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Every Monday, the partypoker blog reaches out and chats to one of our valued customers about all things poker and a whole host of other subjects. This week’s edition has a slight twist on it in that instead of talking to one of our valued customers, we’re sitting down with one of our key employees so you can discover who makes partypoker tick and find out more about the people who you will meet at various live and online events.

Colette Stewart is a Poker Network Associate based in Gibraltar and has been with the company for six years in August. When she’s not busy with her job on “The Rock”, you’ll find Colette hiking, socialising with friends, hanging out with her young daughter and tending to her many pets that she refers to as her mini zoo.

We managed to sit down with Colette earlier and ask her about her career so far, how she sees the future and more besides. Keep reading to discover more about one of partypoker’s most-valued employees.

Partypoker: How and when did you break into the poker industry, Colette?

Colette: I have been in the industry both online and offline for 18-years. I started in live casinos as a roulette and blackjack croupier then moved on to learn about poker and craps. I worked in the live business for eight years then moved to the online world as a VIP host for poker and casino.

You currently work as a Poker Network Associate. What does that role entail and what other roles have you held during your employment with partypoker?

Since I first started with the company I’ve had several roles including CRM/Marketing co-ordinator and VIP management. My current role falls between the poker operations and product team with added support for the social and live events teams.

I work very closely with the product and operations team to ensure we are offering the best product for our players. I also manage the live and online player forums and gather player feedback regularly to discuss with the aforementioned teams.

What are the best things about working for a company such as partypoker?

The passion and the people! From time to time, I get the chance to travel and meet our players worldwide and we have some fantastic dedicated people working behind the scenes.

Partypoker is focussed at making the site For The People, a haven for players who want to have fun playing this amazing game. How do you think it is working so far?

I think we are making some big steps in the right direction. I really believe having a face for the people to reach out to is great and we will continue to improve our player forums and Facebook presence. Also, listening to our players at live events to ensure we are delivering on what the players really want shows that we’re dedicated to continually improving and hope to continuously improve the player experience with easy to use software and fantastic live and offline promotions.

A key part of the For The People is the partnership with Dusk Till Dawn (DTD). There’s already been some great promotions and tournament and there’s still more to come. What excites you the most about this partnership?

I loved meeting the team at DTD, I hosted a poker tournament way back in 2005 when I believe Rob Yong and his team had just started out — what a difference to the club these days. DTD have a great team and the passion is engaging. It’s great to see the ideas being built and I promise Rob and partypoker have some very exciting things to come in the future!

We can’t wait to find out what those things are! Lastly, what do you think the future holds for partypoker?

Online gaming is forever changing. partypoker has been around for a long time and although I do think we have already seen the poker boom at its peak, I truly believe we can keep our players engaged by being an open and honest site and offering the very best player experience for all our players from the penny rollers to the big spenders.


So there you have it, folks. An insight into one of the partypoker personnel who works around the clock to ensure you can enjoy your time at partypoker.

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