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Andy Frankenberger: PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship Champion!

Andy Frankenberger has won the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship after a fantastic final table that had it all! There were suckouts, massive bluffs and drama along the way but the only thing that matters is Frankenberger has taken down yet another title and now has over $2,000,000 in live tournament cashes.

He may have played an unorthodox style but you cannot deny he played with the heart and commitment that would have made Tony G proud and he is a very deserving champion. Congratulations Mr Frankenberger!


Andrew Feldman Eliminated in 2nd Place ($65,000)

A preflop raising war results in Andrew Feldman moving all in for a total of 730,000 and Andy Frankenberger calls and we could have a champion here!


Feldman is a big favourite to double up here and he is pleading for a queen to hit the deck, saying “I can see her looking at me.” The dealer puts out the flop and Feldman is no longer asking for that queen as it will give Frankenberger a straight! The turn is the and now Feldman begs for a small card to hit on the river. The dealer puts out the …..! BOOM! Frankenberger catches a queen and makes an unlikely straight and is our champion!


No Action For Feldman

Andy Frankenberger raises with queen-nine offsuit but when Andrew Feldman shoves on him with ace-king offsuit, Frankenberger smirks and mucks his hand.


Feldman Doubles Up Again!

Andy Frankenberger inexplicably limps in with and Andrew Feldman taps the table and checks his . The flop comes down Feldman checks, Frankenberger bets 40,000 and Feldman check-raises to 85,000 and Frankenberger calls.

The turn is the and Feldman moves all in for 120,000 and Frankenberger calls! The river is the and Feldman doubles up to around 440,000 but he still only has 10 big blinds!


Feldman On The Ropes

Andrew Feldman is on the ropes, his body language says he has given up and it looks like he has completely lost his composure.


Feldman Shove Goes Uncalled

Andrew Feldman looks at his holecards and moves all in with for a total of 365,000 chips. Frankenberger looks like he is going to call with his but he ultimately folds. Probably a very close decision, the last thing Frankenberger wants to do now is double up Feldman and let him back into this match.


No Action For Frankenberger’s Boat

Andrew Feldman limps in and Andy Frankenberger checks. The flop comes down and both players check. The on the turn gets the same treatment but the on the river sees Frankenberger bet 70,000 with , a full house, and Feldman mucks.


Chop It Up

Andrew Feldman raises to 60,000 with and Andy Frankenberger calls with . A flop reading is checked by both players and the on the turn is checked also. As is the river.

“King” says Feldman, and Frankenberger nods. Split pot.


Easy Game

Andy Frankenberger raises to 60,000 with and Andrew Feldman calls with . The flop comes down , Feldman checks, Frankenberger bets and Feldman folds, easy game.


Feldman Owned!

What a hand! Andrew Feldman raises preflop only to see Andy Frankenberger three-bet to 110,000. Feldman sits motionless before making it 235,000 to call and Frankenberger has gone into the tank. He’s been there for two minutes and he emerges and calls.

Flop: – Frankenberger checks and Feldman bets just 95,000. Frankenberger makes the call.

Turn: – Frankenberger checks again and Feldman fires again, 165,000 is the bet. Surely Frankenberger cannot call now? No he cannot, but he can check-raise! He’s made it 500,000 to play and Feldman instantly mucks what turns out to be and he is shows the of Frankenberger! Wow! A 1,325,000 pot and Frankenberger soars back into the lead, amazing poker


Feldman Doubles Up!

The lack of updates have been due to the fact we have not seen a flop for the past ten minutes, all pots have been settled preflop. However, Andrew Feldman raises to 60,000 and Andy Frankenberger calls. The flop comes down , Frankenberger checks, Feldman bets 55,000, Frankenberger shoves and Feldman calls!


The dealer gives us a real sweat by putting the on the turn, improving Feldman to a flush but giving Frankenberger two pair and the chance of a boat but his outs do not appear as the river is the and Feldman doubles up.


Feldman Fighting Back

Andrew Feldman joked that the Playboy Bunny that brought him his drink was going to bring him good luck and it appears to be true because he seems to be clawing his way back into this. He is still massively out-chipped but he seems to have shaken his head and is focussed on the task in hand.


What Was That?

Andy Frankenberger raises to 60,000 on the button with but amazingly finds a fold when Andrew Feldman moves all in for 160,000 in total! Luke Schwartz almost fell off his chair when he saw he had folded!


