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The Powerfest Tournament of Champions, as the name suggests, was an exclusive championship event that took place at the partypoker Powerfest earlier this year. 300 online poker champions from previous partypoker events faced each other for over $20K in prizes.

Out of all the past champions, one reigned supreme: Lucas “ihaveyoubaby” Ferreira

Ferreira won $10K in partypoker tickets and is also the new online partypoker sponsored Pro after besting the competition at the tournament of champions.

The partypoker blog sat down for a chat with the young Brazilian poker ace, and got to know his poker journey a bit better.


partypoker: Where were you born?

Ferreira: I am originally from Uberlândia, Minas Gerais  Brazil.


How old where you when you started playing poker?

I was young when I started, I was always very competitive in everything, from games to sports, and being able to play against other people made me motivated, that’s why I ended up getting more interested and familiar with poker.


For how long have you played at partypoker? What do you like about it?

I have being playin at partypoker for 1 year and a half, since you could play online in Brazil. What I like the most about partypoker is the way they are presenting themselves in both online and LIVE markets; they always bring great events and prizes for their community, they also always upgrade their layouts in the best way possible for their players. I believe they are on track to becoming the biggest poker brand soon.


How was the feeling of winning the Powerfest Tournament of Champions?

It was a great and different, because it was a tournament only for the champions and also because it was the first of it’s kind, I was the winner of the first event. This victory had a very special feeling for me.


What was your favorite moment during Powerfest?

I believe it was my victory at the $109 buy in progressive event, because it’s what got me to qualify for the Tournament of Champions.


What do you plan to do with the tickets you won from partypoker?

I hope to win at least another 3 or 4 main events and title fights ;).


Are you gonna play any of the partypoker LIVE events?

Yes I will be going to Uruguay in Dcember, I also wish I could go to the Caribbean Poker Party in November but I think it’s not possible. But I haven’t fully given up though, there is still one month to go, and maybe I can end up getting a satellite online.



We look forward to seeing Lucas in other online & LIVE partypoker events soon!


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