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Another partypoker Grand Prix Poker Tour is confined to the history books after the St. James’ Park, Newcastle leg concluded on the night of February 22, 2016.

Once the dust had settled inside the home of Premier League outfit, Newcastle United, there was one man left standing, and that man was Nathan Farnaby, the latest GPPT champion and recipient of $35,000.

Place Player Prize
1 Nathan Farnaby $35,000
2 Thales Salomao $24,000
3 Nadeem Hussain $16,000
4 Peter Craw $12,000
5 Darren Knaggs $9,000
6 David Ridout $6,500
7 James Ablott $5,000
8 Bryan Tismond $4,000
9 Lee Kipling $3,000

Although Farnaby deservedly received the plaudits, a special mention has to go to Sunny Mistri, the 10th place finisher. Mistri won the GPPT Stamford Bridge leg and to bubble the final table in Newcastle is a huge achievement; watch out for Mistri when the Grand Prix Poker Tour hits Leeds United’s Elland Road on April 9.

After Mistri bust, the first player eliminated from the final table was Lee Kipling. Thales Salomao raised, James Ablott called from the cutoff, Kipling raised all-in for 12 big blinds from the button and only Salomao called. It was for Kipling versus the of Salomao and when the board ran , Kipling’s tournament ended.

Salomao then sent Bryan Tismond home in eighth place when the latter’s couldn’t improve enough to beat Salomao’s , then Peter Craw’s paired the queen on the flop to crack the of David Ridout, leaving Ridout to collect sixth-place money.

Darren Knaggs headed to the rail in fifth-place when his shove from the button with was called by Farnaby in the big blind with the dominating . Neither player improved their hand by the river, but Farnaby’s queen-kicker played. Game over for Knaggs.

Farnaby won a crucial coinflip to bust Craw in fourth-place. At the 250,000/500,000/50,000a level, Farnaby raised to 1,100,000 and called a 4,000,000 all-in three-bet from Craw to put his opponent at risk of elimination. Craw’s tournament life was pinned on the in his hand, while Farnaby needed to pair on of his hole cards, , to claim another scalp. And claim he did as the board came into view, leaving only three players in the hunt for the title.

Those three became two when Farnaby moved all-in from the button with and Nadeem Hussain called off his stack with . The run-good of Farnaby continued when he improved to a set on the flop of the board, which left Hussain drawing dead on the turn.

A couple of hands into heads-up play was all that was needed to end the contest. Salomao moved all-in for around 12 blind blinds with what turned out to be and Farnaby looked him up with , caught a ten on the flop, and saw his hand remain good through the turn and river. A valiant performance from Salomao and a deserved victory for the latest GPPT champion Nathan Farnaby.

$250,000 Guaranteed GPPT Online Runs March 20

Next on the agenda is a special $50,000 guaranteed with $10,000 added GPPT UK Online leg at 7:00pm on Wednesday 24 February. This tournament is a one-off affair and replaces the online Day 1 which was cancelled on Saturday 20 February due to technical problems; partypoker is adding $10,000 to the prize pool as a way of apologising to those inconvenienced.

After that, the next GPPT leg takes place on Sunday 20 March right here at partypoker. Like the live legs, the online leg costs $109 to enter and features a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool. Check out the partypoker lobby if you fancy qualifying for this leg for as little as $0.01.

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