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James Dempsey Storms Into An Early Lead


It looks odds on that James Dempsey will be making it through to the final table as he now has 16 points thanks to taking down this tournament after using his double up card. Matt Giannetti has six points but is still in position of his double up card, Luke Schwartz has four points (no double up card left), Max Pescatori three points (double up card intact), Tony G two points (no double up card) and Jennifer Tilly has no points.

Tomorrow morning sees Group B play their first heat then in the evening it is Group A who return to play some Pot Limit Omaha. Rejoin us from around 1100 UK time for all the action as it happens from the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship.


Matt Giannetti Eliminated in 2nd Place


Matt Giannetti raises on the button with and then instantly calls when James Dempsey moves all in with . The final board runs out and with that Giannetti heads for the rail and Dempsey takes the win.


Advantage Dempsey!

Matt Giannetti raises with to 60,000, James Dempsey three-bets all in with the dominated and Giannetti snap-calls.

The hits Dempsey and he takes the lead. The on the turn leaves Giannetti drawing to an ace but it does not arrive as the river is the and Dempsey is catapulted to a two-to-one chip lead! Wow!


Giannetti Putting Pressure On Dempsey

The last four or five hands that Dempsey has raised on the button, Matt Giannetti has three-bet all in over. Surely Dempsey needs to make a stand sooner rather than later, especially when you consider Giannetti now has more than a two-to-one chip advantage.


OMG! A Flop!

Matt Giannetti raises to 60,000 with and James Dempsey calls. The sees Dempsey lead out with a bet of 80,000 and Giannetti goes into the tank for more than 90 seconds before moving all in. Dempsey instantly folds and he is losing ground to the man who finished fourth at the recent WSOP Main Event.


Giannetti Picking Up Better Hands

Matt Giannetti has had by far the better hands in this one-on-one battle so far and is now over 1,000,000 chips.


Back And Forth

The players seem content with passing the blinds back and forth and it looks like we may need a little help from a cooler hand to end this tournament. That said the blinds are now 15,000/30,000 meaning the average stack is 30 big blinds.


Giannetti Takes Down Pot Preflop

James Dempsey raises to 50,000 with only to see Matt Giannetti three-bet to 145,000 with . Dempsey quikcly releases his hand.


Dempsey Three-Bet Wins Pot

Matt Giannetti makes it 40,000 with but quickly folds when James Dempsey three-bets to 110,000 with .


Max Pescatori Eliminated In 3rd Place


James Dempsey opens with a raise to 40,000 with , Matt Giannetti folds but Max Pescatori moves all in with and Dempsey calls.

The flop keeps the sixes in front and the is of no help to the Italian. The final card is the , sending Pescatori to the rail and leaving Group A Heat 1 heads up.

Giannetti leads Dempsey by 902,000 to 898,000 chips.


Dempsey Wins Flip, Doubles Up Again

Max Pescatori raises to 42,000 with and then calls when James Dempsey moves all in with .

Final board: and Dempsey doubles up.


Luke Schwartz Eliminated in 4th Place


Luke Schwartz open-limps in the small blind with and Max Pescatori taps the tables and checks his . The dealer puts the onto the felt and after a flurry of action Schwartz is all in and at risk.

The turn is the and Schwartz leaps out of his seat and walks around the table and puts his hands over his eyes. The dealer burns a card and flips over the , the river is brutal to the highly entertaining Schwartz and we are down to three here at the Playboy Club London.


Dempsey Doubles

Max Pescatori open-shoves from the small blind and James Dempsey calls off his stack with . Pescatori flips over and needs to catch a queen to stop doubling up Dempsey.

Flop: – Pescatori now picks up a straight draw

Turn: – The turn changes nothing, Dempsey is still in front

River: – Dempsey doubles.


Giannetti Wins Massive Pot!

James Dempsey continues with his unrelentless aggression and min-raises to 30,000 with . Matt Giannetti three-bets to 74,000 and when the action folds back around to Dempsey he moves all in for 735,000. Giannetti snaps him off with and Dempsey is in big trouble.

The dealer puts out the flop, leaving Dempsey drawing very thinly. The turn is the which means he is drawing dead and the meaningless on the river leaves Dempsey with just 287,000 and boosts Giannetti to 918,000.


Schwartz Shoves Over Dempsey

James Dempsey min-raises to 30,000 and the action folds to Luke Schwartz in the big blind, who moves all in. Dempsey must have had a very weak hand indeed as he gets out of the way despite getting huge pot odds.


James Dempsey Turns The Screw

Four-handed James Dempsey raises to 30,000 from the button and to his direct left is Matt Giannetti. He finds in the hole and he three-bets to 74,000. Schwartz gets out of the way but Dempsey asks to see Giannetti’s stack and seconds later he moves all in for 632,000. This is a bet that the reigning WPT Malta champion is prepared to pay and he snap-mucks.

