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partypoker-tableHere at PartyPoker we are constantly striving to give you the best online poker experience in the industry.

Yesterday we released the latest upgrade to our poker software that we believe will enhance the player’s user experience.

A few bugs have been fixed and we have tweaked a few other areas, after listening to your thoughts, that will ensure that your time at PartyPoker is even more enjoyable than ever before.

Here are the latest improvements included in the upgrade:

  • The conditions have been fixed to prevent players from “rat-holing” (leaving a table with x amount of money and returning with the original buy-in after a short period away from the table).
  • Active windows will no longer steal focus when typing in the notes.
  • Players can select the keyboard shortcut option without getting disabled.
  • The “hide full tables” feature is now fully functioning.
  • After a disconnection or crash, the “auto-post blind” box will be unchecked and the player will sit out.
  • The “join waitlist” option will appear if only one seat is remaining at the table.
  • Pop-ups associated with buy-in have been embedded into the buy-in window to reduce pop-ups and prevent players  from losing their seat.
  • The issue with new tables in MTTs opening automatically has been resolved and players will automatically be sat at a new table.  The new table may not always be in the same position but this will be fixed in a future release.

Other new features added

You now have more flexibility to choose which bonuses you want your Partypoints to apply to, meaning that if you are actively working on a bonus and a new bonus becomes available, you can choose to work on the new bonus or the existing one without forfeiting either. Once a bonus is complete, you can return to the other bonus as long as it is still within its validity period

The hand histories will now let you review up to 100 last hands played on a table.

Another improvement is the auto-check, we have deemed it fairer to our players to alter the system so that it will now auto-check rather than fold a hand if a player does not respond in time.

More and more of you want faster-paced games that don’t last as long so we have introduced 9-handed tables STTs and Omaha games.

The last feature added in the new upgrade are Super Speed games which will offer quicker action with only 9 seconds to act.  With less time than ever to make your decisions you will need the sharpest of poker minds to succeed at these tables.

So there you have it, the latest software upgrade at PartyPoker.  If you notice any more bugs or have some suggestions as to how we can improve your overall experience at our tables then please get in touch. Visit our Party Poker software page for the latest updates!

You can either comment below or tweet your message to us @partypokernews.



  1. I have been playing for more than 8 years now and with a lot of pleause.

    However, after having bought an new computer, it seems impossible for me to play on the well-known CLASSIC TABLES.
    I have contacted PP by phone and they suggested to wait for a few minutes cause the tables are BEING UPGRADED. Well, it has been 3 days now and still no classic tables where I can play.
    Are there more people facing this problem?
    Is there someone with a solution?

    I look forward to further news.


    • Apologies for the delay Ron. Have you resolved the issue? If not when you login choose the options tab and then you can decide between the new table and the classic table. Lets me know if you have any further problems.

  2. The software is great and i enjoy playing the real money games on Party. But sometimes it’s good to kick back with some friends and play the play money tables, but it’s also a little frustrating due to the restricted low buyins available on the play money tables. I really wish Partypoker would include a play table with 1 million buyins, or larger, and actually i wonder why there are 5c/10 and 10c/25c no-limit tables surely these could be easily upgraded without to much work. I really hope it can be looked at, it’s the only thing i dislike.

  3. Simon Rainer on


    Love the game but mega problems after upgrading today. As soon as I try to enter a table in play mode the screen starts then shuts the game off completely.

    Tried system restore and upgrading again but still no joy. :-(

    Have you any suggestions????