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Sorel Mizzi Wins Heat 3


Sorel Mizzi is through to the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship final table after a thrilling third heat in Group B. He went into the Pot Limit Hold’em battle knowing that he had to finish ahead of Yevgeniy Timoshenko and hope results went his way otherwise he would not be in the final six.

The tie became even more exciting when Mizzi found himself three-handed with Andrew Feldman, who was already through, and Timoshenko which turned the match into a last longer between the two, a last longer that Mizzi ultimately won.


Andrew Feldman Eliminated in 2nd Place


On only the second hand of heads up play we have an all in. Sorel Mizzi holds against the of Andrew Feldman, with the chips going in on a flop. The turn is the completing Feldman’s flush but the river is the which gives Mizzi an ace-high flush and he wins Heat 3 and progresses to the final table.


Yevgeniy Timoshenko Eliminated in 3rd Place


YevgeniyTimoshenko checks in the big blind then bets his last 10,000 when the flop comes down . Timoshenko holds but is in bad shape against Sorel Mizzi who has . Mizzi and Andrew Feldman, who holds check the flop, and the turn and the river.

With Timoshenko’s elimination Mizzi is guaranteed a place on the final table.


Timoshenko Down To A Single Big Blind

Holding Yevgeniy Timoshenko makes it 60,000 only to see Andrew Feldman announce “pot.” Timoshenko comes over the top and moves all in and Feldman calls with .

All three players stand to see the dealer put out the flop, gifting Feldman the lead. The on the turn is no help for Timoshenko and neither is the and he is down to just 40,000 chips.


Mizzi Takes Fight To Timoshenko

Sorel Mizzi is in the small blind and he raises to 75,000 with and Yevgeniy Timoshenko calls with . The dealer puts out the flop, a flop that Mizzi fires a bet of 75,000 at. Timoshenko, sat in his trademark, arms-crossed pose, makes the call.

The turn brings the into the equation and Mizzi pauses for 30 or so seconds before betting 140,000 at his Ukrainian opponent, which really gives him something to think about. This could be a pot that changes the entire tournament if Timoshenko calls or even comes over the top. We will not have to worry about that though because Timoshenko folds.


Another Pot For Timoshenko

Andrew Feldman raises to 60,000 on the button with just and Yevgeniy Timoshenko three-bets to 100,000 with pocket jacks, causing Feldman to muck his hand.


Unconventional Line Wins It For Timoshenko

Yevgeniy Timoshenko limps in from the small blind and Andrew Feldman raises it up to 77,000 and Timoshenko makes the call. A flop reading see Timoshenko bet 80,000 sending Feldman into deep thought and he looks pained in his decision and after 60 seconds he slams his cards onto the felt.

“You have a jack 80% of the time there. I can beat an eight but not a jack,” Feldman informs his opponents.

“He didn’t have a jack there,” claims Sorel Mizzi, “I’ll bet you £500 and give you two-to-one.” Suddenly Feldman does not seem so confident in his read Timoshenko had a jack, though he should be because he held jack-ten.


Rare Mizzi and Timoshenko Battle

Yevgeniy Timoshenko raises to 60,000 with and Sorel Mizzi makes the call with in the big blind. Both players check the flop, and again on the turn but will the change anything? Mizzi is riffling green chips, he stops and bets 80,000 into the 135,000 pot.

The usually stoic Timoshenko lets out a large sigh and rocks back in his chair, though his eyes do not leave the community cards. He places his fist over his mouth, checks Mizzi’s stack and seconds later he starts riffling some red chips, he then puts them to one side and plays with some green chips. James Dempsey, in the commentary box, says it is 50/50 on whether Timoshenko calls or not, he really cannot tell.

Three minutes have passes and Timoshenko asks Mizzi for a count but the Canadian does not answer, he just lets his opponent count them himself. A few moments pass and he calls.

Mizzi scoops the pot with a pair of jacks.