Dempsey now has 728,000 chips.


Schwartz’s Timing Is Off

Matt Giannetti raises to 32,000 and the action folds to Luke Schwartz who min-three-bets to 64,000 with . Giannetti calls with his and it is off the the flop.

Schwartz makes a continuation bet of 37,000 and Giannetti makes the call. The turn is the and Schwartz fires again not knowing Giannetti has now improved to top pair. Giannetti opts to call and the dealer puts the out on the river.

Schwartz now checks, giving up on his hand. Giannetti makes it 104,000 to play and Schwartz mucks and is now down to 10 big blinds.


Tony G Eliminated In 5th Place


Tony G moves all in for his last 25,000 with and James Dempsey calls with . The board runs out and Tony G is eliminated.

“On your bike!” says Schwartz jokingly.

Tony G will be bitterly disappointed with this result because he used his double up card and still only picked up two points for this fifth place finish.


Tony G Crippled

Max Pescatori likes the look of his and moves all in for around 13 big blinds. The action folds to Tony G and he calls with , covering Pescatori by a handful of chips.

Flop: – The flop is as safe as Tony G could have hoped for.

Turn: – Another safe card for Tony G.

River: – Despite Tony G’s please of “No ace, no queen,” the dealer puts the queen of spades out on the river. Ouch.


Level Up

The blinds are now 7,500/15,000 and are really starting to bite into the stacks over everyone.


Giannetti’s Set Mining Attempt Fails

James Dempsey finds in the hole and he raises to 22,000. His only customer is Matt Giannetti who is to his direct left holding .

The dealer puts out the . Dempsey bets 33,000 and Giannetti folds. Easy game.


Is The Old Tony G Back?

Luke Schwartz raises to 20,000 with and the axction folds to Tony G in the big blind. He has played very tightly today and has been uncharacteristically quiet too but he decides to see a flop with . “That;s the Tony G we know and love,” says Sorel Mizzi.

Flop: – Tony G checks, Schwartz makes a continuation bet of 27,000 and Tony G calls.

Turn: – Tony G checks and Schwartz checks behind.

River: – Tony G sees no reason to bet and he taps the table. Schwartz, who has now got the nuts, bets 60,000 and Tony G folds.


The Luke Schwartz Show

Luke Schwartz is taking no prisoners at the table with his table talk and general banter. His latest victim was Italian Max Pescatori. “Go on Max” Didn’t you win a tournament about 10 years ago?” he says before putting his hand around him and sayiung, “Sorry, I’m only joking. I love Italians, my favourite food is pasta!”


Another Mis-Click For Schwartz

Luke Schwartz thinks he has opened the betting from the cutoff to 21,000 but he has actually only limped as he has put 11,000 chips in with his . This allows Matt Giannetti see a free flop with [Jx][3x]. It turns out to be a potentially costly mistake because the flop comes down , Giannetti checks, Schwartz bets 15,000 only to see Giannetti check-raise to 47,000.

Schwartz makes the call and the dealer puts out the on the turn. Giannetti fires a bet of 57,000 and Schwartz slams his cards down on the table.

“I should have just raised preflop,” said Schwartz stating the obvious. “I am never drinking again,” he adds.

“I’ll take the under on that,” jokes Sorel Mizzi!


Jennifer Tilly Eliminated in 6th Place


Jennifer Tilly has just been sent to the rail at the hands of November Nine member Matt Giannetti. The latter opens to 24,000 with and after Tony G folds Tilly moves all in for her last 50,000 chips with .

The flop is not what Tilly wanted to see and when the lands on the turn she is drawing dead. The on the river completes the hand and sends Tilly to the rail.


Ten-Minute Break

The players are on a scheduled ten-minute break here at the Playboy Club London.

Tony G: 310,000
Jennifer Tilly: 50,000
Luke Schwartz: 339,000
Max Pescatori: 230,000
James Dempsey: 509,000
Matt Giannetti: 376,000

Tilly Shoves

Jennifer Tilly is short-stacked and is in shove or fold territory. She open shoves for around 130,000 chips and picks up the blinds but no callers.


Unconventional Play From Tilly

James Dempsey opens with a raise to 15,000 with and after Matt Giannetti and Tony G fold, Jeniffer Tilly calls despite only having 15-17 big blinds. The flop comes down , Tilly checks, Dempsey bets 15,000 and after checking her holding, the actress mucks her hand.


Schwartz Fails To Get Set Paid Off

The board reads and Luke Schwartz checks to James Dempsey, who bets 20,000. Schwartz pauses for a few moments before check-raising to 55,000 with . Dempsey stares at his opponent before shaking his head and tossing his into the muck.


