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Premier league poker VI

Yet another huge double up now for Sam Trickett and yet again he got it in behind, but said afterwards, tongue in cheek, “I’m determined to make bad decisions today.”

The action was started by Trickett, he min-raised to 32,000 on the button with , Marvin Rettenmaier then made it 82,000 with pocket jacks, back on Trickett he four-bet to 157,000 and then called when Rettenmaier shoved for 804,000.

The flop looked good for Trickett, but his percentage to win the hand actually dropped from 29% to 27%. The though saw that rocket to 97% and Rettenmaier didn’t get there on the river.

After that hand the German was down to 187,000, just under 12 big blinds. Just a few hands later he three-bet all-in with and Trickett called with . The saw the rest of his chips go to the Brit.

The chip counts are now 924,000 to Duhamel and 1,476,000 to Sam Trickett.

You can watch the heads-up battle now!


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