We are giving SPINS players the chance to win instant prizes worth up to $500 with the launch of the Coin Flip promotion.

SPINS games will now be even more enjoyable to play, with bonus cash prizes being awarded to players across four different tiers; bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The buy-ins across the tiers range from $3 in the bronze tier to $20 in the platinum tier.

Any player who participates in five SPINS games within one of the four tier levels on any given day earns a flip, which they use by heading to the promo section of their partypoker account. Players can click on their dedicated Coin Flip tier, to play a coin flip game for prizes; you can join as many tiers as they like.

Coin Flip will be available to players for three weeks. All players will have the chance to enjoy the benefits of Coin Flip, as we are giving all players one free flip each day in the bronze tier throughout the promotion to get them started. What makes these prizes unique is that they can be received by any player instantly, and players will not have to win them through a leaderboard or by waiting for a leaderboard to play out.

There are more potential prizes on offer on top of the cash wins, including poker SPINS tickets, casino free spins and special freerolls. These special freerolls include: Double Barrel, where players will have the option to re-enter the tournament with additional tickets; Winner Takes All, with the winning player being the only one to cash; and Everyone Wins, which will allow all players to cash with no late registration.

The full list of prizes across each tier can be seen below:

Prizes Bronze ($3) Silver ($5) Gold ($10) Platinum($20)
Daily cash prizes $15, $25, $50 $50, $100, $150 $75, $150, $300 $125, $250, $500
SPINS tickets $5 SPINS $10 SPINS $20 SPINS $20 SPINS
Casino free spins 5 free spins 8 free spins 10 free spins 20 free spins
Tournament dollars T$0.50, T$1 $T1, $T2
Coin Flip – Double Barrel $250 prize pool
Coin Flip – Winner Takes All $50 prize pool $100 prize pool
Coin Flip – Everyone Wins $500 prize pool

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