Live Mis-click!

The action is on Luke Schwartz and he bets what he thinks is 15,000 but he has actually made it 30,000 to play by accident. Not only that but he has done that with just . Luckily for him nobody has a hand to call him and he picks up the blinds.

Upon winning the hand he says, “taking it down with the queen-high,” before standing from his seat, making a little dance and smashing a now empty glass of Patron tequilla! Don’t take your shoes off at the table boys and girls, especially not now!


Schwartz Flops The World

Jennifer Tilly is first to act and she raises to 15,000 with . Luke Schwartz is deciding whether he is raisding or calling and knows if he raises and someone other than Tilly comes over the top of him he will probably have to fold his . He obviously realises this and flat-calls. Nobody else calls and it is heads up to the flop.

Flop: – Tilly checks to Schwartz who has to love his hand right now. He bets 20,000 and Tilly’s cards are in the muck almost instantly.


Max Pescatori opens to and next to act, in the cutoff, is James Dempsey. He checks his holecards and finds . He pauses for close to 30 seconds before three-betting to 35,000. The action folds back to Pescatori and he relinquishes his hand.

Sorel Mizzi in the commentary booth comments on how Pescatori had a difficult decision due to the stack sizes now and that the three-bet will make anyone think twice about raising him (Dempsey) because they will fear he is going to come over the top of them.


Level Up and Chip Counts

The blinds have been increased to 3,000/6,000 with the end of Level 2.

Here are the updated chip counts.

Tony G: 289,000
Jennifer Tilly: 154,000
Luke Schwartz: 259,000
Max Pescatori: 304,000
James Dempsey: 488,000
Matt Giannetti: 306,000


Dempsey’s Aces Only Pick Up Blinds

James Dempsey looks down at his holecards and sees staring back at him. He picks up some chips and makes it 10,000 to play, praying for some callers. However, his prayers go unanswered and he picks up the blinds. Six thousand chips are not to be sniffed at but he would have loved at least a caller we are sure.


Schwartz Pays Off Pescatori


From the button Luke Schwartz raises to 10,000 with and Max Pescatori, from the small blind, calls with . After burning a card the dealer puts out the flop. Pescatori checks and Schwartz checks behind. The turn is the and Pescatori checks his straight and Schwartz taps the table and checks behind.

The river brings the into play and now Pescatori bets 10,000, prompting another speech from the vocal Schwartz. “Someone has king-queen and I have a queen so it is pretty sick.” He then re-checks his cards and sits back in his chair before announcing “I call,” and tossing in the required chips.

Pescatori wins.


Cooler Hand For Tilly As Dempsey Finds The Nuts

On flop, James Dempsey checks, next to act is Matt Giannetti and he checks but Jennifer Tilly bets 22,000 into the 33,000 pot. Dempsey ponders all his options and then three-bets to 55,000 with . Giannetti folds his but Tilly, holiding calls.

The dealer puts out the check. Dempsey checks and Tilly checks behind. The river is the giving Dempsey the nut flush and Tilly the second nut flush. Dempsey bets 85,000 and Tilly calls.

“He’s got the nuts,” exclaims Schwartz before wincing and saying, “That’s unlucky,” when he ses Tilly’s hand.

With that Dempsey soars to 464,000 and Tilly plummets to 192,000.


More Strange Play

Max Pescatori completes in the small blind with and James Dempsey checks with . The dealer puts out the , Pescatori checks, Dempsey makes it 2,000 to play only to see Pescatori check-raise to 6,000. Dempsey peels and it is off to the tuen.

The turn is the and Pescatori checks again. Dempsey senses weakness and bets 12,000 and Pescatori instantly folds, despite check-raising the flop with top pair! Wow!


Tilly Three-bets Pocket Fours

The action folds to James Dempsey and he makes it 10,000 to play with . Matt Giannetti and Tony G both fold but Jennifer Tilly three-bets to 30,000 with [4x][4x] and Dempsey mucks his hand.

Sorel Mizzi, in the commentary booth, says that Tilly plays small pocket pairs very aggressively but also plays he big pairs in the exact same way, making her a difficult player to read.


Level Up And Chip Counts

The first level has come to an end and the blinds have been increased to 2,000/4,000.

Here are the chip counts from the match so far;

Tony G: 317,000
Jennifer Tilly: 333,000
Luke Schwartz: 251,000
Max Pescatori: 302,000
James Dempsey: 290,000
Matt Giannetti: 301,000


Tony G Plays Hand very Strangely

From under the gun Luke Schwartz raised to 5,000 with and Tony G decided to flat-call in the cutoff with . The flop came down , Schwartz checked and Tony G checked behind!