Level Up And Chip Counts

Blinds are now 15,000/30,000 and the chips are distributed as follows:

Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 632,000
Andrew Feldman: 591,000
Sorel Mizzi: 577,000


The Mizzi and Feldman Show

Sorel Mizzi raises to 40,000 and again only Andrew Feldman calls him. The dealer places the flop onto the felt and Feldman leads into Mizzi with a bet of 47,000. Feldman’s timing is slightly off because Mizzi is sat there with and he raises to 112,000. Feldman has queen-high and releases his hand.


Another Feldman / Mizzi Clash

Sorel Mizzi bursts into action, opening to 40,000 with and only Andrew Feldman, holding makes the call.

Flop: – Feldman checks, Mizzi bets 40,000 and Feldman calls with his open-ended straight drawn

Turn: – Feldman now has the best hand but he taps the table and checks. Mizzi senses something is wrong and he checks behind.

River: – Neither player is interested in the river card and they both check.

Feldman takes one from Mizzi.


Mizzi Three-Bets Feldman Again

Andrew Feldman raises to 40,000 with and Sorel Mizzi finds in the hole and he three-bets to 95,000. Yevgeniy Timoshenko folds, as does Feldman and Mizzi picks up the pot.

Mizzi seems to have the measure of Feldman right now and has certainly targeted him in this three-handed finale.


Timoshenko Gets Tricky With Kings

Sorel Mizzi folds and Yevgeniy Timoshenko limps in with a pair of red kings. Andrew feldman only has jack-four offsuit and he taps the table and checks. The flop comes down , Timoshenko bets around half pot and Feldman does not want to fight and he mucks his hand.


Timoshenko Attacking Feldman

Holding Andrew Feldman makes it 40,000 to play and after Sorel Mizzi folds, Yevgeniy Timoshenko calls with . The dealer puts out the flop, a flop that Feldman checks and Timoshenko checks behind.

The turn is the giving both players a flush draw but when Timoshenko fires a bet of 55,000 Feldman gives up.


Three-Way Flop

Yevgeniy Timoshenko raises it up to 30,000 and both Andrew Feldman and Sorel Mizzi make the call. A flop reading sees Feldman bet 39,000 with his and both Mizzi and Timoshenko get out of the way.


Level Up

Blinds are now 10,000/20,000


Mizzi Takes Huge Hit

A raise from Andrew Feldman is called by Sorel Mizzi meaning it is heads up to the flop. Feldman continues with a bet if 37,000 only to see Mizzi raise to 79,000. Feldman takes a breath and moves all in for 337,000 and Mizzi makes the call! A massive pot hear early on!


A classic race here but Mizzi has the advantage. The dealer has burned a card and puts out the on the turn, disaster for Mizzi as Feldman takes the lead. He needs a nine and only a nine on the river but the river is the and Feldman doubles through Mizzi and takes the chip leader.

Andrew Feldman: 734,000
Sorel Mizzi: 537,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 529,000


Mizzi Takes On Feldman

Andrew Feldman raises to 30,000 from the small blind with and Sorel Mizzi calls in the big blind with . The flop comes down , Feldman makes a continuation bet of 37,000 but instantly folds when Mizzi raises to 82,000.


First Blood Feldman

Sorel Mizzi opens with a raise to 30,000 holding bt he will not be too happy with Yevgeniy Timoshenko three-betting to 77,000 with . He must be even less happy when Andrew Feldman four-bets all in for 305,000 and both active players fold.


Shuffle Up And Deal

Mr Timoshenko is in the building and Heat 3 is back under way.


Welcome Back!

Hello folks, we are back in action in the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship, we say that but we are actually waiting for Yevgeniy Timoshenko to turn up! Sorel Mizzi and Andrew Feldman are in their seats but the Ukrainian is a no-show so far, though we have been told he is on his way to the Playboy Club right now.

Whoever lasts longest between Mizzi and Timoshenko will progress to the final, creating a very interesting dynamic to this match.


