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Friday 13 is traditionally an unlucky day around the world but it was certainly lucky for the handful of partypoker players who became Monster Series champions.

These victories came at the perfect time with the Monster Series Main Event starting today, November 14, as each player gave their bankrolls and confidence a significant boost.

Keep reading to discover which of your fellow partypoker players won big on November 13.

Monster #19 – 7-Max Knockout: $100K Gtd

Buy-in: $22
Entrants: 4,845
Prize pool: $100,000

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 ibieb-asiac $6,184.09 $3,323.78
2 t.sujet $6,170.75 $794.41
3 derlandegrind $3,726.80 $596.00
4 BustyDarkElven $2,488.96 $804.93
5 luckylowry $1,696.64 $86.24
6 Nhatto $1,204.30 $669.56
7 monteeez $890.70 $1,149.92

The $100,000 guaranteed 7-Max Knockout crowned its champion on November 13 and “ibieb-asiac” is that champion. They came out on top of a 4,845-strong field over the course of two day’s of intense poker action and got their hands on the lion’s share of the prize pool.

Our champion scooped $6,184.09 from the main prize pool and that was padded by an impressive $3,323.78 worth of bounties. That bounty prize is so large because PKO champions win the bounty that was on their heads too.

Ibieb-asiac defeated “t.sujet” heads-up for the title. The runner-up walked away with a combined prize worth $6,965.16 with bounties included.

The prize pool was so large for a $22 buy-in event that everyone at the seven-handed final table won more than $1,800, which is pretty cool. Shout out to “monteeez”, “Nhatto”, “luckylowry”, “BustyDarkElven”, and “derlandegrind” who all reached the final table in this event.

Monster #19 – Mini 7-Max Knockout: $100K Gtd

Buy-in: $2.20
Entrants: 4,029
Prize pool: $10,000

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 Kubsoneiro $738.21 $243.02
2 Alexsandrsochi $734.55 $125.31
3 Glorious way $444.19 $65.09
4 Konstantinos0573 $296.87 $74.64
5 VladislavLp77 $202.48 $43.84
6 wolfgang196811 $143.82 $25.73
7 bulgakoff $106.50 $31.33

The $2.20 buy-in Mini 7-Max Knockout saw 4,029 players buy in over two flights and it was “Kubsoneiro” who outlasted them all. First place in this awesome event paid out $738.21 but the top prize also came with $243.02 worth of bounties.

Runner-up “Alexsandrsochi” was the only other partypoker player to net a three-figure bounty payment; they must have been busting opponents left, right, and centre on their way to a second-place finish. They banked $734.55 from the main prize pool plus $125.31 worth of scalps.

Other Monster Series Results

Event Entrants Champion Prize
Monster #23 – PLO8 Knockout: $5K Gtd 618 MoreMore $853.13
Monster #23 – Mini PLO8 Knockout: $500 Gtd 565 atya70 $88.49
Monster #24 – Mini Turbo: $3K Gtd 1,749 Never.lucky $483.69

What Monster Series Events Take Place Today?

Four new Monster Series tournaments kick off on November 14 including the massive, eagerly-anticipated Main Events!

Day 1A of the $55 buy-in $300,000 guaranteed Monster Series Main Event shuffles up and deals at 19:05 GMT and we cannot wait for the first cards to be pitched. The $5.50 buy-in Mini Main Event Day 1A starts at the same time and has $30,000 guaranteed.

There are a pair of Hyper Knockout tournaments to enter at 20:30. These fast structured tournaments are perfect for those of you who love to splash around in pots and get your stacks into the middle of the felt.

Time (GMT) Time (CET) Event Buy-in
19:05 20:05 Monster #26 – Main Event Day 1A: $300K Gtd $55
19:05 20:05 Monster #26 – Main Event Day 1A: $30K Gtd $5.50
20:30 21:30 Monster #27 – Hyper Knockout: $30K Gtd $22
20:30 21:30 Monster #27 – Mini Hyper Knockout: $3K Gtd $2.20

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