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Dutchman Michiel Brummelhuis has had a year to remember. He became a father, finished seventh in the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event for $1,225,224 and has rounded out 2013 by taking down the $200k Guaranteed Sunday at partypoker!

partypoker $200k Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw (Dec. 15, 2013)


Place Player Chips
1 guth888 344,532
2 actyper 502,107
3 W-R-X 228,486
4 xKobra15 1,104,462
5 jackal.bull 426,344
6 fellatiado 698,756
7 beterpeter 1,067,687
8 agromonkey 383,958
9 I_go_crazy 429,183
10 stillesom1ninja 310,505

It only took three hands for the 10-handed final table to be reduced by one, setting the tone for a quick and aggressive finale to partypoker’s flagship tournament. At the 10,000/20,000/2,000a level, guth888 opened to 40,000 from under-the-gun, the action passed all the way around to stillsom1ninja in the big blind and he called. The first three cards onto the virtual felt were the and stillesom1ninja check-called a 36,666 bet from his sole opponent. Stillesom1ninja checked again on the turn, but when guth888 fired a 61,110 bet, stillesom1ninja check-raised all in for 229,839 in total. Guth888 quickly called, turned over and found he was an 84% favourite against the dominated in the hand of stillesom1ninja. The river was the and stillesom1ninja’s tournament came to an abrupt end.

Fifteen hands later and into the next blind level a massive hand occurred that involved the eventual champion. The action folded around to xKobra15 in the cutoff seat and he raised to 52,600. The button folded and watched on as fellatiado three-bet all0in from the small blind seat for 545,256. That was not the end of the betting because beterpeter woke up in the big blind with a re-shove of over 1.4 million! Unsurprisingly, xKobra15 folded. Fellatiado showed and was in a whole world of pain against beterpeter’s . By the river the board read sending fellatiado to the rail in ninth place and sending beterpeter’s stack over the 2 million barrier.

actyper was the next player to go, followed to the rail seven hands later by I_go_crazy in a hand that was, as the cool kids say, standard. I_go_razy was the first to act from the cutoff and he moved all in for 10 big blinds with his . Unfortunately for him, guth888 was sat on the button with in his hand and he called. Guth888 then improved to an unnecessary set of queens on the board, sending I_go_crazy to the rail.

All too often a poker player’s tournament ends with a coinflip, a 50-50 (or thereabouts) hand that could have gone either way. xKobra15 opened the betting with a raise to 61,400 from the cutoff. The other active players mucked, but agromonkey three-bet jammed for 18 big blinds with what turned out to be a pair of fives. xKobra15 decided to gamble with his and was rewarded with a flush completing board. Good night Mr agromonkey.

Play remained five-handed for some time before two consecutive hands claimed the tournament life of guth888. The first saw him make a move with jack-nine and run into a pair of queens, the second one guth888 moved all in for his last seven big blinds with and again ran into a pair of queens! These queens belonged to xKobra15, who flopped a set to bust guth888 in fifth place.

At this stage the chips were relatively even with no runaway chip leader, although beterpeter started to accumulate chips more rapidly that his table mates as the four-handed battle drew on. Fourth place eventually went to xKobra15 when his could not improve to beat beterpeter’s . That hand left beterpeter with three times as many chips as his nearest rival yet he still agreed to discuss a deal with the two other players. That deal was agreed upon and the tournament brought to a conclusion with beterpeter taking home an impressive $37,032.69 for his victory.

partypoker $200k Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (Dec.15, 2013)


Place Player Prize
1st beterpeter $37,032.69*
2nd jackal.bull $21,053.74*
3rd W-R-X $20,974.38*
4th xKobra15 $12,054.60
5th guth88 $9,882.60
6th agromonkey $7,710.60
7th I_go_crazy $5,538.60
8th actyper $3,583.80
9th fellatiado $2,497.80
10th stillesom1ninja $1,954.80

*reflects a three-handed deal.

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