We love hearing stories about our players here at the partypoker blog so were delighted when we learned about Marlo Nielsen’s recent career-best score. Marlo finished second in the $22 Predator, which is part of our Daily Legends schedule, and walked away with US$2,571.82.

Marlo Nielsen

Marlo Nielsen

Marlo was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She works in the IT industry for a global organisation where she provided Human Resource Management and Account Support for a government client. That is what Marlo gets up to during the day, but she takes to the partypoker tables during the evenings.

“I first discovered poker several years ago when a date took me to a casino and bought me into a cash game, despite having no clue about the game. There was no second date, but I became fascinated by the game and wanted to learn more.”

“Around six or seven years ago, I started playing for fun online with a free app on Facebook, where I learned more about No-Limit Hold’em strategy and figured out some basic plays. Gradually, I started playing for very small stakes on real money sites. I was only playing NLHE at first, but I learned how to play many different games by watching mixed games streamers like “Pyefacepoker” and participating in play money games.”

Despite her impressive runner-up finish in the Predator, Marlo actually prefers non-hold’em formats, including PLO8, NLO8, 5-card Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, H.O.R.S.E., 8-game, and Badugi. You could say Marlo is a solid all-rounder.

Finding Inspiration From Other Streamers

Marlo told the partypoker blog her love for poker increased after discovering various Twitch streams. She streams herself and is the first to admit she is not your typical poker streamer.

“As a middle-aged woman, I know I’m not a typical streamer compared to the primary female population broadcasting on Twitch. However, it feels like a place where I truly belong. I first got into streaming in 2018 and started watching different poker streams, mostly the bigger ones, including Kevin Martin, “easywithaces”, Jamie Staples, and Arlie Shaban. Then I came across “GJReggie.” She was my main inspiration for wanting to stream. She wasn’t crushing the high stakes, but playing smaller stakes like me, and had a fantastic audience that was growing every day.”

“She was so engaging and her community was so welcoming. It made me realise streaming was something I wanted to try. I had so much support from the community to get started and tons of help with the technical side, which was amazing. I started in October of 2019 once I got a suitable computer, and I’ve been at it ever since.”

Like many poker streamers, Marlo believes putting herself out there in front of her Twitch followers has brought her game on in leaps and bounds.

“Streaming has helped me improve my game tremendously, mainly because you talk through your hands with the people in chat. I’ve always been very receptive to feedback from my viewers; in fact, I often ask for it. I also stream on a different channel with a team of streamers who also have a keen interest in mixed games, where we all encourage and help each other learn. I’ve had the opportunity to do some hand review sessions on stream with notable crushers in the Twitch community, and I’m also part of a study group with other streaming / Twitch friends where we share resources and offer support.”

Support is definitely one thing Marlo had in abundance during her epic run in the $22 Predator tournament. Dozens of poker lovers raided Marlo’s stream as she navigated her way to the final table, before locking in a career-best score.

“My second-place finish in the Predator was the biggest moment of my poker and streaming life (so far!). The tournament itself was very challenging but SO fun and exciting, and while I think I got very lucky in some spots (I don’t think anyone can win a tournament without getting really lucky here and there), I was very happy with how I played overall. While I had a few ups and downs on my chip graph, I played conservatively and made some correct calls that helped get me to the final table.”

Marlo not only reached the final table but made it all the way to heads-up where she faced off against “TheDegeneral.” The one-on-one battle did not go to plan, but Marlo was still delighted with her performance, and rightly so.

“I think I made a pretty decent showing despite not being able to clinch the trophy. I think coming second felt just as good as winning would have. Keeping in mind I’m a micro-stakes player with no more than a few hundred dollars on a poker site at any given time, suddenly seeing over CAD$2,800 in my partypoker account was pretty incredible.”

The Twitch Community Spirit Hits Home

Marlo’s partypoker account balance read $36.00 earlier that day. Winning a significant prize is great, but it was something else about Marlo’s dee run that hit home with here.

“What I’ll never forget is the amazing support from all my friends in the chat. My mods, other streamers, friends, my parents, and my sister all in chat supporting and encouraging me made me quite emotional. It was a day I’ll never forget.”

The Predator is one of the more popular Daily Legends tournaments on the schedule, and Marlo thinks she knows why.

“I really like the structure of the Predator; the pace of the blind increases is just right. The bounty aspect makes it extra thrilling and the prize pool is great.”

It is obvious streaming poker brings much joy to Marlo. She wants as many of her fellow players to jump on board and host their own streams; it is not that difficult.

“If you feel a desire to try streaming, JUST DO IT! Don’t invest a ton of money on equipment at first. As long as you have a laptop or desktop that can handle streaming software along with the poker software, and things like Nightbot and Discord, it can be done. I started out with only my laptop but adding a monitor makes a world of difference.”

“Ask the streamers around you for help getting started – we have all been there. The Twitch Poker community is amazing at helping new streamers get going with technical advice, visits to your chat, and raids to help you feel welcomed, and also help you make affiliate status. If you are like me, you will find it is incredibly rewarding once you get going. Don’t compare yourself to others when it comes to viewership or poker performance, It’s supposed to be fun, that is the most important thing.”

Check Out Marlo’s Twitch Stream

Marlo currently has almost 750 Twitch followers and is aiming to reach the magical 1,000 number real soon. Why not give her a helping hand by heading over to Marlo’s superb Twitch channel and clicking the follow button.

“My goals for 2021 are to reach 1,000 followers, continue to grow my stream and have success in more tournaments. I would love to become an ambassador someday.”

“The only other thing I’d like to add is bringing positivity to your own channel and a willingness to support other channels is incredibly important. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new or pursue the things that you are passionate about and that bring you joy.”

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