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23:59 – Final Table Seat Draw

Richard Jwanczuk is our chip leader with 884,000 chips followed by Michael Rosaman and Sunil Mistri.

Seat Player Chips
1 David Phetean 514,000
2 Sam Goodman 624,000
3 Richard Jwanczuk 884,000
4 Liam Pettman 279,000
5 Sunil Mistri 710,000
6 John Gudger 574,000
7 Lee Kiat 268,000
8 Michael Rosaman 803,000
9 Andrew Brisland 291,000

Play resumes at 15:00 on Sunday so make sure you set your alarms for then and join us as we conclude this fabulous tournament!

23:48 – Final Table Is Set

We are down to nine players in the partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Main Event after two eliminations in quick succession. First, Andrew Sledmore busted then a relatively short stacked Nicholas Humpris moved all-in with and Sunil Mistri three-bet all-in with and Humpris called.

The board fell and with that Humpris busted and the final table reached.

23:40 – Pettman Can’t Pull The Trigger

The action folded around to Richard Jwanczuk in the small blind and he set the price to play at 36,000. Liam Pettman was having none of that and he raised to 85,000 from his seat in the big blind. Jwanczuk responded with a four-bet to 230,000 and Pettman went into the tank. Off came his tracksuit hood and out came the earphones. A full minute passed before Pettman folded.

“I knew you were bluffing; your eyes were darting everywhere,” said Pettman, “I just couldn’t pull the trigger.”

23:26 – Villegas Vanquished

Jay Villegas, a partypoker qualifier, is n longer competing for the £12,750 first place prize, instead he has been awarded 12th place money.

Villegas limped under-the-gun and the action folded to Richard Jwanczuk on the button and he raised to 46,000. Villegas called. The first three community card onto the felt fell . Villegas led for 58,000 and immediately faced an all-in bet of 350,000 from Jwanczuk — Villegas had 260,000 in total.

Villegas was squirming in his seat, shaking his head and truly agonising over his decision. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he announced call and moved his chips into the middle of the table.



Villegas stood as the dealer placed the onto the turn, locking up the hand for Jwanczuk. The completed the board, ended the hand and left the tournament with only 11 players.

23:15 – Slow Down

The play has slowed down dramatically over the past half hour with most posts being settled preflop or with a simple continuation bet on the flop. Some of the shorter stacks will have to make a move soon, though and when they do we expect fireworks.

23:03 – And Then There Were 12

Gary Miller, who was the runaway chip leader earlier today, is our 13th place finisher. He made a move with pocket sixes and was looked up by Nicholas Humpris and his [Ax][Kx]. Humpris paired up by the river and Miller busted out.

Humpris now has 620,000 chips and is up among the leaders as the final table approaches.

22:55 – Barry Busts

Robert Barry’s tournament has come to an abrupt end as his couldn’t get there against the of Lian Pettman. Both Barry and Pettman were short stacked, although Pettman covered his opponent slightly. The final board read , sending Barry to the rail.

Thirteen players remain.

22:38 – Double For Gudger

partypoker qualifier John Gudger has doubled to 400,000 after flopping a straight in a so-called “big blind special.”

Gary Miller min-raised from late position and Gudger called in the big blind. The flop fell , Gudger checked, Miller continued with a 24,000 bet, Gudger moved all-in and Miller tank-called.



Miller needed running cards to a full house in order to prevent Gudger from doubling up. An ace on the turn drew some groans from the players at the table but the [7x] on the river was not what Miller was looking for and Gudger did indeed double.

22:28 – And We’re Off

The last 16 players are back in their seats. Blinds are 6,000/12,000/2,000a.

22:03 – Break Time

The players have been sent on their last break of the night; three more 40-minute levels and we will wrap things up here in Milton Keynes.

21:59 – Jack Misses Draw and is Elininated

The partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Main Event is an all-male affair after the last female player, Renata Jack, was eliminated a minute or so ago.

