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Monday night’s crowd at the top of the Westerdam was helluva lot quieter than the rowdies of Sunday. Perhaps they preferred the joys of karaoke down in the depths of the ship to the blinking of a Cuban lighthouse 10 miles south.

Mike Sexton shows us some moves
Mike Sexton shows off his moves on the dancefloor

A quick pass through the wannabe crooners leads me to believe that playing poker through the wee small hours, drinking to drown sorrows after a first round exit and singing may be mutually exclusive pastimes. Frank Sinatra may have been able to do it his way but even Ol’ Blue Eyes would have struggled in this company.

Ryan and Julina celebrate their honeymoon
Newlyweds, Ryan and Julina Andrews celebrate their honeymoon

Back at the top of the ship honeymooners Ryan and Julina had recovered from his first round exit by dancing – well he called it dancing – and drinking a few. Ryan blamed his departure on being caught by one of the pros on the river. Twice.

The arrival of Mike Sexton – wearing a trademark pink shirt but amazingly without a PartyPoker logo – lifted the bar crescendo. “Not workingâ€? explained Mike, ever the ambassador.


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