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Everyone likes to receive gifts, which is why we have relaunched our popular Magic Cards promotion. Magic Cards gives you the chance to get your hands on up to two free gifts each and every day up to and including March 1.

Log into your partypoker account, head to the promotions section, and click on the Magic Cards logo. Doing so displays four face-down playing cards. Choose one of the cards by clicking it, which reveals your prize. Prizes range from free spins at our casino, freeroll tickets, SPINS tickets, and even unrestricted cash.

This card is completely free; you receive a set of new Magic cards every day.

Daily Magic Cards Payout Table

Prize Probability
$0.25 SPINS ticket 2.50%
$1 SPINS ticket 2.00%
$3 SPINS ticket 0.25%
$5 SPINS ticket 0.01%
5 Casino Free Spins 5.00%
10 Casino Free Spins 3.00%
Magic Cards Freeroll ticket 81.72%
$1 cash 5.25%
$3 cash 0.25%
$50 cash 0.01%
$No prize 0.01%

If receiving one prize per day is not enough for you, you can flip over an additional Magic Card every day once you generate a mere $3 worth of rake (three cashback points) by playing fastforward, cash games, or our exciting jackpot SPINS.

Additional Magic Cards Payout Table

Prize Probability
$0.25 SPINS ticket 11.00%
$1 SPINS ticket 9.54%
$3 SPINS ticket 6.25%
$5 SPINS ticket 4.00%
$10 SPINS ticket 1.25%
$1 Sports bet 1.00%
$2 Sports bet 0.01%
$5 Sports bet 0.01%
5 Casino Free Spins 1.50%
10 Casino Free Spins 1.50%
20 Casino Free Spins 1.00%
Magic Cards Freeroll ticket 15.94%
$1 cash 16.50%
$3 cash 12.50%
$5 cash 10.00%
$10 cash 5.00%
$20 cash 1.00%
$50 cash 0.50%

Enjoy Even More Value With Our Other Ongoing Promotions

Combine Magic Cards with our other ongoing promotions to increase the value of your daily play.

Every partypoker players receives up to 40% cashback every week just for playing their favourite games. Generate at least 25 cashback points during a calendar week to receive 20% cashback on the following Monday. Get your grind on and you could see 40% of the rake you pay returned to your partypoker account balance each week!

You can boost your cashback by heading to our fastforward tables. Boosted Hours fastforward sees players earn twice as many cashback points as usual between the hours of 00:00-03:59 GMT and again between 13:00-16:59 GMT. There is no upper limit to how many additional cashback points you can earn during these boosted hours.

Tournament players are well-catered for too. There are SNG, SPINS, and SPINS Ultra Leaderboards, the ever-popular Legend of the Week, and the potentially lucrative Legends Club.

If you love value and love poker you have to play at party.

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