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Dedicating your spare time to learning a new skill can reap the rewards. Don’t believe us? Then ask Russian grinder “LuckMyDuck8” who was a big Cash Game Leaderboard winner last week.

LuckMyDuck8D hails from St. Petersburg and has been playing poker for the past 10-years. He’s played plenty of different formats and variants during that time, helping him to become a well-rounded player.

“I’ve been playing poker for about 10-years,” LuckMyDuck8D told the partypoker blog. “I started playing heads-up hyper-turbo sit & go tournaments. Then I played heads-up cash games, before trying SPINS. I’ve even played $100 and $200 Pot-Limit Omaha.”

It’s his love of four hole cards that won him a cool $3,000 last week.

“I spend almost all my spare time learning Omaha!”

All that study paid off for LuckMyDuck8D who finished on top of the $0.25/$0.50 PLO leaderboard. Not only did he finish in first-place, but he also did so by more than 696 points! That is some grind. The loyalty points our Russian star accumulated were worth almost $1,680 in cashback. This means we gave LuckMyDuck8D around $4,700 last week!

LuckMyDuck8D Logs 17,000 Hands in a Day!

LuckMyDuck8D credits his victory with getting the week’s leaderboard off to a flying start.

“My friends told me there would be a very good leaderboard during March. They said one player had played 50,000 hands in only one week. I decided to try won the PLO50 leaderboard and played 17,000 hands on Day 1! This gave me good foundations for my win.”

He managed to keep up a frantic pace throughout the week and stormed to the top of the table.

“My main competitors almost gave up on Friday,” revealed LuckMyDuck8D. “That’s win I realised I could win. They played only to keep up their current leaderboard position, not to catch me.”

His lead was so substantial towards the end of the week that LuckMyDuck8D didn’t even play on Sunday!

“I didn’t even play on the last day so I could rest before the new leaderboard.”

That rest had done LuckMyDuck8D the world of good because he’s presently leading the PLO50 leaderboard. It’s much closer than last week, however. LuckMyDuck8D has 2,161.87 points (at time of writing) with “Ckulife” hot on his heels with 2,157.55 points.

Being able to log a lot of volume is obviously important to climbing the leaderboards, but you also have to be a skilled poker player. How do you do that?

“Just spend a huge amount of time learning poker. That is the only way.”

$1M Cash Game Leaderboards Continue

More than $1 million will be won by the time the last of March’s Cash Game Leaderboards are complete. It’s never too late to jump into a cash game and earn some leaderboard points.

Don’t forget that you only need five leaderboard points each day to gain access to the $5K Daily Cash Boom all-in freeroll. You can enter a $3K Daily Cash Boom all-in freeroll too if you generate at least two points in our SPINS games.

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