Jack moved all-in with an open-ended straight draw on a [9x][8x][8x] flop and was called by Andrew Sledmore and his . The turn and river bricked and we lost another player. Sixteen players remain in the Main Event.

21:45 – The Rich Get Richer

Sam Goodman has 750,000 and is by far our chip leader here in Milton Keynes. in a hand just now, Goodman opened to 22,000 andwas facing a three-bet to 55,000 from Liam Pettman. Goodman then moved all in for 400,000 effective and Pettman had a real decision to make, one for his tournament life.

“Ace-queen no good?” Pettman said with a smile on his face, but Goodman refused to even look at Pettman, never mind answer him. Twenty seconds later, Pettman folded and Goodman added to his impressive stack.

21:40 – Quads For Gudger

John Gudger, a partypoker qualifier, has doubled through Michael Ramsay (another partypoker qualifier) by making quad deuces! The chips went into the middle preflop, Ramsay well-covering the short-stacked Gudger. Ramsay held and was against the . The final board ran out improving Ramsay to a diamond flush and Gudger to quad deuces!

“Give that man an extra free drinks token!” said Andrew Brisland

“I agree!” said the tournament director.

21:28 – partypoker Qualifier Watch

There are four players who are flying the partypoker flag:

  • Jay Villegas: 430,000
  • Michael Ramsay: 175,000
  • Renata Jack: 110,000
  • John Gudger: 65,000

21:18 – Lee Taylor Gets Terminated

Lee Taylor, a dangerous and talented player, has been sent to the rail by Sunil Mistri. Taylor moved his short-stack into the middle with what turned out to be the lowly and Mistri looked him up with . Taylor took the lead on the flop, then fell way behind on the turn. Our river card was the and Taylor’s tournament ended.

21:11 – Ladak Doubles Through Miller

Imraan Ladak is back up to 120,000 chips after his queens held against Gary Miller’s pocket sevens. The board double paired with kings and tens, meaning Ladak’s queens were still good and he has a little more room to manoeuvre in this tournament.

21:06 – Keeble Crushed

John Keeble’s just fell foul to the of Sam Goodman. The chips went in preflop and when the board ran out it was game over for Keeble.

20:52 – Serbu Slaughtered

The first player to bust in the money is Ionel Serbu. partypoker qualifier Jay Villegas opened to 16,000 from the hijack only to see Robert Martin move all-in for 45,000 in the cutoff. Serbu had the button and he moved all-in, too. Serbu’s shove was for 39,000.

“I know my hand is better than at least one of theirs,” said Villegas, before saying, “OK, I call.”




“Just put an ace out there, one ace,” said Villegas as the dealer started to put the community cards into view. There was no ace on the , Serbu busted, Villegas handed over the required chips and Martin climbed to over 140,000 chips and is back in business.

20:35 – Money Bubble Bursts; Vladimir Marchevici Bubbles

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the money here in Milton Keynes and it was a cruel hand to get us there.

Vladimir Marchevici got his stack into the middle in fantastic shape with versus and looked set to double up. The flop kept the kings in front, and the turn did the same, although the jack-ten now had a an open-ended straight draw. The dealer burned a card before placing the onto the river and eliminating a stunned Marchevici.

Any player with chips in front of them is now guaranteed at least £500 for their efforts.

Place Prize
1 £12,750
2 £8,895
3 £5,715
4 £4,235
5 £3,175
6 £2,540
7 £2,110
8 £1,690
9 £1,265
10-12 £925
13-15 £760
16-18 £645
19-21 £565
22-24 £500


20:21 – Hand For Hand Play Starts

The screens around the room are displaying “25 Players Remaining” which means we are now on the bubble!

20:11 – Novakovic Loses a Flip to Jack

Grujo Novakovic is under the gun and he raises all in to 30,000. The action folds around to Renata Jack on the button and she asks for confirmation of the bet amount. Once armed with the information, Jack calls. Both blinds fold and the cards are turned onto their backs.



