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When the PartyPoker gang rolled into Munich for this year’s Oktoberfest Marvin Rettenmaier and the current Oktoberfest Playmate Katharina welcomed them with open arms and we just knew there was going to be some really great stories, and some of them are even publishable!

So with just a couple of days of fun to be had in the heart of Bavaria it was time to get busy! Really busy!

Lederhosen, Bratwursts and Fabulous Prizes To Be Won!

Starting off we held a Bounty style tournament where our local PartyPoker legends Marvin and Bodo both had $250 on their heads. Now mix that in with some grog swilling action, lederhosen, bratwursts and fabulous prizes like tickets to El Classico matches with all-star VIP treatment in Madrid, generous PartyPoker bonuses and of course the necessary gold and it sounds like you have the subplot to a Pirates of the Caribbean film if you ask me.

27 The Main Event

Well the main tournament started off with a grand old 27 players and early on we saw both Bodo and Marvin put up a fine fight. Bodo lost out to a coin toss and was eliminated in 17th position however Marvin fought all the way down to 4th place only to get knocked out by Michael Berger who would eventually go onto win the tournament! Congratulations Michael!

Hit The RaceTrack!

And after a night out to which would put Keith Richards antics to shame it was on for some go-karting. That’s how hard-core our PartyPoker gang is. The final race was no less dramatic than a real F1 and even though Michael Schumacher may have retired (again) we think we’ve found his replacement, Michael Berger, (in fact that’s two great F1 legends in one!) who took the lead right from the start. Marvin may have his back to back WPT wins but we thought Berger would take it the next level by winning the race and the tournament all within 24 hours! Alas he was pipped at the post by Florian Fedrau in what was a truly well deserved win! Congratulations to you all for a splendid weekend!


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