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For some people, poker is all about the money. For others, it’s the competition and pitting yourself against other quality players in a battle of wits. Some, like Paul Harrison, it’s a mixture of both with some travel and life experiences thrown in for good measure.

Forty-two year old Paul lives in Oldham with his wife and four children (he has two grown up girls, too) and has been playing this crazy game that we all love, poker, for the best part of 10 years. Unlike many poker players who discover the game on television, Paul caught the poker bug after reading Big Deal: One Year as a Professional Poker Player by renowned author Anthony Holden.

After trying his arm at cash games, multi-table tournaments and sit ‘n’ go tournaments online, Paul settled on playing SNG and satellites to live events, which is one of the reasons he signed up to partypoker for thanks to our partnership with Dusk Till Dawn.

Paul counts his biggest poker achievements as the major live events he’s won his way into over the years, and the fact that doing so gave him the opportunity to meet the man whose book got him into the game, Anthony Holden.

“I think my biggest achievement in poker is not the numerous tournaments that I’ve won or the small profit made over the years, but it’s winning seats in bigger events such as EPT Barcelona, EPT Vilamoura, the 1st Asian Classic in Goa, best of all the Caribbean cruise that gave me the chance to visit places I would never usually be able afford to go and to, plus the cruise I got to meet Anthony Holden who got me into poker in the first place!”

In addition to being a fan of Mr Holden, Paul rates Phil Hellmuth (for his record at the World Series of Poker), Phil Ivey (for his all-round game in different formats at the highest level) and Gus Hansen (the one he likes to watch play) as his three favourite poker players. A worthy trio if ever we saw one.

Paul hopes to follow in the footsteps of his idols and win a live event which would “build my bankroll so I can play more large events in 2016.” He hopes to do this by following the three poker tips he share with readers of the partypoker blog, namely:

  1. Follow proper bankroll management
  2. Learn about the ins and out of variance that is part and parcel of the game
  3. Never stop learning because poker is easy to learn but takes a lifetime to master

We agree with all three tips, the final one in particular, something you can do by reading the strategy articles in our Teach The People segment of this blog.

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