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In this new series, we’ll be interviewing prominent partypoker winners and sharing their stories of poker victory, plus the strategies which helped them get there! This week we sat down with SNG player BertThe3rd, who recently became the very first winner of Trickett’s Hero Sit & Go, hitting a 1,000x multiplier before winning the tournament and claiming the bounty for a total prize of $85,000.

  • How does it feel to be the first ever winner of Trickett’s $100 HERO?

It feels just great. I have taken a long break from playing poker and it is awesome to come back to playing and get so lucky to win such a huge sum of money.

  • How will you be spending your poker winnings?

I’m probably going to take a really nice vacation with some of it. As to the rest…No real plans yet, but I’m sure something will come to mind!

I like partypoker because of their good and stable software. Plus they have the games I like to play available basically around the clock.

  • What are your top tips for poker?

Besides playing a lot and getting practice, I would also advise spending some time off the table to improve your game. Reviewing questionable hands you played is probably the best start.

I like talking to other people who like poker and are good at it, or just browsing around the internet for strategy advice that might help you improve your game is always helpful.

  • Why do you love the SNG format especially?

The SNG Hero tournaments are very fast-paced and filled with tonnes of action – it’s a great adrenaline rush! You will end up all-in very frequently and there is always something happening on the table.

I also like that you have the opportunity to win huge but don’t have to sit in front of your computer for hours, like in huge field MTTs.

  • When did you first discover you had a talent for playing poker?

I discovered it pretty soon after I started playing poker. Online I began by playing micro stakes FLHE without much success or understanding of the game and then switched over to NLHE cash games eventually, where I quickly climbed up the stakes and started to understand some of the deeper concepts of the game.

What do you say to people who believe winning at poker is all down to luck?

Luck certainly plays a huge role in poker. But since you can’t influence the luck, you should try to improve your poker strategy.

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