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21:20 – John Gudger Wins the partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Main Event (£12,750)

WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

John Gudger is the 2013 partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes champion, a result that nets him a career best £12,750. Making Gudger’s victory even more sweet is the fact he qualified for this tournament for the paltry sum of $3 via an online satellite at partypoker!

The 59-year old electrical engineer defeated a talented final table and was a worthy winner. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the recap of the action coming to the partypoker blog shortly.

21:05 – Sam Goodman Eliminated in 2nd Place (£8,895)
WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

It’s all over here in Milton Keynes after Sam Goodman is eliminated in second place. John Gudger check-called a 200,000 bet on a flop before both players checked the turn. The river was the and Goodman jammed all in for around 600,000 and Gudger said, “I think I’ll call” before calling and turning over and was good against the of Goodman!

20:57 – Heads-up Begins

20:52 – Michael Rosaman Eliminated in 3rd Place (£5,715)
WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

Michael Rosaman shoves from the button and is flat-called by Sam Goodman in the small blind. partypoker qualifier John Gudger re-shoves and Goodman folds.



The final board runs out and we lose Rosaman in third place.

20:50 – Chip Counts

  • Sam Goodman: 2,200,000
  • John Gudger: 1,800,000
  • Michael Rosaman: 650,000

20:40 – Play Slows Down

Play has slowed down since Lee Kiat’s elimination, although the players are still seeing flops. There have been no major hands of note, but Sam Goodman seems to be the player who is coming off the best so far.

20:25 – Lee Kiat Eliminated in 4th Place (£4,235)
WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

We are down to three in Main Event after Lee Kiat busted at the hands of Michael Rosaman. Kiat open jammed from the small blind and Rosaman, who had him covered, called from the big blind.



The flop was of no help to Rosaman, but the turn certainly was. The river was the icing on the cake for Rosaman and the final nail in Kiat’s coffin.

20:11 – Coffee Time

The players have gone for refreshments and will return in 20 minutes.

20:04 – Rosaman Doubles

Michael Rosaman is back in business after doubling through Sam Goodman. Rosaman shoved for 450,000 with and Goodman looked him up with the. Both players improved to a pair on the flop; Rosaman extended his lead with a pair of aces. The turn did not change anything and when the landed on the river, Rosaman’s double was complete.

19:50 – Updated Counts

  • Sam Goodman – 1,450,000
  • John Gudger – 1,200,000
  • Lee Kiat – 1,180,000
  • Michael Rosaman – 520,000

19:31 – Kiat Sends Goodman Into the Tank

Sam Goodman opened from the button and Lee Kiat called from the big blind. Kiat then checked to Goodman on the flop, and Goodman bet 80,000. Kiat sprung into life with a check-raise to 220,000 and Goodman wasted little time in calling. The turn was the and Kiat instantly moved all in and Goodman looked agonised in his decision making.

Eventually, some three minutes later, Goodman folded what he said was a pair and he thought he and Kiat held the same pair.

19:19 – Goodman Flops Rosaman Dead

Sam Goodman is back up to 1.5 million chips after doubling though Michael Rosaman with a dream flop. Rosaman opened to 125,000 from under the gun and called when Goodman three-bet all in from the next seat along. Goodman showed and needed to hit an ace as Rosaman held .

Goodman didn’t only hit one ace, he hit two on the , which left Rosaman drawing completely dead. The inconsequential and completed the board and Rosaman handed over 760,000 of his stack.

19:08 – Goodman Doubles Through Gudger

Sam Goodman open shopped for 270,000 from the small blind and John Gudger called. Goodman opened the while Gudger showed the lowly . The board saw Goodman improve to a straight and e now has 600,000 chips.

19:00 – Rosaman Finds Aces and Claims the Chip Lead

Michael Rosaman opened with a raise and then called as Sam Goodman three-bet all in. Rosaman revealed the and was a massive favourite against Goodman’s . The gave us all a sweat but the turn and river were void of drama and Rosaman doubles to almost 2 million, leaving Goodman with 270,000.