Jesse May Goes Nuts For The Premier League


Out Of Time

Play has been paused until 10:00 Thursday morning due to the camera crew having worked up their allotted hours. Rejoin us then for all the action from this final heat.


Mizzi Opens Up A Lead

The flop reads and Sorel Mizzi bets 65,000 with his red pocket eights. Yevgeniy Timoshenko then raises to 120,000 with his black threes. Mizzi does not buy his opponent’s story and he bets the pot, making it 376,000 in total and Timoshenko mucks without too much thought.


Mizzi Takes Fight To Feldman

On a flop reading Andrew Feldman checks then quickly calls when Sorel Mizzi bets 33,000. The on the turn sees Feldman check again but Mizzi sees no reason to slow down and he bets 69,000. Feldman thinks for a moment before flicking his [Tx][6x] into the muck with one of his chips.

Mizzi held for those of you who are interested!


Timoshenko Dodges Bullets, Kind Of

Andrew Feldman raises to 30,000 with and Yevgeniy Timoshenko three-bets to 67,000 with . Feldman four-bets to 217,000 and Timoshenko instantly folds with a smile!


Final Three Counts

Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 865,000
Sorel Mizzi: 599,000
Andrew Feldman: 336,000

Blinds are now 7,000/15,000


Andy Frankenberger Eliminated in 4th Place


Yevgeniy Timoshenko makes it 20,000 to play and when the action is on him, Andy Frankenberger three-bets to 65,000. Timoshenko raises the pot and Frankenberger calls the all in!


Both players have an ace but Timoshenko has Frankenberger dominated. The first three community cards comes down followed by the turn and the river, sending Frankenberger to the rail temporarily, but he will be back for tomorrow’s final table.


Feldman Rivers Mizzi

First to act holding is Andrew Feldman and he makes it 20,000 to play. Sorel Mizzi has been dealt and he calls. Both other active players fold and the dealer puts out the flop, a flop that Feldman bets 24,000 and Mizzi calls.

The on the turn slows Feldman down and he checks. Mizzi checks behind. The river card is the and now Feldman bets again, this time making it 57,000. “I couldn’t have asked for a worse card,” states Mizzi. He riffles some green chips, scratches the back of his head, sighs then folds.


Timoshenko Loses Minimum Again!

Sorel Mizzi checks the flop and Yevgeniy Timoshenko checks behind. Both players also check the on the turn but when the river comes the , Mizzi bets 35,000 and Timoshenko, holding folds his hand.

Mizzi had turned top pair with


Ten Minute Hand Without A Flop!

Yevgeniy Timoshenko raises to 20,000 with and to his left Andrew Feldman calls with . Next to act is Sorel Mizzi and he holds . He pauses for one minute before squeezing to 110,000 putting the action onto Timoshenko.

He goes deep into the tank for over five minutes before making a small four-bet to 225,000, which instantly folds out Feldman but Mizzi has a real decision to make. “You have to have it. You’re such a nit in this spot,” says Mizzi before going back to studying the board. A full four minutes later he folds his hand and Timoshenko pulls in the pot.

Group B Final Standing

Andrew Feldman: 25 points
Andy Frankenberger: 16 points
Sorel Mizzi: 16 points
Mike Sexton: 10 points
Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 7 points
Ben Carpenter: 4 points


Mike Sexton Eliminated in 5th Place


Yevgeniy Timoshenko raises to 20,000 with and Andrew Feldman three-bets . It is Mike Sexton’s turn to act and he has in the hole and being short stacked he has to move all in, surely? He does push and when Timoshenko folds Feldman tosses in the extra 7,000 to call.

The flop comes down putting Feldman in the lead but Sexton has outs to the overcards and now the flush. The turn is the an the river is the and with that Sexton is eliminated from the tournament and his quest to make it to the final table is over.


Feldman Finds Kings

Andrew Frankenberger makes it 20,000 to play with and it folds to Andrew Feldman. He peels his cards and discovers he has a real hand, . He three-bets to 46,000 and everyone, including Frankenberger folds.

