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… except the final table, at least through the first 7 events. But we know that will change. And if not, then shame on all of you … you should go to poker school, because Mike Sexton can’t carry the whole team!

One thing I can’t help but realize at the WSOP is how similar it is to online poker. Seriously … it’s the closest the live-game world comes to the online experience. The Rio poker room consists of more than 200 tables. At any given time you can find two (or more) major tournaments underway, cash games ranging from $4/$8 limit to $100/$200 no-limit, sit-n-go’s, a little Omaha and Stud, and possibly a smaller tournament or two. By my estimate, it amounts to something like 75,000 hands* of poker being dealt each day. You can’t really find that sorta thing in the non-virtual world.

And Party players should have an edge … because every table is screen-printed with the logo. It’s like home-field advantage! Check out what you can expect to see if you take a seat at the WSOP.

*NOTE: this number is very unscientific … with a margin of error of + or – 25,000.


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