog, where we’ll be posting details of all the latest news, events and general coolness happening at If you’ve ever thought you might be missing out on the action at, this blog will give you the inside straight, so check back regularly to stay in the loop.

Alternatively, subscribe to the blog using an ‘RSS news reader’, which sends new blog postings to your desktop automatically. You won’t even have to visit the blog to keep on top of things!

There are several types of RSS feed readers (sometimes called ‘feed aggregators’) available, but the two most popular are a web-based package and dedicated desktop applications. The web-based software runs alongside your browser, while the dedicated desktop application allows you to save the software onto your computer, and runs independently, which means it can be open even when your browser isn’t.

You’ll find a comprehensive list of all varieties of RSS feed readers available at this blog site. It’s a pretty good rundown of all the reliable readers out there.

A dedicated RSS feed reader that we like is the Feed Demon. It’s got all the useful functions that a good aggregator needs and, as well as being easy to read, it sends you regular updates and has other cool functions, including a built-in podcast receiver. These readers are either free or offer free trial versions, so take them all for a test drive before you pick the one you like best.

Once you’ve got your blogging software sorted, keep an eye out for our first major post. We’ll be reporting from the Million V cruise, which will sail from Fort Lauderdale on March 12 and, after stops in Jamaica and Grand Cayman, return on March 19. We’ll have a special correspondent on hand to deal us in on all the white-knuckle action, hair-raising head-to-heads and shipboard gossip.

Be sure to keep your eye on our blog, and we’ll be sure to update it regularly with great news and awesome offers. We’ll see you at the tables!


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