If This Was A Fight It Would Be Stopped

Mike Sexont has got it right, if this was a fight the referee would have stopped it. Andy Frankenberger is walking all over young Andrew Feldman. It is quite painful to watch right now and Feldman is out-chipped seven-to-one.


Split Pot Rocks Feldman

Andrew Feldman raises to 40,000 with and Andy Frankenberger makes it 120,000 to play with . Feldman announces, “I’m all in!” and Frankenberger instantly calls! Feldman can double here!

The flop comes down and the turn is the and this will be a split pot! Feldman looks devastated and will need to compose himself again or he will be in serious trouble because he is getting shorter and shorter in chips.


Frankenberger Reads Souls!

Andy Frankenberger has raised every button heads up but he decides to fold his and at the perfect time too because Andrew Feldman has been dealt pocket aces, much to the annoyance of the Brit.


Bet Too Big For Feldman

Andrew Feldman makes it 40,000 from the button only to see Andy Frankenberger comes over the top yet again. Feldman needs to put in at least an other 80,000 to call. He does call.

Flop: – Frankenberger bets 210,000 into the 240,000 pot and Feldman folds, rightly so as the bet was far too large.


Feldman Regains Some Ground

Andrew Feldman raises to 40,000 with and Andy Frankenberger calls with just . The flop comes down and both players check. The turn sees Frankenberger bet 50,000 and Feldman quickly calls. The on the river improves Feldman to trips and Frankenberger checks to his opponent. Feldman bets 105,000 and Frankenberger snap-folds.


Guess Who Won This Pot?

Andrew Feldman raises to 40,000 on the button but yet again he folds because Andy Frankenberger has three-bet to 120,000 with his red sixes.

Andy Frankenberger seems in control here right now.


Another For Frankenberger

The flop is checked by both players but when Andrew Feldman checks to him on the turn, Frankenberger bets 100,000 and Feldman folds.


Frankenberger Three-Bets Seven-High

Andrew Feldman raises to 40,000 with but his cards instantly hit the muck when Andy Frankenberger three-bets to 100,000 with just .


Heads Up Starts

Heads-up is now under way. Andrew Frankenberger leads with 1,665,000 chips to Feldman’s 755,000.


Sorel Mizzi Eliminated in 3rd Place ($45,000)

Sorel Mizzi moves all in on the button for 298,000 and Andrew Feldman makes the call! We could have an elimination here folks.


Feldman has Mizzi dominated and when the flop comes down Feldman is almost nailed on to bust Mizzi. The is no help to Mizzi and neither is the and we are heads up here in London.


Chip Counts

The level has come to an end and the blinds increased to 10,000/20,000. These are how the chip distribution looks now:

Andy Frankenberger: 1,631,000
Andrew Feldman: 447,000
Sorel Mizzi: 342,000


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Feldman Folds Again

From the button Andrew Feldman raises to 30,000 with and then instantly folds when Andy Frankenberger makes it 90,000 to play from the big blind with pocket fours. Not a play that impressed Mr Luke Schwartz.


Frankenberger Puts Feldman Through The Mincer

On a flop, Andrew Feldman bets 30,000 with but instantly folds when Andy Frankenberger raises to 110,000, though the American only held .


Ace-High Good For Feldman

Andy Frankenberger raise to 30,000 with and Andrew Feldman, who has been very reluctant to three-bet Frankenberger, calls his raise with .

Flop: – Feldman checks, Frankenberger bets 45,000 and Feldman calls.

Turn: [ 2s] – Feldman checks, Frankenberger picks up chips like he is about to bet but instead he taps the table and checks.

River: – Feldman checks and Frankenberger checks behind.

Feldman wins the pot with ace-high.


Feldman Three-Bets Rags

Sorel Mizzi raises on the button to 30,000 with and Andrew Feldman, who flat called last time with a hand as strong as now three-bets to 82,000 with . Mizzi asks how many chips Feldman has but it does not matter as he folds his hand.

Luke Schwartz says Feldman made the play based on stack sizes and that it was actually a solid play from the young Brit.


Frankenberger Picks Up More Chips

Huge stacked Andy Frankenberger makes it 35,000 from the button with and Andrew Feldman amazingly just calls in the small blind with . The flop comes down , Feldman checks, Frankenberger bets and Feldman snap-folds.