Another one of tournament poker’s coinfips and another won by ace-king as the board runs out . Game over for Novakovic and we are down to 28 in the main event.

20:05 – We Are Back

The players are back from break, their bellies filled and thirsts quenched. 29 players remain meaning we are getting very close to the bubble! Stay tuned to discover who that unfortunate bubble boy is.

19:20 – Extended Break

The sixth level of the day has ended and the players sent on an extended break of around 40 minutes so they can grab some food and rest up as the bubble approaches.

19:10 – Jack Sends Thomas Home Early

Renata Jack has eliminated Mark Thomas and we are now down to 32 players in the partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Main Event. The chips went in on a flop, Thomas holding the and in desperate need of help as Jack had the in her hand. The turn failed to come to Thomas’ rescue and the was too little too late.

18:55 – Keeble Busts Bean

Stephen Bean is no longer in this tournament after losing a crucial coinflip against John Keeble Bean, who has been watching his beloved Middlesbrough Football Club on his iPad, moved all in from under-the-gun for 46,500 chips (blinds 2,500/5,000/500a) with and Keeble called in the small blind with .

The door card was the and it was followed by the on the flop then the and , ending Bean’s tournament. Good game, sir.

18:42 – Money Bubble Looms

After a blistering start to the tournament that saw almost half of the field eliminated in the first three levels, play has slowed down considerably and that is because we are only 10 eliminations away from the money places.

18:30 – Coughlan Busted in Cruel Fashion

Ouch is probably the best way to describe the hand we just witnessed over on Table 1, a hand that sent Paul Coughlan to the sidelines at The Casino MK.

partypoker qualifier Jay Villegas limped from under-the-gun and to his immediate left was Coughlan who moved all in for 66,000. This prompted quick folds from the players left to act until the action was on Richard Jwanczuk on the button. He waited for 20-30 seconds before calling. Everyone else folded.



Both players held pocket jacks and a split pot was the most likely outcome. Unfortunately, poker doesn’t work like that! The flop drew groans from the players at the table as Jwanczuk could not catch a heart to win and was freerolling in the hand. The turn changed nothing, but the completed an unlikely flush for Jwanczuk and Coughlan crashed out.

“Unbelievable,” was all Coughlan could say as he collected his belongings and headed for the exits.

18:14 – Big Stack Watch

With 37 players remaining in the tournament the average stack is 134,054. There are plenty of players around average, but three players in particular have caught out eye.

Liam Pettman is sat behind 320,000 chips and gets the unofficial award named “thanks for making the blogger’s life easier by stacking your chips in towers of 20,” while Jay Villegas, a partypoker qualifier, has a slightly bigger 342,000 stack — also stacked in 20s.

Gary Miller looks to be an overwhelming chip leader with around 420,000 chips. We say around because he has his chips in gigantic towers of between 40 or 50 so 420,000 is our best estimation.

18:02 – Browning Bowled Over

We caught a glimpse of James Browning as he headed out of the tournament area and towards the casino’s exits. A visit to his table sees felt where his chips used to be; Browning has busted.

17:53 – John Gudger Doubles With Kings

Imraan Ladak opens to 6,000 from middle position and the next to player on his immediate left, Nicholas Humphis and Michael Rosaman call. Two players fold, John Gudger moves all in from the big blind and both Ladak and Humphis step out of the way. Rosaman asks for a count — 47,000 — and calls.

Gudger flips over and needs to avoid an ace because Rosaman has the . The flop gives Rosaman an inside straight draw to go with his over card and the turn means if Gudger improves to a set of kings, Rosaman will improve to a straight. The river misses both players and Gudger secures a double to 100,000 chips.

17:43 – Beaumont Busts Out

Lynne Beaumont has crashed out of the partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Main Event moments ago. We didn’t catch the hand, but she was chatting to Apsers Poker Room manager John Scanlon on the sidelines, suggesting her tournament is over.

