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It’s Monday, yep we know it. So it’s probably time for you to crank up some tunes to 11. We’d be lost with out our music and really trust us when we say that plenty of poker players out there today would be absolutely lost too without their music, and this applies when playing at home online at PartyPoker as well as at a live cash game or at a tournament in a casino.

Still Got Love For The Streets

You see regardless of what Tony thinks about Robl and his Beats by Dre and as much as headphones used to being a rarity at the poker tables that’s completely changed, with it more unusual these days to see a player simply sitting there and playing poker without listening to their iPod, playing on their iPad, or both simultaneously.

Calm and Focused

The music you listen to at the virtual or live tables might seem trivial but it can actually help some players as far as their poker results, especially if it keeps you focused and in the groove. Bad beats that might otherwise upset you and send you on tilt just slide right off your back when you’re calm and focused, plus taking the edge off the boredom of folding hand after hand can prevent impatient mistakes that you’d normally not make.

You Just Could Have Those Skills

With the right soundtrack you might just be the next PartyPoker player to play your way to a 2013 Aussie Millions trip package or even a trip to the upcoming WPT Vienna.

So we’re happy to do our part here at the PartyPoker blog by putting together our finest set of playlists over at our very own Spotify station, here you’ll find songs we like to groove out to at the tables, playlists inspired by our live events antics and more, so go on ch..check it out and let us know what you think, and if you have some personal favorites then we’d love to add them! Up first for this edition of PartyPoker’s Monday Music Selection it’s “Skills To Pay The Bills”:

Sharing is easy

What songs inspire you? If you let us know and we’ll even add some of your favs to our lists!

  • Let us know in the comments below, make sure to tell us the artist and the song so we can find it.
  • You can even tweet us your song choice @partypoker just use the hashtag #partypokermusic
  • And if you send us a Spotify link, we’ll give it a listen and add some of our favorites.
  • To grab a Spotify link, just control-click on any song in Spotify and “Copy HTTP link.”
  • Simple huh? Now go get us some tunes, it’s Monday after all!


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