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I wake up late at 11.30am but manage to get myself over to the RIO and in my seat by 12.15 …phew!

Although this year the starting stacks are 3X the buy in and not the pathetic 2X it has been, you still don’t want to miss a level when its 6 handed.

So it’s the $1500 NL my first event and we start with 4500 chips, The table is only 5 handed so far and it’s a very lively start. Apart from the first pot being uncontested the next 12 are all raised and re-raised sort of how I imagined it would be as there is another good tourney on at 5pm and two players are already saying well I’m going to double up early or I’m in the 5pm.

To me I think they are just giving themselves an excuse for when they get busted.

I am in the BB with AJ clubs and get raised 3X, we are still level 1 so I play my first pot and make a call. The flop comes Jh 4c 2c brilliant, I decide that I am going to check raise this guy the minimum and then take a view.

Sure as eggs are eggs that’s what happens. I figure that my min raise can work for me in 2 ways, tell him weakness if he is an aggressive on-line player and should entice the RR and if I am up against an over pair it can be seen as strength and may get me a cheap/free river if I miss my draw.

Although this hand is a standard shove for me early in a tourney, it is the WSOP and I am still a little apprehensive. He dwells up and shoves!  Eeeeek, I start thinking OMG I have got what I wanted, but is he a plum with a worse flush draw say KcQc or even KJ trying to push me off a draw? Because I don’t know who this young kid is I lean more towards the call, I figure if he has set or over pair I still have good outs so I make the call and he shows JJ, Doh! It bricks turn and river and I am out.

Conclusion; My theory and play were good unless the guy had a set. C’est la vie. Lunch around the pool beckons.

Bring on the 5pm Tourney…………lol


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  1. Gary Littlebury on

    Good to see you had a great start!! shame about day 2!

    Hope your succesful and will be watching the blog and results with great interest

    good luck!!