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There are very few major tournaments that Michael Addamo has not won during his illustrious poker career. He can now scratch off the MILLIONS Online Mega High Roller from his to-do list because the Australian superstar triumphed in the $102,000 buy-in event on March 9 and walked away with $1,310,715.

MILLIONS Online Mega High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Michael Addamo United Kingdom $1,310,715
2 Florian Loehnert Austria $805,000
3 Christoph Vogelsang United Kingdom $525,000
4 Artur Martirosian Russia $364,000
5 Mikita Badziakouski Slovenia $269,500
6 Jake Schiundler Mexico $225,785

It took 45-minutes for the first finalist to fall by the wayside, that player being Jake Schindler. Blinds were 60,000/120,000/15,000a and the action folded to Schindler in the small blind. He looked down at and opted to jam all-in for 1,466,732 in total, only for Addamo to wake up in the big blind with . Those jacks held as the five community cards ran .

Team partypoker’s Mikita Badziakouski was the next casualty. Blinds were now 70,000/140,000/17,500 and Badziakouski raised to 280,000 with from the button. Artur Martirosian decided the best way to play from the small blind was the three-bet all-in for 8,106,041. Badziakouski called off the 3,735,336 chips he had behind. Martirosian can count his lucky stars because the board ran to give him an unlikely flush and a 12.35 million pot.

Martirosian was the next player heading to the showers despite winning that massive, lucky pot. The Russian lost a couple of large pots to leave him nursing a 17 big blind stack. Those chips went into the middle preflop, from the big blind, after Christoph Vogelsang raised to 352,000 from under the gun. Martirosian showed after Vogelsang called with the . A board reading resigned Martirosian to a fourth-place finish.

Heads-up was set when Vogelsang crashed out in third, a finish worth a cool $525,000, after a clash with the seemingly unstoppable Addamo did not go to plan. Vogelsang’s final hand started with him raising a shade over twice the big blind to 440,000 with and Addamo calling with . The flop fell , Addamo checked, Vogelsang continued with a 316,500 bet only for Addamo to check-raise to 1,120,000. Vogelsang called. The turn improved Vogelsang to two pair, but a lesser two pair than that of Addmo. Addamo led for 2,194,469 and called when Vogelsang ripped it in for 7,409,740. The river was not what Vogelsang needed and he headed for the showers.

Addamo held an 18,442,720 to 16,557,280 chip advantage over Florian Loehnert who had started the final table as the chip leader.

Only one hand was required to bring the tournament to a conclusion. Addamo raised to 500,000 with and Loehnert defended his big blind with a call with . Loehnert check-called a 669,500 bet on the flop and must have been delighted when the landed on the turn to improve him to two pair. Addamo, however, now held a flush. Loehnert checked, Addamo over-bet the pot by firing 3,060,750 out there and Loehnert responded with a call. The completed the board and Loehnert checked once again. Addamo jammed, and Loehnert called off his 12,272,230 stack, only to discover Addamo had him crushed on the turn. The $805,000 runner-up prize will go some way to numbing the pain, but the night belonged to Addamo once again, $1,310,715 is now nestled in his partypoker account.

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