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It’s because of the heat and humidity in the air. The penalties in poker last longer here, too. Whether that’s down to the hot-headed dealers, I can’t say. Last week I had to sit out a whole round of a tournament because I tweeted during a hand. And I wasn’t even in the money. Ridiculous. I had to share that here on my twitter account!

Part of the Team!

I’m, of course, in Vegas for the WSOP with PartyPoker. Every year I look forward to visiting this playground for excessive partying and gambling, even though it’s not really my kind of city. Too hot for me.

What do I do on a day off?

At the moment, I’m playing a few one-day tournaments with celebrities and friends. Last week I had a day off, but headed to the tables anyway to support a good friend of mine in the final. I don’t have a day without poker, but then again, that’s why I’m here – for work, not to be on holiday. There’s bound to be another big tournament coming up soon. I’ll keep you posted and do my best at every table – without a hangover, and hopefully without a hot-headed dealer. That’s all for now. Until next time!


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