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Can you imagine how amazing it must feel to win $43,173.00 in only 677 hands of tournament poker? That is exactly what happened to Pavel “pashel986” Meshkov of Belarus who was crowned this week’s $200K Guaranteed champion in the early hours of Monday morning.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (19/01/2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 Rumrun1 613,440
2 PHILIVEYNO1 760,888
3 BobNeil130 151,178
4 charlymogo 232,851
5 Reinerzufall 169,774
6 Rocazino 772,995
7 trixibelle1 675,058
8 pashal986 632,640
9 KungKroon 880,106
10 ItsMontana 681,130

As you can see from the final table seat draw above, most of the stacks were tightly packed with not many chips separating them. One exception was BobNeil130 who began the final table as the shortest stack with only 7.5 big blinds.

BobNeil130 tried hard to improve his dire situation, but his tournament ended when ItsMontana min-raised to 40,000 from the cutoff, BobNeil130 three-bet all-in for a total of 107,678 from the big blind with and ItsMontana looked him up with . A ten on the flop, a third one on the turn and a full house completing queen on the river were more than enough to bust BobNeil190 in 10th place and improve ItsMontana’s position.

A couple of orbits later and pashal986 scored a welcomed double up when his stayed ahead of the of KungKroon with the chips going in preflop. That hand saw pashal986 climb to almost 1.5 million chips and gave him much more room to manoeuvre.

Two hands after pashal986’s double u, Reinerzufall crashed out of the tournament in ninth place. Down to three big blinds and facing the prospect of being in the big blind next hand, Reinerzufall pinned his hopes on the lowly and moved all in. Two seats over, trixibelle1 called with to put Reinerzufall at risk. By the river of the board, both players had made a straight, but trixibelle1’s was the higher of the two and the final table lost another player.

Next to go, shortly after Reinerzufall, was charlymogoRocazino to his immediate left woke up with and had an easy call to make. And make it he did. The five community cards fell and with that charlymogo was charlymogone.

Five quick fire hands later and pocket nines reared their head again, but this time they held to send Rumrun1 home earlier than he would have liked. A min-raise to 50,000 from KungKroon in early position was met with a three-bet all-in for 359,190 by Rumru1 on the button and then a call from the original raiser. KungKrron held a significant advantage with his well in front of the that Rumrun1 displayed in front of him. The was void of any major drama and Rumrun1 busted.

Less than an orbit of the table later and a coinflip took out PHILIVEYNO1 and left the tournament with only five players. KingKroon raised twice the big blind to 50,000 and then called with when PHILIVEYNO1 moved all-in for 267,319 in total with . Those lowly pocket fives held as the community cards ran out and the Phil Ivey fan’s tournament came to an abrupt end.

Five became four with the exit of ItsMontana, who pushed all-in for 394,908 during the 15,000/30,000/3,000a level with and pashal986 called with . A board sealed ItsMontana’s fate and sent pashal986’s stack past the 2.1 million barrier.

Four handed play was quite an aggressive affair spanning close to 50 hands. It ended when KungKroon raised the minimum to 80,000 from under the gun and both trixibelle1 and pashal986 called from the blinds. The pair saw the flop come into view and it was checked to KungKroon, who fired a continuation bet of 92,000 at his opponents. Trixibelle1 folded, but pashal986 check-raised to 195,650. KungKroon called and the landed on the turn. Pashal986 now led for 225,650 and KungKroon called. The completed the boar and pashal986 greeted it with an all-in bet, which was more than enough to put KungKroon all in. KungKroon called, showed for trip queens and was completely crushed by the of pashal986 that had flopped a set and improved to a full house on the turn. A cooler of a hand and one that put pashal986 back into the lead.

Trixibelle1 managed to double up not once but twice through Rocazino and then was responsible for sending Rocazino to the sidelines in third place. Rocazino open-jammed for 920,046 from the button and trixibelle1 called from the small blind. Pashal986 made a disciplined fold in the big blind with pocket nines and saw Rocazino’s go to battle with trixbelle1’s . The flop left Rocazino drawing quit thinly — he had a 17% chance of winning – and the turn actually changed nothing. The river was one point away from securing a double for Racazino and he busted in third place, leaving tirixbelle1 (2,809,722) and pashal986 (2,725,278) to lock horns heads up for the title and the $43,173.00 first place prize.

Pashal986 started the one-on-one contest the better of the two players and quickly forged a lead for himself; it seemed that trixibelle1 had no answer for his opponent’s loose-aggressive style.

The final hand, which went down at 06:04am GMT, saw a raise from trixibelle1 on the button, a three-bet from pashal986 and a call. All the chips went piling into the middle on the flop, trixibelle1’s needing some help from the final two community cards in order to crack the of pashal986. That help failed to arrive, trixibelle1’s tournament ended and pashal986 went to bed with a smile on his face and ambitious plans for his massive winner’s prize.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (19/01/2014)

Place Player Prize
1 pashal986 $43,173.00
2 trixibelle1 $22,914.90
3 Rocazino $14,501.70
4 KungKroon $12,287.70
5 ItsMontana $10,073.70
6 PHILIVEYNO1 $7,859.70
7 Rumrun1 $5,645.70
8 charlymogo $3,653.10
9 Reinerzufall $2,546.10
10 BobNeil130 $1,002.60

Special mentions have to go to the following five players who each secured a package to the upcoming World Poker Tour Fallsview Main Event. Mike “Timex” McDonald, Louis Boutin, Carla Larson, Rudy Blondeux and Tomas Fara will each be competing in the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic in February.


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