 17:36 – Clay Gets Unstuck

Dean Clay has given himself a little more breathing room after helping himself to some chips from John Keeble,

A short-stacked Clay got his 12,000 into the middle with the best Texas Hold’em hand possible, pocket aces, and Keeble looked him up with the less strong . The flop was safe for Clay’s aces and when the landed on the turn, Clay locked up the hand. The inconsequential completed the board and Keeble handed over a sizeable chunk of his stack to Clay.

17:29 – Cards Are back in the Air

The players are back in their seats and poker is being played!

17:07 – Breaking Bad

The third level of the day is done and dusted and the players are enjoying a 20 minute break from the action.

17:02 – Well That Escalated Quickly

Sometimes hands of poker play themselves, like the one that took place over at Table 8. The action passed to Nicholas Humphis in the small blind and he raised. Michael Rosaman three-bet and in a flurry of activity Rosaman was all in and at risk of elimination, although his was a favourite over Humphis’ .

By the river the board read securing Rosaman a double and cutting Humphis’ stack almost in half.

16:59 – Browning Doubles

James Browning is back in business after doubling up with pocket jacks against . The player with ace-queen flopped two spades but couldn’t find a a queen, ace or spade on the turn or river and Browning doubled.

16:57 – Beaumonth Passing The Time

Lynne Beaumont is passing the time between hands by playing the highly addictive and equally frustrating Candy Crush. What tactics do you employ to whittle down the hours during poker tournaments?

16:41 – Wilmott Crashes Out

Ricki Wilmott’s tournament is over thanks to a clash with Daniel Creser. Nicholas Humphis opened, Wilmott three-bet all in and Creser four-bet all in. Humphis folded [Ax][Tx] leaving the of Wilmott to try outflop the of Creser.

The flop was rather final for Wilmott, the turn confirming his exit. The river completed the board and Wilmott busted.

16:23 – Thomson Rivers a Wheel to Bust Repede

Vlad Repede open-shoves for 11,600 with what turns out to be and James Thomson calls with the . Repede’s kings stay best on a board, however the river completes a straight for Thomson and Repede busts.

16:19 – They’re Dropping Like Flies!

We are only two levels in and already we are down to 62 players! Lots of the players seem to be adopting the attitude of going big or going home today.

16:15 – Kallis Knocked Out

partypoker qualifier Andreas Kallis is no longer vying for that £12,750 first place prize after being eliminated by Richard Jwanczuk.

Sean Robinson opened to 6,500 on the button, Kallis three-bet all-in and Jwanczuk four-bet all-in over the top of Kallis. Robinson made an agonising foldand showed pocket eights as he did so, leaving the of Kallis to race against the of Jwanczuk.

“Give me a ten on the flop,” pleaded Kallis, but the dealer did not oblige. was the flop, followed by the turn and the river. Game over for Kallis.

16:07 – Liam Pettman Is Our Chip leader

Liam Pettman has started Day 2 like a man possessed and is hoovering up chips for fun on Table 7. He has stacked his chips in huge towers which we think contains 225,000 chips and that makes him our chip leader.

16:00 – Christopher Thomson approaching 200,000

We were drawn to Table 8 by Jeremy Boutoille slamming the table with his hands then standing up and watching in disbelief as his tournament chances reduced with every community card dealt.

Boutoille raised to 7,000 preflop and Christopher Thomson called from the next seat along. The flop fell and Boutoille open-shoved with and Thomson snapped him off with — or top set! The turn and river were of no help to Boutoille and he heads for the exits. Meanwhile, Thomson is now armed with 190,000 chips and that is not good news for those at his table as he is sure to bully them into submission throughout today’s play.

15:46 – Official Payouts

The players are competing for a slice of the £52,560 prize pool, although only 24 of them will leave Milton Keynes with money to show for their efforts. A min-cash is worth £500, a final table appearance £1,265 while the eventual winner will take away a merry Christmas-inducing £12,750!