“Wow! What are you doing!” asks Luke Schwartz who has been quite critical of Feldman’s play today.


Max Pescatori Eliminated in 4th Place ($35,000)

Max Pescatori raises on the button and after Sorel Mizzi folds Andy Frankenberger makes the call. The flop comes down and Frankenberger checks. Pescatori bets 27,000 and almost 90 seconds later Frankenberger check-raises to 60,000. Pescatori is certainly not done with this hand, he makes it 140,000 and Frankenberger instantly moves all in! Pescatori double checks his cards and makes the call!


Pescatori is more than a 70% favourite to double up and cripple Frankenberger! The fourth community card is the …..! Frankenberger hits yet another draw but it is not over yet, Pescatori can still see the board pair and win the hand. The river is the and Pescatori is out of here!


Shuffle Up And Deal!

We are back in action. Andy Frankenberger is the chip leader so he has chosen to play No Limit Hold’em. The chip leader at the end of the level will get to chose again, unless a player is eliminated because when we are three-handed it is going to be No Limit Hold’em all the way.


Break Time and Chip Counts

Andy Frankenberger: 850,000
Max Pescatori: 668,000
Andrew Feldman: 459,000
Sorel Mizzi: 443,000


James Dempsey Elinminated in 5th Place ($30,000)

The action folds to Andy Frankenberger is on the button and he raises to 22,000. Next to act is the short-stacked James Dempsey and he three-bets to 70,000. The big blind is Andrew Feldman and despite only holding he goes into the tank for 90 seconds before mucking. With the action back on Frankenberger he bets pot, Dempsey is all in and Frankenberger calls.


Frankenberger has Dempsey crushed and the Brit needs some help from the deck. It does not come on the flop, or the turn and the river really rubs salt into the wound as it is the and with that Dempsey is sent to the rail.


Frankenberger Doubles Through Dempsey|

From the button Andy Frankenberger makes it 12,000 to play then calls when James Dempsey three-bets to 60,000 from the small blind. The dealer puts out the flop, a flop that Dempsey checks, Frankenberger says “Pot” and bets 130,000 and Dempsey moves all in. Frankenberger calls and the duo turn over their hands.


Frankenberger has to hit a heart or he is history! The turn is the which is no help to the American but the certainly is, improving him to a straight and once again Frankenberger somehow pulls it out of the hat!


Mizzi Playing Feldman Like A Fiddle

On a flop reading Andrew Feldman bets 32,000 with and Sorel Mizzi, with , flat calls. Luke Schwartz comments how this is the best play because Mizzi has been raising a lot of Feldman’s bets today, more so in the final heat but that will still be in Feldman’s mind.

The hits the turn and now Feldman checks. Mizzi makes it 65,000 and after considering his options for over a minute, Feldman folds.

“Mizzi is playing Feldman like a fiddle,” says Mike Sexton.


Matt Giannetti Eliminated in 6th Place ($25,000)

Matt Giannetti makes it 21,000 with and it folds to Andrew Feldman who has woken up with . He asks Giannetti how many chips he has and shortly afterwards he makes it 58,000 to play and Giannetti moves all in. Obviously Feldman calls and the dealer gets busy putting out the five community cards.





No Flops!

We have played six hands of Pot Limit Hold’em and not one flop has been seen! Looking at the holecards it is no surprise!


Level Up, Game Change and Chip Counts

Level 2 has come to an end and the blinds have been increased to 5,000/10,000. We are now changing games to Pot Limit Hold’em too!

Here are how those special little discs are distributed at the final table.

Max Pescatori: 648,000
James Dempsey: 471,000
Sorel Mizzi: 465,000
Andy Frankenberger: 345,000
Andrew Feldman: 359,000
Matt Giannetti: 132,000


Pescatori Picks Up Monster Hand

Sorel Mizzi raises to 12,000 and Andrew Feldman calls him. However, neither banked on Max Pescatori waking up with a massive hand, to be exact and it is no surprise that he is coming out raising. He makes it 66,000 to play and his opponents fold.


Top Set Good For Mizzi

Max Pescatori raises to 12,000 and Sorel Mizzi calls, as does Andy Frankenberger and James Dempsey.

The flop sees Dempsey bet 32,000 and only Mizzi calls. The turn is the and Dempsey makes it 75,000 to play with his and Mizzi waits for a good minute before calling with fror top set. The river brings the into play and now Dempsey checks to Mizzi.

