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Almost 1,200 partypoker players turned out for this weekend’s $200K Guaranteed Sunday, creating a massive $239,400 prize pool as they did so. Outlasting 1,196 other players and securing a huge $46,683 payday was Canada’s fitz88, this weekend’s champion.

The final table was reached after 9 hours of intense poker action, IMSOBOSSY crashing out in 11th place. The 10 hopefuls lined up as follows:

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Chips
1 Sirocko_ 792,509
2 MadamImAdam 487,581
3 tedding 197,273
4 CaptainSurf_99 751,998
5 vitja__ 120,065
6 awecii 949,522
7 NotMooorningYet 882,466
8 fitz88 415,327
9 Liper 501,292
10 lnghrdsrfr 874,967

On the third hand of the final table, the short-stacked vitja__ saw the action fold to them in the cutoff seat and down to 98,465 (approx. 8 big blinds), moved all-in. From the button, awecii min-raised to 185,000 to isolate and once the blinds folded the cards were revealed.

Vitja__ held and needed some help from the board because awecci had the and was ahead. That help failed to arrive as the five community cards fell , sending vitja__ to the sidelines in 10th place.

The frantic pace continued and five hands later tedding’s name was added to the payout screen when they busted in 9th place. The action folded to tedding in the small blind and little time was wasted in open-shoving for 174,473 chips with what turned out to be . CaptainSurf_99 was in the big blind and decided that the was more than adequate to call tedding’s shove with. CaptainSurf_99’s call was rewarded with an eight on the flop and when the other four community cards were void of queens, tedding’s tournament ended.

Thirty hands later and Sirocko_ won a monster pot to claim the chip lead. It was somewhat of a cooler in that Sirocko_ held to NotMooorningYet’s and it was also a key hand because to put Sirocko_ back in the game.

Shortly after doubling Sirocko_ up, NotMooorningYet sent MadamImAdam to the virtual rail in 8th place. MadamImAdam opened the betting from the cutoff with a min-raise to 40,000 and only NotMooorningYet – sat in the big blind – called. The pair shared a flop, NotMooorningYet initially checking then check-raising MadamImAdam’s 44,122 continuation-bet to 102,050. MadamImAdam then raised all in for 442,122 in total and NotMooorningYet called, turning over as he did so. The pair of kings was the best hand, but MadamImAdam’s had plenty of equity in the hand and would win 46% of the time. This would not be one of those occasions, as the turn and river ran out and to send MadamImAdam to bed.

The very next hand saw the final table lose another player; Liper losing out in a hand with CaptainSurf_99. Down to 10 big blinds, Liper chose to move all in from under-the-gun (UTG) with , two players folded, then CaptainSurf_99 re-shoved with . The other three active players passed and although Liper took the lead on the flop, and the was a relative brick, the river improved CaptainSurf_99 to the nut flush and resigned Liper to a 7th place finish.

One hand later and lnghrdsrfr found himself without chips after finding the perfect spot to three-bet all in with. Awecii was first to act, min-raising to 40,000 from the cutoff. Lnghrdsrfr was in the big blind and down to 16-17 big blinds, the perfect re-stealing stack. Lnghrdsrfr moved all in with and was unfortunate to run into a legitimate hand in the shape of . A final board reading kept the pocket jacks in front and lnghrdsrfr was gone.

CaptainSurf_99 was the next casualty, moving all in from the button for 9 big blinds with and being looked up by the of awecii in the small blind. Neither player improved on the board, awecii’s ace-high being enough to send CaptainSurf_99 home in 5th place.

Then came a game-changing hand that saw awecii eliminated and fitz88 become an overwhelming chip leader. Fitz88 opened to 60,000 from UTG (blinds 15,000/30,000/3,000a) only to see awecci three-bet to 174,500 from the small blind. Fitz88 four-bet to 302,155 and then snap-called when awecii moved all in for 1,393,457 in total. When the cards were revealed, it was quickly apparent why fitz88 acted so fast – he had been dealt . Awecii’s was a strong hand but was also crushed by fitz88’s, such a cooler spot four-handed. The board completed the hand and awecii exited the competition.

Heads-up was set when NotMooorningYet open-shoved for 16 big blinds from the small blind with and fitz88 called with in the big blind. By the river the board read . Game over, NotMooorningYet.

That hand left fitz88 holding a 4,971,742 to 1,013,258 chip lead over Sirocko_, a lead that was too much to overcome, especially when fitz88 was running so hot. On the third hand of the one-on-one encounter, fitz88 opened from the button, Sirocko_ three-bet and then called when fitz88 set him all in. fitz88 showed and Sirocko_ the . The flop left Sirocko_ drawing thin, the turn was no help and a rather fitting quad-completing landed on the river to secure the title for fitz88, a finish worth in excess of $46,600.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Rank Player Prize
1st fitz88 $46,683.00
2nd Sirocko_ $24,777.90
3rd NorMooorningYet $15,680.70
4th awecii $13,286.70
5th CaptainSurf_99 $10,892.70
6th lnghrdsrfr $8,498.70
7th Liper $6,104.70
8th MadamImAdam $3,950.10
9th tedding $2,753.10
10th vitja__ $2,154.60

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