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Ukraine’s Oleg Vasylchenko has won the 2016 partypoker World Poker Tour Prague Main Event, securing a €132,200 payday, including a seat to the $15,000 WPT Tournament of Champions.

partypoker WPT Prague Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Oleg Vasylchenko €132,200*
2 Anton Petrov €82,000
3 Tonio Roder €52,500
4 Romain Lewis €39,120
5 Martin Kabrhel €29,410
6 Preben Stokkan €23,520

Among the 21 players who reached the money placed were Ireland’s Marc Macdonnell, Champions Club member Dmitry Gromov, partypoker Million runner-up Erik Cajelais, and the United Kingdom’s Usman Siddique.

The final day, and the six-handed final table, kicked off at 2:00 p.m. CET on December 6 and less than five-and-a-half hours later the champion was crowned.

Twenty hands played out with little drama, but the 21st hand of the final table saw a three-way all-in. Tonio Roder raised to 55,000 and saw Preben Stokkan move all in. Romain Lewis also moved all-in and Roder called.

Lewis turned over , Roder the and Stokkan needed some serious help for his . None of the three players improved on the board, Stokkan bust and Lewis trebled his stack.

Martin Kabrhel was the next player to bust. On hand 46, Kabrhel moved in for less than ten big blinds with and was called in the big blind by Lewis holding a pair of queens. Two players claimed to have folded a hand with a king in it, leaving Kabrhel drawing to a solitary king or an unlikely flush or trip eights. The board had none of those possibilities on it and the tournament was reduced to four players.

Four became three with the elimination of Romain Lewis. Down to less than 10 big blinds, Lewis called in the big blind when Tonio Roder raised to 80,000 preflop. Lewis then check-raised all in with on the flop and was quickly called by Roder and his . The turn was followed by the river to send Lewis to the rail.

Forty-eight hands of three-handed play were needed before the tournament progressed to the heads-up stages. Vasylchenko limped in from the small blind with then called a raise from Roder in the big blind who held the dominating .

Vasylchenko check-raised all in when Roder bet and Roder called. The turn gifted Vasylchenko a flush but he needed to avoid another diamond otherwise Roder would improve to a superior flush. Avoid he did as the completed the community cards to send Roder home in third place.

Anton Petrov trailed Vasylchenko by 1,895,000 to 3,115,000 chips going into heads-up and it proved too large of a gap to bridge because eight hands of one-on-one action were all that were needed for the champion to be crowned.

On hand 122 of the final table, Petrov raised to 115,000 at the 25,000/50,000/5,000a level and Vasylchenko called. Both players then checked the flop before Vasylchenko led for 315,000 on the turn. Petrov moved all in and was called by his sole opponent.

Petrov showed and Vasylchenko the . The river was the , busting Petrov in second place and leaving a delighted Vasylchenko with the welcomed problem of what to spend €132,200 on this festive period.

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