The on the turn saw Schwartz bet just 2,000 and Tony G again thought the best play was to call. The river brought the into play and now Schwartz checked. Tony G quickly overbet 30,000 and Schwartz almost instantly folded.


Tight Fold From Tony G?

Tony G opened the betting with a raise to 6,000 with from the cutoff. Jennifer Tilly and Luke Schwartz fold but Max Pescatori three-bets to 16,000 with [Ax][Qx] and surprisingly Tony G shows his hand and folds!


First Three-Bet Pot


Jennifer Tilly made it 5,000 from the button and next to act was Luke Schwartz and he three-bet to 12,000 and only Tilly calls.

Flop: – Schwartz bets and Tilly calls with .

Turn: – Schwartz checked and Tilly checked behind.

River: – Schwartz bet 2,000 and then mucked when Tilly called.


Two Early Pots For Schwartz

Luke Schwartz has helped himself to two early pots, both coming from clashes with Jennifer Tilly.

The first hand saw Tilly raise to 6,000 with and Schwartz called. Thge flop was checked by both players, as was the on the turn but when Tilly checked again when the landed on the river Schwartz bet 30,000 and Tilly snap-folded.

The second saw Tilly raise to 6,000 with and Schwartz called again. The flop came down and Tilly check folded to a 10,000 bet.


Shuffle Up And Deal, Again

The blinds are 1,000/2,000 and the cards are in the air!


The Players Are Back In Their Seats

As the title suggests the players have sat back down at the felt and are ready to restart this tournament. Luke Schwartz has already complimented the dealer on her eyes, hair and her smile. He has now ordered some more Patron, we say more because he had eight or nine waiting for the restart!


Update Part 2

It looks like the gremlins have left the system and we have been given the green light to restart this tournament! The players are just having their make-up touched up, with James Dempsey having something applied to stop his shaven head from dazzling everyone under the studio lights.

On side effect of this unscheduled break is that Luke Schwartz, who needs little excuse to be vocal, has been drinking so expect some fireworks!



The technicians are still doing techniciany things and are running some final tests to see if we can restart. Please bear with us folks!


Rejoin Us In An Hour

The players have been sent on an hour-long dinner break whilst the production crew work feverishly to solve the technical problems we have been experiencing. Join us again at 21:15 UK time when we should be back playing again.


Unscheduled Break

We have had to take an unscheduled break due to problems with the graphics being displayed on the screens we are using, which is ultimately what the viewers on Sky Sports will see. The cards contain chips and transmit via RFID but that seems to be playing up at the moment. Hopefully we will be back in action very soon.


Dempsey Wins First Hand

The action folds to the shaven-headed James Dempsey and he min-raises from the cutoff with . Neither Matt Giannetti or Tony G want to play and Dempsey scoops the first pot of the night.


Go Go Go!

The cards are in the air folks, stay tuned for all of the action.


We Are Almost Ready

The players are in their seats and we are about to get underway. We have just been told that Tony G has also thrown his double up card into the ring, so that is three players who stand to win twice as many points as they would have done otherwise.

Our updates are subject to a 30-minute delay (approximately) because we will have full holecard information in another twist to this fantastic format.

The players are seated as follows:

Seat 1: Tony G
Seat 2: Jennifer Tilly
Seat 3: Luke Schwartz
Seat 4: Max Pescatori
Seat 5: James Dempsey
Seat 6: Matt Giannetti


Schwartz and Dempsey Use Double Up Cards

We have just been informed that Luke Schwartz and James Dempsey have opted to use their double up card in this heat so they will receive twice as many points as they would have done. Schwartz is a No-Limit Hold’em specialist but Dempsey is more of a mixed game expert so it is surprising to see him use his card in this event.

PartyPoker Premier League Logo

Hello and welcome to the exclusive Playboy Club London in Mayfair for the Premier League Mixed Game Championship. Over the next week some of the most recognisable faces in poker will take to the felt in a unique format, with the eventual winner walking away with $100,000.

Today sees the players from Group A take centre stage, Group A consisting of the infamous Tony G, Max Pescatori, Luke Schwartz, Matt Giannetti, Jennifer Tilly and James Dempsey. Today they will be playing what is essentially a six-handed sit ‘n’ go with each of them receiving points depending on their finishing position. The game of choice for this heat is No Limit Hold’em.

Each player can use a double up card, which does exactly what it says on the tin, doubles the player’s points tally for that particular event and as soon as we know which of the players has taken advantage of this for Heat 1, we will endeavour to let you know.

We will bring you live updates from Group A Heat 1 and all the other heats throughout the week, here on the PartyPoker blog.

Until action kicks off why not feats your eyes on this introduction from Jesse May?


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