Mike Sexton thinks Mizzi will check behind but Schwartz thinks the complete opposite and he bets the Hall of Famer that Mizzi will move all in! However, the actual action by Mizzi is something in the middle, he bets 85,000 and Dempsey releases his hand.


Aces For Frankenberger

Andy Frankenberger bumps up the stakes by raising to 15,000 with and both James Dempsey and Sorel Mizzi call.

Flop: – Mizzi checks, Frankenberger bets 25,000 with his set of aces and both opponents get out of the way.


Dempsey and Pescatori Part 349

From the button James Dempsey makes it 15,000 to play with and Max Pescatori calls in the big blind, and their little battle continues! A flop that reads sees Pescstori check then quickly fold his top pair when Dempsey continues with a 25,000 bet.


Frankenberger Backs Into Straight

On a flop, Andy Frankenberger check-calls Max Pescatori’s 28,000 bet. Frankenberger checks again upon the arrival of the and Pescatori checks behind. The on the river receives the same treatment as the turn card and it is time for a showdown.

Frankenberger turns over and Pescatori mucks his .


Check-Raise Good For Pescatori

Andy Frankenberger raises to 15,000 and Max Pescatori decides to flat call despite holding the monster that is . A flop reading sees Pescatori check, Frankenberger bet 17,000 and Pescatori check-raise to 37,000. It may not be a huge raise but Frankenberger has nothing at all and he mucks his hand.


Dempsey Gets Straight Flush Paid Off

Matt Giannetti raises on the button with and James Dempsey calls in the big blind with in his hand. After burning a card the dealer puts out the gifting Dempsey a straight flush and he will be praying Giannetti has flopped something. Dempsey checks to him and then calls Giannetti’s continuation bet.

The turn is the and Dempsey checks again. Giannetti makes it 36,000 to play and Dempsey checks his cards, pauses a few moments before making the call. Our river card is the and Dempsey has checked in the dark. Giannetti fires a third barrel with complete air, betting 70,000 but his cards hit the muck in record time when Dempsey raises all in.


Feldman Folds Straight

Andrew Feldman raises to 15,000 with and when Max Pescatori folds, Sorel Mizzi three-bets to 35,000. Feldman quickly calls and it is off to the flop we go.

Flop: – Feldman flops a straight and he taps the table and checks. Mizzi, holding the blockers, bets 40,000 and after a few moments Feldman folds, much to the dismay of Mike Sexton who is commentating in this tournament.


Sorel Wins Multiway Hand

Matt Giannetti opens with a raise to 15,000 and James Dempsey, Max Pescatori and Sorel Mizzi all call,meaning it is four ways to the flop. All four players check but after Pescatori checks the turn, Mizzi takes a stab at the pot with a 52,000 bet and surprisingly his three opponents all pass.


Easy Game For Dempsey

Andy Frankenberger limps, then calls, with when James Dempsey makes it 30,000 to play with . The dealer puts out the flop, Frankenberger checks, Dempsey continues with a 30,000 bet and Frankenberger folds.


Flush Over Flush

Max Pescatori raises to 14,000 with , Matt Giannetti calls with and Andy Frankenberger calls with . Oh, as does Andre Feldman with .

The flop comes down and Feldman checks, Pescatori bets 23,00, Giannetti folds, Frankenberger calls and Feldman folds. The turn is the and Pescatori checks, Frankenberger bets 30,000 and Pescatori snap-calls.

The river bring the into the equation, Pescatori checks and Frankenberger checks behind.


Level Up, Game Change, Chip Counts!

Level 1 is over and the blinds have been increased to 3,000/6,000. The game has also changed, we are now playing Pot Limit Omaha.

Chip Counts

Max Pescatori: 499,000
Andy Frankenberger: 477,000
Andrew Feldman: 403,000
Matt Giannetti: 392,000
James Dempsey: 379,000
Sorel Mizzi: 262,000


Mizzi Won’t Let Feldman Off The Hook

Andrew Feldman raises with from the button and Sorel Mizzi makes the call in the big blind holding . The flop comes down and Mizzi checks to Feldman and he bets 11,000. Mizzi, with a flush draw, check-raises to 26,000 and Feldman instantly folds.