Feldman has been pretty card dead for the past few levels, maybe being dealt cowboys will gee him up a little.


Break Time

The players are on a 15-minute break, the last of the night.


Much Needed Chips For Sexton

Mike Sexton raises it up to 16,00 first to act and to his direct left is Sorel Mizzi who checks his cards and immediately looks towards Sexton’s stack as if he is going to at least call but he folds his pocket sixes. Everyone else folds and Sexton picks up the pot.


Frankenberger Adds To Stack

Andrew Feldman raises to 12,000 with and the action folds to Andy Frankenberger in the big blind and he makes the call with . The flop is checked by both players, as is the turn but the river is bet by Frankenberger to the tune of 15,000 and Feldman, who looks like he has completely given up, folds after 30 seconds of deliberation.


Chip Counts

Sorel Mizzi: 721,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 602,000
Andrew Feldman: 224,000
Andy Frankenberger: 190,000
Mike Sexton: 63,000


Frankenberger Doubles Up

Andy Frankenberger raises to 18,000 and Yevgeniy Timoshenko asks Frankenberger for a count of his chips. He moves them forward and lets the dealer count them. The American has just under 100,000. Timoshenko asks if the blinds are 3,000/6,000 or 4,000/8,000 then three-bets. Frankenberger moves all in and Timoshenko calls.


The board runs out and Frankenberger doubles up.

“You played that like S**t!” says Sorel Mizzi half-joking but Frankenberger does not look like he is in the mood for such jokes. He doubles to 190,000.


Timoshenko Extends Lead With Huge Pot!

Sorel Mizzi opens with a raise to 13,000 with and to his direct left is Andy Frankenberger who three-bets to 30,000 with . To his left is Yevgeniy Timoshnko and he’s been dealt and he makes it 66,000 to play! Mizzi immediately gets out of the way and the action is on Frankenberger, what will he do?

“I pot,” the dealer tells it is 211,000 to call, immediately afterwards Timoshenko glances at Frankenberger and says “I re-pot,” which puts him all in!

Five minutes later Frankenberger makes the laydown! The only person happy with the fold is Timoshenko who picks up the massive pot but as Jesse May says in the commentary, Frankenberger used $25,000 of his own money to enter this tournament so is entitled to play however he want to.


Feldman Misreads Sexton’s Hand

Andrew Feldman raises to 12,000 with and next to act is Mike Sexton and he raises to 42,000 with leaving himself with less than 50,000 behind. Amazingly , after tanking for at least two minutes Feldman shows Sexton his hand and he folds!


Nobody Wants To Take On Timoshenko

Yevgeniy Timoshenko opens to 14,000 from under the gun with but nobody wants to take him on and he just picks up the blinds.


Sexton Makes Great Fold

Andrew Feldman raise to 8,000, Mike Sexton calls but Sorel Mizzi three-bets to 26,000. This folds out Feldman but Sexton makes the call.

Flop: – Sexton checks with his but Mizzi bets 35,000 as he holds the nut flush draw with . Sexton calls with his open-ended straight draw.

Turn: – Sexton hit his straight and he comes out betting to the tune of 85,000. Mizzi pauses for a few moments before tossing in the necessary chips to call.

River: – Sexton thinks his hand is still best and he best 105,000, which is a huge percentage of his stack and he could be heading for the rail here, especially as Mizzi moves all in for 289,000 and has Sexton covered. Sexton has been in the tank for a good five minutes before he fold, telling the table he held a straight.

Great fold Mr Sexton.


Timoshenko Loses The Minimum

Holding , Yevgeniy Timoshnko raises and Andrew Feldman flat-calls with meaning it is heads up to the flop. Both players have flopped top pair and Feldman checks his option to bet. Does Timoshenko bet? No, he taps the table and checks.

