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Hundreds of poker players tune into the partypoker Twitch channel and watch the various streams we host. There are regular giveaways for our viewers and Moyra Davies is one of our recent winners.

Moyra isn’t what you’d call your typical poker player. You won’t find her sporting a hoodie and the latest noise-cancelling headphones. It’s unlikely you’ll find her grinding 10-tables simultaneously. You will, however, find a lady who plays poker for the sheer fun and competition.

“I am a nearly 72-year-old widow who used to watch Late Night Poker on TV. I have always loved playing cards and one night after a darts match, a friend and I went to the casino where I saw a notice for a poker tournament.”

Little did Moyra know then that this would be the start of a new hobby.

“The following week off I trotted with my £11 to play. I lasted around three hours but I went back the following week and won £60. I loved the company and the banter, despite not even knowing the difference between a rebuy and a freezeout! I was hooked. I really wanted some more experience so I joined the Betfred Ladies Tour where I met the most fantastic ladies who are still friends and the most lovely people.”

A Profitable Trip to Las Vegas

Playing more poker, discussing hands, and gaining more experience stood Moyra in good stead when she jetted off to fabulous Las Vegas. The trip turned out to be quite profitable.

My sons gave me seven nights in Vegas for my 60th birthday and what an experience it was. I played the lunchtime game in Caesar’s and then went to Harrah’s where they played a $10 Head Hunter competition. What fun that was, met some real old-time players who just did not believe a woman could have a hand! Oh dear, how wrong they were! I play an evening tournament in Caesars where I won $2,000.”

That juicy prize saw Moyra take the next day off from poker so she could enjoy some of the many shops in Las Vegas, a slap-up meal and even one of Vegas’ famous shows.

“I didn’t win again but hey ho, it was amazing.”

Closer to home, Moyra recently tuned into our card-up coverage of a WPT Championship event on Twitch. She entered one of the free draws and won a $33 ticket, which she turned into a $320 seat that eventually became $1,250! Moyra finished 159th in the WPT #04 Mini 6-Max Championship, which is an incredible result we’re sure you’ll agree.

“I like to watch live poker on TV and I joined Twitch TV. partypoker have come on in leaps and bounds in their coverage and I love it now that we can see the hole cards with a delay. I enter all their draws for tickets and have been lucky a few times.”

“When playing the $33 ticket, I never for one minute imagined I would win a $320 ticket, especially as the system froze while I was sixth out of 42 players with 27 seats available. However, I was awarded a ticket as per partypoker’s policies.”

Flopping Quads in a WPT Event

Moyra used the $320 ticket to take a shot at World Poker Tour glory. While she didn’t manage to be the last player standing, she did bank $1,250 for her superb performance.

“Never in a million years did I ever imagine I’d be playing in a WPT tournament, but I had the most amazing start. Second hand in, I had kings and flopped quads. I bet and got raised all-in so doubled up. On a later hand, I raised with AK and got put all-in by A9. They flopped two pair and I thought I was a gonner until a beautiful king on the river.”

Our Twitch fan eventually busted in the money and turned her $33 freebie into $1,250, much to the delight of our stream’s moderators and commentator James Dempsey.

“I popped into Twitch to let them know I was playing. The moderators and James got as excited as me when I posted my result of winning $1,250, it was like I had won a title. The only thing wrong with the partypoker coverage on Twitch now is the final table. I think there’s far too much table and not enough of the players showing and by having a deep table it’s hard to follow the action.”

Points noted and fed back, Moyra!

Those winnings are being put to good use. Moyra plans to treat her family, especially her 12-year-old grandson, but the majority is going towards purchasing a mobility scooter.

“I have a nasty back which limits my walking.”

There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing Moyra in action at the partypoker tables soon, just make sure you don’t underestimate her! Moyra doesn’t have any poker goals as such, she plays for the love of the game, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take this crazy game seriously.

“I play poker these days for pleasure. It really is a great game and keeps one’s mind active. I really don’t have any ambitions to achieve, but unexpected wins like mine are really exciting.”

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