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The Cash Game Leaderboards have seen dozens of partypoker players receive significant boosts to their bankrolls. Do you remember James Alsopp who won 148 buy-ins when he triumphed in a $0.10/$0.25 leaderboard? We’ve a similar story this week.

Russia’s “Somebody” is known to his friends in Stavropol as Vlad. He’s known to us as a player who benefited to the tune of 130 buy-ins from the Cash Game Leaderboard, cashback, and the now-completed Defection Party promotion.

Vlad loves going to the gym and competing in eSports when he’s not grinding poker, but he didn’t have much time to do either last week because he was busy winning the $0.10/$0.25 No-Limit Hold’em Cash Game Leadeboard.

“My main passion if we don’t count poker and going to the gym is cybersports,” explained Vlad. “Since school, I’ve played in almost every version of competitive online games, from shooters to MMORPG.”

Vlad started his poker career at the micro stakes, like many do, playing $0.01/$0.02 and $0.02/$0.05. Now he mostly playing fastforward NL50 and aims for a run at the leaderboards once or twice per month. Maybe he’ll try to win even more now we’re switching to daily races?

Almost 100K Hands in a Week!

The competitive streak from his video game playing came in handy for Vlad because he used his steely determination to put in some very impressive volume.

“In one week I played 97,852 hands with total results of -$15.”

Breaking even after playing such a significant number of hands could have been frustrating, but the various prizes and rewards Vlad secured along the way meant he profited to the tune of $3,245 for a week’s grinding. That works out as 3.3 cents per hand for every hand Vlad played last week.

“I got $2,000 for first place on the Cash Game Leaderboard, $1,210 as cashback, and an extra $50 for completing a challenge [from the Defection Party promotion].”

It wasn’t all plain sailing for Vlad who felt a little out of his comfort zone playing an increased number of tables for an extended period of time, but he ground it out and reaped the rewards.

“It was hard to play so many tables. I used to think three or four fastforward tables was my maximum but then I tried to play six. Later, I opened another three. The hardest part was to get the last 100 points. I already knew that my main opponent gave up, but I had the goal and I had to reach it.”

New Look Cash Game Leaderboards Starts 00:00 CET on June 15

Our Cash Game Leaderboards payout every day instead of every week from June 15, making them more accessible to even more of our players. More than $36,000 is awarded every day, taking the total monthly prizes to more than $1 million!

Read more about the daily Cash Game Leaderboards here.

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