18:50 – Gudger Wins a Large Pot; Gives Himself a Penalty

The action folded to Sam Goodman in the small blind and he opened with a raise. John Gudger called in the big blind and it was off to the flop. Goodman checked and Gudger checked behind. The turn was the and Gudger bet 100,000 out of turn. Goodman called. The river brought the into play and Goodman checked again. Gudger bet 200,000 and Goodman went into the tank for close to two minutes before calling.

Gudger flipped over  and Goodman mucked.

Gudger gave himself a penalty for acting out of turn.

18:40 – Andrew Brisland Eliminated in 5th Place (£3,175)
WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

Something had to give eventually and it has with the elimination of Andrew Brisland. Lee Kiat open-shoved with what turned out to be and Brisland called off his remaining chips with . The flop kept Brisland’s fives ahead and Brisland asked the dealer for a deuce on the turn. His pleas weren’t answered because the turn was a queen, followed by an ace on the river to resign Brisland to fifth place money.

“Ah well. It was nice while it lasted,” said Brisland while on his way to collect almost £3,200.

18:23 – Three-Betting Galore

Since returning from the break, the players seem to be playing much more aggressive and each of the shorter stacks have been all-in at least once. John Gudger is still our chip leader and is on cloud nine thanks to securing a $1,000 package to the WPT National UK London leg in late February thanks to being the last partypoker qualifier in the competition.

18:15 – Cards Are Back In The Air

WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

As the title says, play has resumed.

18:05 – Chip Counts at the Break

Here are the updated chip counts at the break:

  • John Gudger – 1,770,000
  • Lee Kiay – 1,085,000
  • Michael Rosaman – 775,000
  • Sam Goodman – 765,000
  • Andrew Brisland – 550,000

Blinds will be 20,000/40,000 with a running ante of 5,000.

17:51 – Break Time

The players are enjoying a 20 minute break.

17:48 – Richard Jwanczuk Eliminated in 6th Place (£2,540)

WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

Richard Jwanczuk is our sixth place finisher after losing a coinflip to partypoker qualifier John Gudger. The chips went in preflop, Jwanczuk holding and Gudger the . A final board reading gifted Gudger a full house and sent Jwanczuk to the sidelines.

17:36 – Jwanczuk Shoves On Rosaman

Michael Rosaman opened to 64,000 and looked set to pick up the blinds and antes. That was until Richard Jwanczuk decided to three-bet all-in for 625,000 from the small blind. Rosaman tanked for a while before letting his hand go, opting to wait for a better spot to commit his stack.

17:20 – Preflop Poker

Most pots are being settled preflop right now and flops are something of a rarity. Something will have to give soon, though.

17:10 – Liam Pettman Eliminated in 7th Place (£2,110)

WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

Liam Pettman has been sent to the rail in seventh place while attempting, in vain, to chip up.

Pettman hadn’t been able to get going all day and when he shoved for 218,000 from under-the-gun, Richard Jwanczuk woke up in the big blind with . Pettman soared into the lead on the flop and stayed there on the turn. The river improved Jwanczuk to a Broadway straight and sent Pettman to the rail.

16:45 – Big pot Goes Rosaman’s Way

Michael Rosaman opened to 52,000 from middle position and found two callers; Andrew Brisland called next to act and partypoker qualifier John Gudger in the big blind.

The trio watched the flop come down , Gudger checked, Rosaman bet 110,000 and only Gudger called. Rosaman fired 150,000 on the turn and Gudger again called. The river was the and Gudger checked once more. Rosaman checked behind and took the pot with his . Gudger showed before mucking.

16:30 – Kiat Four-Bets Over a Squeeze

Lee Kiat opened to 51,000 from early position, which folded out everyone up to the blinds. Richard Jwanczuk called from the small blind only to see Liam Pettman squeeze to 175,000.

“How much are you playing?” asked Kiat

“I started with around 770k” said Pettman.

With that information processed, Kiat four-bet to 430,000 and both active players quickly folded.

16:15 – David Phetean Eliminated in 8th Place (£1,690)

WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

David Phetean has been unable to recover from his costly mistake and is now on the sidelines. He shoved his last 85,000 into the middle from the button and Richard Jwanczuk re-shoved from the small blind to isolate him. Phetean turned over and was crushed by the of Jwanczuk.

By the river the board read and Phetean’s tournament ended abruptly.

