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The runaway train that is Jungleman just collected the chips that formerly belonged to Marvin Rettenmaier. The former opened fromt he button with , Rettenmaier moved all-in for 116,000 with pocket nines and Jungleman called it off.

The flop gave Jungleman the lead and he held onto it on the turn and river. Another three points for Rettenmaier to go with the eight he collected in the first heat. “I reckon they’ll be at least three players beneath him at the end of the heat,” said Jesse May.

A few hands later and it was down to four as Scott Seiver exited in fifth. In early position Daniel Negreanu min-raised with and Seiver flat called with . On the flop Negreanu c-bet 25,000 and Seiver check-raised all-in for 111,000 and was swiftly called by Negreanu. The turn and river didn’t save Seiver and he now has a mountain to climb if he’s to get his title defence back on track.

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