The dealer burns a card and puts the on the turn, again Feldman checks but this time Timoshenko places a bet of 13,000 and Feldman calls. The on the river is a complete blank and Feldman checks once again and Timoshenko checks behind.

Feldman wins the pot when he shows his


Feldman Rivers Two Pair

From the cutoff, Andy Frankenberger raises to 10,000 with the Texas Dolly hand . Yevgeniy Timoshenko folds but Andrew Feldman calls with his . The flop reading , Feldman checks, Frankenberger bets 16,000 and Feldman decides to call.

The turn brings the into play and Feldman checks again, and Frankenberger checks behind. The on the river and now Feldman leads out with a 43,000 bet, which is too much for Frankenberger to call and he releases his hand.


Feldman Takes Strange Line

Andrew Feldman raises to 8,000 with and Sorel Mizzi smooth calls with . The Canadian checks the flop and Feldman checks behind. The turn is the is also checked by both players and when Mizzi checks to Feldman on the arrival of the on the river Feldman takes a stab at the pot and Mizzi smells a rat and mucks.

Feldman’s play seemed to puzzle James Dempsey in the commentary box, saying he should have bet the flop at least.


Frankenberger Takes On Timoshenko

Yevgeniy Timoshenko makes it 10,000 to play and Andy Frankenberger makes the call from the big blind. Frankenberger then checks the flop and Timoshenko checks behind. The turn sees Frankenberger bet 12,000 and Timoshenko is done with the hand and he folds.


Feldman And Mizzi Chop It Up

With in his hand Andrew Feldman min-raises to 8,000 first to act. Sorel Mizzi makes the call with and everything is pointing to a split pot, especially as the flop comes down . Feldman continues with a bet of 11,000 and Mizzi quickly calls. The on the turn sees a 26,000 bet from Feldman and again Mizzi calls. The river is the and now Feldman checks and Mizzi quickly checks behind.


Ben Carpenter Eliminated in 6th Place


Ben Carpenter raises preflop and only Sorel Mizzi makes the call. The flop comes down with two aces, and Carpenter immediately leads out with a 10,000 bet. Mizzi is having none of it and he makes it 30,000, then snap-calls when Carpenter moves all in for around 65,000 more.

“I have a flush draw,” says Carpenter as the duo turn over their hands.




Carpenter misses his flush and heads for the rail bitterly disappointed. He got unlucky on numerous occasions throughout this tournament but he will certainly play in many more of these events. Good game.


Feldman Runs Into Aces Again

Andy Frankenberger raises it up with and must be delighted when he sees Andrew Feldman make it 22,000 to play whilst holding . Frankenberger is in no mood to slow play and he four-bets to 55,000 and Feldman quickly passes his hand.


End Of Level One Chip Counts

Level One has come to an end and the chip counts are as follows:

Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 540,000
Sorel Mizzi: 317,000
Andy Frankenberger: 312,000
Mike Sexton: 282,000
Andrew Feldman: 262,000
Ben Carpenter: 87,000


Timoshenko Wins 341k Pot

The flop reads and Andy Frankenberger taps the table and checks. Timoshenko has flopped a set of sixes with and he bets 28,000. Ben Carpenter is next to act and he makes the call holding . Frankenberger folds and it is heads up to the turn.

Timoshenko is in deep thought, his arms crossed in front of him in his trademark pose. He springs into life by grabbing a pile of chips worth 45,000 and betting them. Carpenter makes the call and asks if his opponent has a set but the Ukrainian remains stoic and silent.

The river is the and Timoshenko sits motionless for 90 seconds before Carpenter calls the clock on him. Timoshenko then bets 90,000 and after a minute of deliberation Carpenter calls, but looks very disappointed with himself when he sees Timoshenko’s full house.

Timoshenko helps himself to the 341,000 pot and Carpenter is down to 87,000.