Place Prize
1 £12,750
2 £8,895
3 £5,715
4 £4,235
5 £3,175
6 £2,540
7 £2,110
8 £1,690
9 £1,265
10-12 £925
13-15 £760
16-18 £645
19-21 £565
22-24 £500

15:39 – Kugelstadt Shoves on Muresan

Tom Kugelstadt has shown he won’t be pushed around but jamming his stack into the middle in a hand with partypoker qualifier Radu-Cristian Muresan.

Muresan was on the button with a 4,200 bet in front of him and facing a decision for what would be the rest of his stack as Kugelstadt, in the small blind, had moved all in for around 50,000 in chips. Muresan decided to look for a better spot and let his hand go.

15:36 – Finigan Doubles Through Paltanwala

A mini raising war braks about between James Finigan and Anand Paltanwala that results in the former being all in and at risk of elimination. Finigan’s tournament life hangs in the balance, his needing to hit against the of his opponent. The sixes stay good on the flop, but fall behind to the turn. The river completes the board, Finigan climbs to 31,000 while Paltanwala drops to 9,500.

15:16 – Brisland The Lady Killer!

Andrew Brisland hasn’t even had the chance to finish his burger and before adding chips to his stack.

“I’ve taken out both of the ladies,” said Brisland as we approached his table,” I’m the lady killer!”

A good start for Brisland, not so much for Daria Telkacheva and Kimberly Hebden who are now on the sidelines.

15:02 – Day 2 Starts

Aspers Poker Room Manager John Scanlon has instructed his dealers to shuffle up and deal, starting  Day 2 of this amazing event. There is £52,560 to play for — full breakdown coming soon — and it will be distributed to the top 24 finishers. We could reach the money tonight because we are playing 12 levels of 40-minutes each.

Let’s Go!


Welcome back to our live coverage of the 2013 partypoker World Poker Tour National UK Milton Keynes Main Event where at 3:00 pm 93 poker players return to the poker room inside the newly opened Casino MK to play out Day 2 of what has been an exciting and action-packed tournament so far.

Leading the 93 hopefuls into battle is Jay Villegas who took full advantage of the unique accumulator format by playing all three starting flights. Villegas won his seat on Flight 1 at partypoker and decided to buy into Flights 2 and 3 himself. It has turned out to be a great decision because Villegas managed to accumulate 158,200 chips and is the man to catch going into Day 2 of the Main Event.

Second in chips at the start of play is Christopher Thomson and his 142,000 stack. Thomson only played Flight 1 because after turning his 20,000 starting stack into more than seven times its size, felt that he did not need to invest any more time, money and effort.

Thomson was one of 37 players who navigated their way through Thursday’s Flight 1 and is seen by many to be a real contender for the title here in Milton Keynes, not only because of his large staff but because of his aggressive style of play that this particular blind structure suits.

Flight 2’s chip leader was Alan Linford who amassed a stack of 115,200 over the course of eight 30-minute levels. Linford was the only player from 37 survivors that surpassed the 100,000 chip barrier and while this was the only stack that Linford managed to build over the course of the three starting flights, it is large enough to see him start Day 2 in eighth place.

The third and final flight took place on Friday night and saw 42 players progress to today’s official second day. Gary Miller had the other 41 players outchipped at the end of the night, having improved to an impressive 118,700 stack at the close of play. Miller’s stack is large enough to see him begin Day 2 seventh in chips.

partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 Jay Villegas 158,200
2 Christopher Thomson 142,000
3 Robert Barry 141,900
4 Renata Jack 135,300
5 Andrew Brisland 130,200
6 Stephen Bean 125,300
7 Gary Miller 118,700
8 Alan Linford 115,200
9 Eomain Gravisse 111,300
10 Michael Ramsay 110,800

The plan is to play 12 levels of 40-minutes each and at some point during the day we should see the money bubble burst and the prize money start to flow. Stay tuned for a breakdown of the prize pool and how it will be distributed.

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