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Sweden’s P0L4R1C3 may have a freezing cold screen name but his play was red hot at the partypoker felt on Sunday as he navigated his way to a memorable victory in the $200K Guaranteed tournament, netting himself a cool $26,830.89 in the process.

1,159 players bought into this week’s tournament, creating a guarantee-busting prize pool of $215,574. Due to the superb structure and massive crowd of players competing in the Sunday Major, the final table was not reached until 04:20am GMT, but with so much prize money on offer it is unlikely that any of the nine finalists were feeling sleepy.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw (09/02/2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 CHIPMONSTR94 370,143
2 P0L4R1C3 813,507
3 OMGWillYoung 432,871
4 jekpro 976,433
5 LARRY33BIRD 722,777
6 DALEX54 238,884
7 Jokerstarsdegen 622,230
8 pizzaluigi 942,855
9 bassysaffari 664,500

The first elimination of the final table was CHIPMONSTR94 who lost two big hands in quick success to bust out. First, his pocket aces fell victim to the turned set of sevens of Jokerstarsdegen to leave him with slightly more than four big blinds, and then he pushed his now-micro stack into the middle with from under the gun and pizzaluigi called from the small blind with the superior . The five community cards ran out void of any sixes and CHIPMONSTR94 crashed out in ninth place.

Some 40 hands played out without an elimination; something had to give eventually. And it did when jekpro min-raised to 40,000 from middle position and saw Jokerstarsdegen three-bet to 84,975 from the button. Both blinds folded, leaving jekpro to consider all of his options. He decided that the best way to play his was to four-bet all-in for 390,658 in total and getting around 1.7:1 on his money, Jokerstarsdegen had a relatively easy call to make with his . Once again, a poker player’s tournament life hung in the balance, a flip of a coin deciding whether he would bust or progress. Sadly for jekpro, it was the former because Jokerstarsdegen paired his ace on the flop and then avoided a nine on the turn and river to climb past the 1 million chip mark and send jekpro to bed earlier than he would have liked.

Ace-queen would be the winning hand in another key pot shortly after jekrpo’s demise when British pro Sebastian “bassysaffari” Saffari min-raised to 50,000 from under the gun and P0L4R1C3 – who now had 1.5 million chips at his disposal – three-bet to 106,985 with his . Bassysaffari jammed in the rest of his 586,236 stack with and P0L4R1C3 put in the calling chips. Unlike in the previous hand, there was no queen on the flop, instead the on the turn was the undoing of bassysaffari. The six remaining players no doubt breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the talented Brit busting out.

Another 30 hands played out and P0L4R1C3 continued to chip up and he found himself with 2.6 million chips in front of him, twice that of his nearest rival. He then put even more distance between himself and the chasing pack when he opened to 60,000 from middle position and then called when OMGWillYoung moved all-in for 182,959 in total from the next seat along. P0L4R1C3 was in good shape, his dominating the of his at-risk opponent and his situation improved further as the board improved P0L4R1C3 to an unnecessary straight and OMGWillYoung was OMGBusted.

A battle of the blinds 11 hands later claimed the tournament life of pizzaluigi. Jokerstarsdegen opened to 60,000 from the small blind with and pizzaluigi responded with an all-in bet of 675,474 with . There was no way that Jokerstarsdegen was ever folding a hand as strong as ace-king and he indeed called. Neither player paired either of their holecards, but Jokerstarsdegen did improve to a king-high flush when the board ran out with four diamonds on display; the tournament was down to four players.

Four became three some 45 hands later, 45 action packed hands may I add. 45 action packed hands that saw numerous hands go to showdown and P0L4R1C3 continue to climb. A raise to 80,000 from LARRY33BIRD on the button was greeted with a call from Jokerstarsdegen in the big blind. Jokerstarsdgen checked the flop, LARRY33BIRD tested the waters with a 58,050 bet only to see Jokerstarsdegen check-raise to 145,975. LARRY33BIRD called. The turn brough the into play and now Jokerstarsdegen led with an all-in bet of 529,537. LARRY33BIRD did not believe his opponent’s story and he made the call. Jokerstarsdegen had a piece of the board having paired one half of his but it was no match for the in the hand of LARRY33BIRD. Game over for Jokerstarsdegen.

Three handed play was shortlived due to DALEX54 nursing a short stack. He did manage to double once but when LARRY33BIRD slam dunked his stack from the small blind with , DALEX54 called off his 11.5 big blind stack with . Ace-high remained the best hand on the flop, then fell behind on the turn. The river completed the hand and sent the tournament into the heads-up stages, LARRY33BIRD trailing P0L4R1C3 by 3,998,582 chips to 1,796,418.

Heads-up only last three-hands because on the final hand P0L4R1C3 asked his sole opponent if he wanted to look at a potential deal, just as you might have done if you were still grinding at 06:18am GMT! The pair agreed to a deal that saw P0L4R1C3 walk away with $26,830.89 in prize money and LARRY33BIRD secure a $20,488.67 payday.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (09/02/2014)

Place Player Prize
1 P0L41C3 $26,830.89*
2 LARRY33BIRD $20,488.67*
3 DALEX54 $10,563.12
4 Jokerstarsdegen $7,976.23
5 pizzaluigi $5,712.71
6 OMGWillYoung $4,203.69
7 bassysaffari $3,125.82
8 jekpro $2,586.88
9 CHIPMONSTR94 $2,069.51

*reflects a heads-up deal

Congratulations to the nine finalists and to everyone who made it into the money places this week. Don’t forget, there are plenty of satellite tournaments to the $200K Guaranteed Sunday running throughout the week so why not try and win your way to our flagship online event and you never know, it could be you who we are writing about next week!

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    Ahoy there ! the way, folk`s !
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