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PartyPoker – World Series of Poker
Day 2A. July 7th 2009

Day 2A was by far the smaller of the two scheduled Day 2’s with only 1476 players taking their seats this morning. These players made it through the smaller fields from days 1A and 1B. It was been confirmed that tomorrows Day 2B will be at maximum capacity at about 3000 players. Where will they all sit? I have no idea.

Anyway, back to today. Five 2 hour levels are planned for today because they only played four levels in Days 1 and B. I spent a lot more time in the main tournament room today trying to keep up with the 29 PartyPoker players who sat down to play. As I entered the room I heard plenty of “All in and a call” shouts from dealers all over the room. This was the signal for the official recorders to rush over and make a note of the hand in the anticipation that a players all in bet was going to lead to an early elimination if a short stacked player hit the rail.

I walked back to one of the featured ESPN tables to find Katja Svendsen from Norway sat with Chris Ferguson on her right and Roland de Wolfe on her left. This was a very tough spot but Katja proved that she was no pushover and I saw her pick up a few nice sized pots pre flop with some aggressive betting.

As the day wore on, the players that got eliminated were returning to the suite to tell us their stories and have a cold beer. Players have been very impressed by the suite we have here. I had one appreciative guy tell me today that he felt the food, the drink, the massage chairs and Wii we have laid on for all our players really make the WSOP experience that much more special because they have a private facility just for PartyPoker players.

By the time play ended after midnight and the chips were getting bagged up, we realised that one of our players had a very successful day. Young Finnish player Mikka Puumalainen was able to go to bed knowing he had amassed a cool 361,200 chips which placed him 4th for the day and only just behind day 2A chip leader Eric Cloutier who ended his day on 383,500 chips. I first met Miika at the Asian Poker Tour event in Manila in January and I played a sit & go with him so I know he is a very aggressive player who likes to control a table when the mood takes him. It looks like this has worked beautifully for him today. Well done Miika.

Also through to Day 3 are PartyPoker Ambassador Mike Sexton with 169,000 chips and Grassroots players Remy Biechel from France and Felipe Ramos from Brazil who ended the day on 56400 and 46300 chips respectively.


Felipe Ramos;still smiling despite busting out today.

Here are the complete chip counts for all ParyPoker players who got through Day 2A and can look forward to day 3.

Mikka Puumalainen 361200
Dennis Nikitorut 146900
Rory Rees Brennan 132400
Aaron Coulthard 127400
Christian Jeppsson 118300
Ales Kalan 118300
Allan Peers 101900
Andrey Martsev 97000
Ashley Cheung 96800
Jakob Karlsson 62800
Katja Svendsen 61400
Remy Biechel 56400
Magnus Cornmark 31600
Donne Romain 28500
Torsten Brinkmann 26800

Tomorrow we have 35 players starting Day 2B including two more of our grass roots players, Ian Frazer and Bodo Sbrzesny. Good luck to all the players.

Jeremy Coleman


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