Mizzi targetted Feldman in the previous heat and it looks like he is doing the same at this final table


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Giannetti: Played One Hand, Won One Hand

James Dempsey raises to 10,000, Max Pescatori calls, as does Sorel Mizzi but Giannetti is in no mood for calling, he three-bets to 37,000 which folds out everyone but Dempsey. The flop comes down and the action is on Giannetti, who has flopped an ace with his [K], he bets 32,000 and Dempsey instantly gives his pocket eights back to the dealer.


Dempsey Five-Bet Shoves

James Dempsey has picked up and he makes it 10,000 to play. Andrew Feldman three-bets to 23,000 with only to see Sorel Mizzi four-bet to 58,000 with . The action is back on Dempsey and he decides the best move he can make is to move all in. As he does that Feldman folds, as does Mizzi, the latter commenting on the overly large bet Dempsey made.


Pescatori and Dempsey Restart Their Battle

On a flop, Max Pescatori checks to James Dempsey, who then bets 12,000 into his Italian opponent, a bet that he quickly calls. The turn is the and both players check. The river is the and Pescatori comes out firing, making it 27,000 to play with his king-queen and Dempsey gets out of the way.


Mizzi Three-Bet Gets Through

Max Pescatori finds and he min-raises to 8,000 first to act. Sorel Mizzi is next to act and he three-bets to 22,000 with . Nobody wants to mess with Mizzi, including Pescatori who throws his cards into the muck.


Pescatori Forces Dempsey To Fold Same Hand

James Dempsey raises to 10,000 with in his hand and it folds to Max Pescatori in the big blind. He checks his cards, sees staring back at him and he makes the call.

Flop: – Pescatori checks to Dempsey who makes a continuation bet of 12,000. There is no way Pescatori is folding here, in fact he check-raises to 27,000. Dempsey glances at his opponent and makes the call.

Turn: – Pescatori checks again despite having now hit his straight but Dempsey is reaching for chips, he bets 22,000 and surely this will be just called? No! Pescatori check-raises again, making it 62,000 to play. Can Dempsey call? Yes he can! We are off to the river.

River: – Pescatori is going to lead out here, he’s bet 55,000 chips, which seems a little low but it does the job because Dempsey has folded his hand and Pescatori soars into an early lead.


Pescatori Flops Set

Max Pescatori raises to 9,000 with and both James Dempsey with and Andrew Feldman [Tx][7x] call. The dealer puts out the flop, Dempsey leads out with a 7,000 bet and that folds out Feldman but Pescatori bumps it up to 18,000. Dempsey calls and it is heads up to the turn.

Dempsey check-calls Pescatori’s 20,000 turn bet and he checks to him on the but then folds when the Italian bets 30,000.


Final Table Begins!

We have begun! The first level is No Limit Hold’em, followed by 21 hands of Pot Limit Omaha, followed by 21 hands of Pot Limit Hold’em. Once each game has been played the chip leader can choose which game to play!


Premier League Seat Draw

The final preparations are being made and the players are being introduced. Here is how they line up;

  • Seat 1: Max Pescatori: 400,000
  • Seat 2: Sorel Mizzi: 320,000
  • Seat 3: Matt Giannetti: 380,000
  • Seat 4: Andy Frankenberger: 320,000
  • Seat 5: James Dempsey: 480,000

    After four gruelling days of hi-octane poker action, the Premier League Mixed game Championship has reached its six-handed final table and what a final table it is, with an array of talented players.

    Each of the six players who will take their seats at the exclusive Playboy Club London in around an hour’s time, will sit down knowing they will at least receive their $25,000 buy-in back but we can tell you that not a single one of them will be happy with six, they will all be gunning for the win and the $100,000 that is up for grabs.

    Thanks to the unique points format of the Premier League, the six final table member will all start with a different amount of chips based on the number of points they picked up in the heats. The six will now exchange one point for 20,000 chips, meaning the man to catch from the off is Andrew Feldman who will start the day with 500,000 chips, having picked up 25 points during the three heats. The shortest stacks will be Andy Frankenberger and Sorel Mizzi who both start with 320,000 chips in front of them.

    Play is due to kick off at around 1430 and we will hopefully get finished before we run out of filming time, so join us in about an hour for all the live updates from the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship final table.

    Final Table Chip Counts

  • Andrew Feldman: 500,000
  • James Dempsey: 480,000
  • Max Pescatori: 400,000
  • Matt Giannetti: 380,000
  • Andy Frankenberger: 320,000
  • Sorel Mizzi: 320,000

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