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Another week has passed us by but it was a week that “MexicanBeech” will remember fondly because it was the week that saw him add the massive $45,591.00 first place prize of the Sunday $200k Guaranteed to his partypoker bankroll.

MexicanBeech started the 10-handed final table as the tournament’s chip leader and when the dust had settled in the early hours of Monday morning it was he who was the only player remaining, our champion.

Sunday $200K Guaranteed Final Table Seat Draw (December 1, 2013)

Seat Player Chips
1 Oreglegios 270,792
2 Kalacenikov 670,244
3 MexicanBeech 1,018,499
4 D.O.G.S. 909,851
5 demian1948 245,431
6 BigJimDwyer 738,539
7 LuckMyFive 514,537
8 MelaMela44 514,280
9 luckysteve777 335,035
10 ParadiseIsland 612,792

The final table got underway and for 14 hands the players were sizing each other up. Then on Hand #15, the action folded to “Oreglegios” in middle position and he moved all-in for 194,792 – slightly less than 10 big blinds – with and was looked up by “demian1948” in the cutoff who held a much stronger . By the river the board read to send Oreglegios to the rail in 10th place.

Another 42 hands played out before another player lost their stack and in cruel circumstances, too. “ParadiseIsland” opened to 50,000 from late position and “D.O.G.S.” decided to three-bet all-in for 663,856 with his from his seat in the small blind. ParadiseIsland called with a dominating and must have been fist-pumping in anticipation of an almost full double-up. Any early elation that ParadiseIsland felt will have turned to despair as the flop came down , improving D.O.G.S. to trip jacks and leaving ParadiseIsland needing running aces to stay in the tournament. The turn left ParadiseIsland drawing dead and when the river was the it was game over for ParadiseIsland.

Queen-jack came good again some 14 hand later when “LuckMyFive” min-raised to 60,000 from the hijack seat and then called when “MelaMela44” raised all in from the next seat across for 185,280 in total. LuckMyFive called and showed and needed some help to beat the of his opponent. That help arrived in the form of a four-flushed board that ran out , gifting LuckMyFive a club-flush and leaving MelaMela44 to pick up eighth place money.

Despite winning MelaMela44’s chips, LuckMyFive was the next player eliminated. D.O.G.S. opened to 80,000 from early position, one player folded and “BigJimDwyer” re-raised all in for 689,102 chips in total. LuckMyFive had dropped back down to 348,791 chips and he called these off as he held the premium . D.O.G.S. got out of the way and BigJimDwyer flipped up . An ace on the flop of a was enough to condemn LuckMyFive to a seventh place finish.

luckysteve777 runs out of luck

Six became five when “luckysteve777” proved to be not that lucky after all. The blinds were 25,000/50,000/2,500a and when luckysteve777 looked down at there was no doubt his 418,734 was going into the middle, which is exactly what it did. He even picked up a caller in the shape of the holding demian1948 and was on course to double his stack as the board ran out . But, and here’s the but, the river was the , one of six cards luckysteve777 didn’t want to see and he crashed out.

Shortly after luckysteve777’s exit, MexicanBeech’s pocket queens held against the of BigJimDwyer to see his stack swell to almost 2.35 million. At this point of the tournament, MexicanBeech and “Kalacenikov” held 4,432,326 of the 5,845,000 chips between them! Guess who finished one-two in this week’s tournament?!

MexicanBeech added to his stack when he open-shoved from late position with and demian1948 called from the small blind with . MexicanBeech flopped a set and that, as they say, was that.

A couple of hands later and BigJimDwyer made a move with from the button in an attempt to pick up the blinds and antes, but instead picked up a caller because Kalacenikov held . The flop flirted with the idea of coming to BigJimDwyer’s rescue, but a turn and river were of no help at all and Kalacenikov kept tabs on the chip leader.

200KThe131201D.O.G.S. was the next MexicanBeech casualty. A preflop raising war broke out in a battle of the blinds that resulted in MexicanBeech setting his opponent all-in while holding . D.O.G.S. called with only to see MexicanBeech catch running eights on the turn and river of the board to send D.O.G.S. to the sidelines with his tail between his legs.

That exit left MexicanBeech (3,120,343 chips) and Kalacenikv (2,724,657) to lock horns in a battle for the first place prize and bragging rights. It was a battle that spanned 50 hands and ended when MexicanBeech set his opponent all in and Kalacenikov called off his 12 big blinds with . MexicanBeech had made his move with and was rewarded by the five community cards falling . Game over for Kalacenikov and a superb victory for MexicanBeech.

Sunday $200K Guaranteed Final Table Results (December 1, 2013)

Rank Player Prize
1 MexicanBeech $45,591.00
2 Kalacenikov $24,198.30
3 D.O.G.S. $15,313.90
4 BigJimDwyer $12,975.90
5 demian1948 $10,637.90
6 luckysteve777 $8,299.90
7 LuckMyFive $5,961.90
8 MelaMela44 $3,857.70
9 ParadiseIsland $2,688.70
10 Oreglegios $2,104.20

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