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Well, to me, to talk about the WSOP Main Event is a little bit of a sad thing. It is the biggest tournament in the world and it seems that everything goes wrong for me.

As a professional poker player since January ’08, I played the Main Event 3 times only (had the chance to play before, but wasn’t ready with bankroll and skill issues).

In 2008, I was busted in Day 2 in a big pot where I was holding [Ax][Jx] in a [Ax][Jx][6x] flop. I was called by [Ax][Kx] and a [Kx] came on the Turn and all effort was gone.

It was a bluff attempt

In 2009, did a resteal with [Ax][9x] and got called by [Ax][3x]!? Yes, [Ax][3x]. I swear to god it was a bluff attempt. The flop came [Kx][9x][3x] leaving my opponent with only 2 outs and one of them came right away, again on the Turn card.

This year same thing happened. I will explain a little bit more about this play and as you can notice, everything was over in which street? Oh well, the Turn card, obviously!

This time I made Day 3 with a good stack around 70 big blinds (and maintaining) and then I lost a very significant pot and was down to 18 big blinds, after folding [Jx][Jx] on the river. The flop was [3x][8x][9x] and serious bets and raises going on until the Turn card that was and [Ax] and the River card that was a [Qx] (this time I thought I got cracked only on the River – LOL).

I had 30k left and the blinds were 200/800-1600. I was the big blind with  as the UTG+1 opens to 4400 and the Button makes the call. They were both very skilled players, one balanced and other maniac. I decided to make the call from the big blind and we saw a  flop. There was exactly 15,800 in the pot and I decided to move all in right there. I am not going to explain why I did this, but I was very happy with this play.

We have a showdown ladies and gentleman

UTG+1 folds and the BTN after thinking for a long time finally makes the call and shows [6x][7x], for bottom pair. We have a showdown ladies and gentleman! I play only against 5 outs (and the Turn card can’t be a Heart cause It would let me in a flush draw and my opponent with only 3 outs for the river).

My all in amount was an over bet of 25,600, totaling a 67k pot that would bring me back to 42 big blinds.

But once again (guess what?), the Turn card was a [6x], giving him trips with one of his 5 outs. But wait, it was a  and I had 11 outs for the river, but I missed.

The comments after this play were “nice play” and “that’s poker”. And that’s exactly what my history in the WSOP Main Event’s is about. I have been playing really good and improving my game a lot (which is much more important).

I also really liked my behavior after these beats and I feel I am becoming a better professional in all senses. That shows that I am prepared to win big in the very near future.

It’s more than obvious that this “Turn Card Stories” are a very huge coincidence only. It was something that I realized analyzing and studying my plays and then I decided to write about it, because it has a very specific effect, as all the poker players always have nasty stories about the river cards.

Alright guys, see you all in London this September for the WPT London and the PartyPoker World Open VI.


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