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As I’m sure you know by now, I left the World Poker Tour after 15 seasons to become Chairman of partypoker. That’s how much I believe in the direction partypoker is going.

I call it “the re-enhanced evolution of partypoker”. I want to thank everyone at partypoker, partypoker LIVE, as well as all the partypoker team members for all their efforts and support in helping revolutionise partypoker. And certainly, a very special thanks goes out to all the players who are supporting us. We couldn’t grow without your support.

It’s an exciting time to be a poker player as partypoker is really ‘happening’ right now. The opportunities for players to make money with unheard of guarantees online and especially in partypoker LIVE events (of which you can do so by qualifying and winning packages at affordable prices on partypoker) is unprecedented. You will be wowed by what’s coming in the next year.

Not long ago, we put out a 10-point mission statement we are seeking to achieve. I can assure you that the ship is on course and progress is being made on each of the 10 items on the mission statement. Number seven on that list was to make the partypoker LIVE tour the largest live tour in the world! That’s right – the largest! With qualifying opportunities on partypoker and the support of our casino partners, this is going to happen.

When I first looked at the proposed partypoker LIVE schedule for next year, I thought, “These people have gone bonkers. How can they do this many live events in the next year and guarantee this kind of money?” But now, I’ve gone bonkers with them. I see it happening. With the online qualifying and the support of the casino partners, you too will soon see how partypoker will open the eyes of the world with their phenomenal partypoker LIVE events – and massive guarantees! And if you’re smart, you’ll be ‘joining the party’.

I’m really looking forward to our upcoming partypoker LIVE event in Sochi, Russia. A number of people have told me that this is the nicest venue for a poker tournament in the world! I can’t wait to see for myself. This event will be value with a capital “V” as this Russian extravaganza features $9 million in guarantees! Yes, $9 million, highlighted by the $5,300 buy-in MILLIONS Russia main event with $5 million guaranteed and $1 million guaranteed to the winner. In addition, there are $10,000 and $25,000 High Roller events, and a $2500 buy-in tournament all with $1 million prize pool guarantees, as well as a new event just announced, a $3,000 HORSE event (that was initiated by Olympic champion and former #1 ranked tennis player, Evgeny Kafelnikov, who was born in Sochi).

For those interested, there is a private plane available to and from London leaving on September 9 and returning on September 15. For details on the private plane, wiring info (you don’t need to take money in/out of Russia and all monies won are guaranteed by Dusk Till Dawn), how to get Visa’s, the full MILLIONS Russia schedule, etc., go to partypoker LIVE. I hope to see you in Sochi!

If you can’t make it to Sochi and you love good craic and fun poker, you might consider attending the partypoker LIVE event in Killarney, Ireland, from September 7-10. As partypoker ambassador Padraig Parkinson will be hosting, a good time is sure to be held by all. And if you’re looking for perhaps the best vacation/poker experience of the year, I recommend booking or at least attempting to win a package on partypoker for the Caribbean Poker Party in Punta Cana. This event features a $5 million guaranteed prize pool with $1 million to the winner, but also features a number of other events with $1 million guarantees as well. It’s a vacation and poker event you don’t want to miss! Go to the Caribbean Poker Party page for more details on how and when you can win packages to the CPP.

The future is bright for partypoker and poker players. Come “join the party”! You’ll be glad you did.

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