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MattSplatt is $26,670.30 richer today thanks to taking down the latest edition of the $200K Guaranteed Sunday at partypoker – what a way to end the week! Usually, the first place prize in this fantastic tournament tops the scales at around $44,000, but this week’s event witnessed a chop that saw the final four players leave with no less than $20,633 for their efforts.

The 1,127 entrants created a $225,400 prize pool that the top 160 finishers shared. With that in mind, spare a thought for the player who we think must be a Black Eyed Peas fan judging by their “MyHumpMyHumpMyHu” username, who finished in 161st place to burst the money bubble. That exit opened the floodgates as each of the remaining players locked up a minimum payout of $428.26.

At 3:17 a.m BST, the tournament reached its 10-handed final table. Exactly two hours later, MattSplatt was the last player standing.

Sunday $200K Guaranteed Final Table Seat Draw (October 6, 2013)

Seat Player Chips
1 Darksiders300 129,067
2 Wisiniewski 1,185,224
3 ShaneO19O 217,274
4 ZerbonatoR 820,638
5 gifuhornet 535,712
6 SOTTOB 512,174
7 sbkatmg 328,779
8 MattSplatt 568.798
9 padredetres 628,866
10 NotEnufSoup 634,468

Only four hands took place before the table was relieved of its first player. gifuhornet min-raised to 40,000 from UTG+1 with what turned out to be . One player folded, sbkatmg three-bet all-in for 320,779 in total with and gifuhornet called. The flop catapulted sbkatmg into the lead and the turn increased his advantage in the hand and looked to have secured a double up. That was until the fell on the river to improve gifuhornet to a set of queens and busted turned sbkatmg’s elation into disappointment.

Next to go was Darksiders300 — some 30 hands later — who was all-in after posting the ante and the big blind. The first four players folded in turn, SOTTOB called the 25,000 big blind and everyone else folded. SOTTOB’s was up against the of Darksiders300. Although this was one of tournament poker’s coinflip scenarios, it was a race that ended on the flop as SOTTOB flopped a full house. The inconsequential and were the turn and river cards for those of you who wondered how the board ran out.

MattSplatt Doubles Up

MattSplatt had been card dead since the final table began and had seen his stack whittled down to 279,298 or slightly more than 11 big blinds. He managed to score a much-needed double up when he open-shoved from middle position with and ZerbonatoR called from the big blind with a dominated . A board reading kept MattSplatt’s hand in front and his stack swelled to a much healthier 597,596.

A lull in the action was broken when two players busted one after another in consecutive hands. First, gifuhornet shipped in their 309,637 stack (blnds 20,000/40,000/4,000a) from the hijack seat with and MattSplatt called on the button with . The flop gifted MattSplatt a flush draw to go with his two overcards, one such overcard, the , landed on the turn. The river completed the hand and gifuhornet exited in eighth place.

Seven became six when padredetres moved all in on the button for 411,366 with pocket sevens and called from the big blind with a superior pair of eights. The flop left padredetres needing running sevens for quads, but they failed to appear on the turn or river and his tournament came to an abrupt end.

A couple of hands passed before another player was heading to the virtual rail having lost their stack. The action passed to ShaneO19O in the small blind and he put SOTTOB all in for their last remaining 272,982 chips. SOTTOB called and showed , which was ahead of the of ShaneO19O. Both players improved on the flop, but SOTTOB’s pair of aces were the best hand. That remained the case with the arrival of the on the turn, but when the appeared on the river, it was game over for SOTTOB.

The largest pot of the entire tournament

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Ten hands into four-handed play, MattSplatt won a massive pot that swung the tournament in his favour. With the blinds now 25,000/50,000/5,000a, ShaneO19O raised to 100,000 when first to act. MattSplatt then three-bet to 229,117 and that folded out the blinds. ShaneO19O was not done with his hand, far from it. He tanked for a while before moving all in for 1,890,272. MattSplatt was covered by his opponent, calling and losing would see him bust in fourth place. He did call, turning over as he did so, discovering his hand was ahead of the of his opponent. By the river the board read to see MattSplatt claim the chip lead with his 2,613,676 chips.

ShaneO19O doubled up almost immediately and it was not long after that the final four players paused the tournament and discussed the possibility of splitting the remaining prize pool. A deal was agreed where the least anyone could take home was now $20,633.00 – not bad for 11 hours work!

NotEnufSoup will now be able to afford plenty of soup thanks to navigating his way to fourth place. They called a check-raise all in from MattSplatt on a flop with only to discover MattSplatt had him crushed with the . There was no drama on the turn or river and NotEnufSoup finished in fourth place for $20,633.00.

Four hand later and MattSplatt was very fortunate to eliminate Wisiniewski. MattSplatt put Wisiniewski all in for 75 big blinds with and Wisiniewski called with . The flop was what Wisiniewski was looking for, and the turn was another welcomed site. However, the gifted MattSplatt and unlikely straight and resigned Wisiniewski to third place money.

MattSplatt went into the heads-up battle with a 3-to-2 chip advantage and took only 15 hands to add ShaneO19O’ chips to his own stack. The final hand, the 563rd that MattSplatt had played in the tournament, saw him min-raise to 120,000 on the button and then call when ShaneO19O three-bet all in for 1,151,365. MattSplatt called with the and was against the of his now sole opponent. The final board of the night ran out to bust ShandO19O in second place and leave MattSplatt to bask in the glory that comes with winning such a prestigious event.

Sunday $200K Guaranteed Final Table Results (October 6, 2013)

Rank Player Prize
1 MattSplatt $26,670.30*
2 ShaneO19O $26,292.00*
3 Wisiniewski $20,960*
4 NotEnufSoup $20,633.00*
5 SOTTOB $10,255.70
6 ZerbonatoR $8,001.70
7 padredetres $5,747.70
8 gifuhornet $3,719.10
9 Darksiders300 $2,592.10
10 sbkatmg $2,028.60

*reflects a four-handed deal

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