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by James “HullJimi” Greenwood

Starting Roll: $25

Current Roll: $30.47

It’s been an eye opening first week!

I’ve been playing 2c/4c no limit cash, with a $2 buy-in and the standard of play is a bit unusual to say the least! Ten x big blind raises are par for the course, with four x big blind raises getting virtually a table full of callers.

Starting my first week of the PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge with just $25, I decided to opt for an ultra tight style of play. I couldn’t afford to gamble, so I’ve been pretty easy to read up to now, I suspect. However, any picture card is played hard at this level and Ace-rag is being treated like a set!

Here’s one of the early hands I played:

I get dealt J-J in the small blind, there are four limpers so I raise to 24c – and get one re-raiser from early position. Now in “normal” games, this is pretty transparent – it has to be A-A or K-K, doesn’t it? I decide to flat call his re-raise, knowing that under normal circumstances my Jacks are going in the muck, but also knowing that at this level he could have anything. Anyway, another Jack comes on the flop, I double up and he indeed shows A-A. Maybe there are some good players at this level after all – I clearly got lucky!

After around 300 hands I get my first pair of aces and they hold. Next hand I get A-K, and with a K-high flop, it holds. I then get my second pair of aces (thanks PartyPoker!), but they get crushed by a set of 3s.

So in short, it’s tough. Tougher than I imagined and I wish I was playing full stacks so my big hands get paid off properly. I also want to up the number of hands I’ve played as work has gotten in the way this week.

But I’m still here. And the next seven days are going to be good for me I’m sure….

Hands Played: 512

Current Bankroll: $30.47

Profit: $5.47c


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