Timoshenko Finds Aces

Andy Frankenberger raises the ante to 5,000 with and Yevgeniy Timoshenko flat calls with . Andrew Feldman tries to squeeze to 17,000 with which folds out Frankenberger but Timoshenko, who needs to win in order to stand a chance of progressing to the final table, thanks for a good 90 seconds before putting in a raise of his own. 41,000 is the bet. Feldman snap-folds and states, “that is guaranteed aces.” Correct sir.

The players are now taking bets on if Timoshenko did have aces, someone stands to make some money here!


Frankenberger Cracks Kings

Ben Carpenter raises it up with and the action folds around to Frankenberger in the big blind and he three-bets with . Carpenter calls and the flop comes down , Frankenberger checks, Carpenter bets 25,000 and Frankenberger calls.

The turn card is the , a card that Frankenberger checks and Carpenter checks behind stating the flop call has slowed him down. Frankenberger completes an unlikely straight upon the arrival of the but he decides to check. Carpenter checks behind and the WPT Player of the Year wins the pot.


A Wardrobe Malfunction

No Janet jackson is not in the house, instead we have had to pause the action because Andy Frankenberger’s shirt was having a weird effect on the camera or on his microphone. From here it looks like your everyday black shirt but the technicians are not happy and he is having to change it!


Timoshenko Versus Sexton

On a flop reading , Mike Sexton checks and Yevgeniy Timoshenko checks behind. There is no such passivity on the turn, Sexton checks, Timoshenko bets 16,000 only to see Sexton check-raise to 40,000. Timoshnkeo stares down the poker legend before making the call.

The river brings the into consideration and Sexton checks again. Timoshenko makes it 25,000 to play and that is enough to win the hand as Sexton folds.


Mizzi Believes In Aliens

The play has been quite tight so far with there being so much riding on today’s game but the players seem relaxed and are chatting amongst each other. One topic that has come up is whether or not aliens exist and Sorel Mizzi believes they do because he said he would bet his net worth on there being aliens. There was a little confusion on the definition of an alien species but Mizzi says regardless, they have to exist.


Where Is The Devilfish?

A few people have asked where Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott is this week and we have discovered that he cannot play as he is getting married this weekend!

Tony G sends this message to him:


Carpenter Off The Mark

Ben Carpenter makes it 5,000 to play with pocket fours and it folds all the way around to Andy Frankenberger calls with . A flop reading and Frankenberger checks to the Brit. He bets 6,000 and it is enough to take down the pot.


No Customers For Frankenberger

Andy Frankenberger raises to 6,000 with and he takes down the blinds. The very next hand Frankenberger raises to 6,000 with and picks up the blinds again. No customers for the reigning WPT Player of the Year.


Shuffle Up And Deal

Play has started and the players are seated as follows:

  • Seat 1: Sorel Mizzi
  • Seat 2: Andrew Frankenberger
  • Seat 3: Yevgeniy Timoshnko
  • Seat 4: Ben Carpenter
  • Seat 5: Andrew Feldman
  • Seat 6: Mike Sexton



Welcome back to the Playboy Club London for the third and final heat from Group B of the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship, where this evening the hopes of making to the final table will end for three player but the other half of the group will discover they are joining James Dempsey, Max Pescsatori and Matt Giannetti in Thursday’s final.

Only Andrew Feldman is guaranteed a place on Thursday’s final table so but he will still want to pick up extra points because the more points you have the more chips you start with at the final table, another interesting dynamic created.

Today will see both Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Andy Frankenberger use their double up card and Timoshenko certainly needs it as he only has a single point and is unlikely to progress but anything is possible in poker as we all know too well. Frankenberger is in great shape to go through having already picked up 14 points without the need for his double up card. Can he take this down and finish with more points than Dempsey? he will need to finish second or better if he wants to do just that.

And let’s not forget Ben Carpenter. He too can go through but he needs to win and hope certain players, including the legend that is Mike Sexton, bust out very early or his hard work could be unravelled.

Who will make it through and who will be heading home? Find out when the Pot Limit Hold’em tournament starts in a little under an hour’s time.


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