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If Sam Trickett goes on to win the Premier League he’ll look back on these two hands as the turning point.

In the first he four-bet all-in for 206,000 with , Daniel Negreanu called all-in with . The board saw the Brit suck out on the turn to take the pot.

Then Jonathan Duhamel opened to 25,000 with , Antonio Esfandiari made it 56,000 to go with pocket queens, Trickett then four-bet to 113,000 with tens, Duhamel folded, Esfandiari moved all-in for 401,000 and Trickett sigh-called.

The board meant Trickett spiked a two outer and the first wow moment of this seasons Premier League. So Esfandiari was out in sixth for three points and he had this to say to Kara Scott afterwards. “It went pretty well, I think. I’m playing well, picking my spots. Got it all-in with two queens and lost. That’s poker.”


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