16:09 – Massive Misclick by Phetean

In poker, verbal bets are binding and sometimes that can be costly. Lee Kiay open-shoved for around 300,000 and the action folded to partypoker qualifier David Phetean didn’t see the shove and thought he was completing the small blind and said “call.” The call was enforced and the cards shown down.



The board runs out [d] and Phetean is left with 88,000 chips.

16:00 – Sunil Mistri Eliminated in 9th Place (£1,275)

WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

Sunil Mistri is the first casualty of the final table in a hand that essentially played itself. Liam Pettman was all-in from the cutoff and Mistri called from the button. Pettman showed and was in a coinflip against the of Mistri.

The dealer put the flop into view, the ace propelling Mistri into the lead. The turn gave Pettman some extra outs to a flush and one of them came in, the to send a disappointed Mistri to the rail.

15:45 – Brisland Slow Plays Tens Preflop

Again, the action folds to Michael Rosaman and he opens to 45,000 from the cutoff. Andrew Brisland elects to call from the button and both blinds fold. The heads-up duo share a flop, Rosaman checks to Brisland who checks behind. The turn is the and again both players check. Rosaman takes a 25,000 stack at the pot when the completes the board, Brisland calls.

Rosaman exposes the but ace-high isn’t good enough to win this pot because Brisland turns over .

15:39 – Brisland Three-bet Scares of Rosaman

WPT National UK Milton Keynes FInal Table

The action passed around to Michael Rosaman on the button and he opened the betting with a raise to 45,000. Andrew Brisland (pictured) was next to act and he announced “raise” before moving 95,000 worth of chips across the betting line. The big blind folded, as did Rosaman who remarked “I would have called a shove” as he mucked.

15:33 – Pettman Shove Goes Uncalled

Liam Pettman’s stack is such that he is essentially in shove-or-fold mode and has just done the latter. Pettman moved all-in from under-the-gun and picked up the blinds and antes as his opponents folded quicker than an origami master.

15:25 – Gudger Claims a Pot

Richard Jwanczuk opened to 40,000 from under the gun and John Gudger called after two players had folded. It was heads-up to the flop, Jwanczuk checking to Gudger. Gudger paused for the count of 10, grabbed chips worth 60,000 and bet them. Jwanczuk believed his opponent as he let his hand go.

15:17 – Double For Kiay

Lee Kiay has scored a much needed double up through Sunil Mistri.

Mistri opened to 45,000 from the button and instantly called when Kiay three-bet all-in from the big blind.



Board: and Kiay doubles to 540,000 while Mistri slides to 480,000.

15:10 – Early Shoves

There have been two all-in bets so far, both of which went uncalled. The first shove came when partypoker qualifier John Gudger raised to 40,000 and Andrew Brisland three-bet all-in. Gudger tanked for over minute before folding, saying he had laid down a pair. Brisland showed the .

The second happened when David Phetean open-limped in late position and then folded when Liam Pettman went all-in from the small blind.

15:08 – Play Has Started!

The cards are in the air and the final table of the partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Main Event is underway.


If you’re looking for live updates from the partypoker World Poker Tour National UK Milton Keynes Main Event you have come to the right place because this is where all of the action will be happening from 3:00pm

At 3:00pm, the nine finalists will sit down at the final table and play until one man has all of the chips in play and has taken down this tournament. The man in pole position at the start of play is Richard Jwanczuk, but believe us when we say that this tournament could be won by any of the nine final tale members; one double up from the shorter stacks and they would be right back in the middle of the pack.

partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 David Phetean 514,000
2 Sam Goodman 624,000
3 Richard Jwanczuk 884,000
4 Liam Pettman 279,000
5 Sunil Mistri 710,000
6 John Gudger 574,000
7 Lee Kiat 268,000
8 Michael Rosaman 803,000
9 Andrew Brisland 291,000

Each of the surviving nine players has secured a payout of at least £1,265 but with £12,750 awaiting the champion, nobody will want to claim that particular prize.

partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Final Table Payouts

Place Prize
1 £12,750
2 £8,895
3 £5,715
4 £4,235
5 £3,175
6 £2,540
7 £2,110
8 £1,690
9 £1,265

Join us from 3:00pm as we bring you all of the action, as it happens, from the finale of the partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Main Event.

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