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Do you wish there was a place where you could discuss poker and put the world to rights with poker players from your own country?

A place where you could chat about anything and everything, give feedback about partypoker, play in country-exclusive freerolls and tournaments and take part in exclusive promotions? What if we told you that such places already exist, but you may not know about them?

In addition to our popular Twitter and Facebook pages, partypoker has several country-specific groups on Facebook known as the partypoker Facebook Community Forum. Not every country has its own forum yet, but we will be adding new forums in the future.

For the time being, if you are from the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Germany or the Oceania region you can head to the Facebook and join the free forum and get involved in building a vibrant community.

Once you request to join, one of the forum’s admin staff will cross-match your Facebook name with our vast list of partypoker players to ensure that only poker players from the specific country’s forums become members. As soon as it is confirmed you are a resident of that country, you’ll gain access to the forum where you’ll find hundreds of your fellow poker players, forum-only freerolls and more.

Here are the links for our current crop of partypoker Facebook Community Forums:

Want to check out the Russian VK group, then click here. 

You may also be aware that partypoker has its own Twitch channel where you can watch members of Team partypoker and special guests play poker in real time. Regular viewers of our Twitch channel will tell you there are plenty of giveaways during the various streams and freerolls and tournaments created for those watching our talented roster of pros playing at partypoker.

It is on our Twitch channel where you’ll be able to watch the final tables of many of our partypoker LIVE events and other live events around the world. Perhaps one day you’ll feature on the stream yourself and grab your five minutes of fame?

Head to the official partypoker Twitch channel now to see the schedule and see if any of our pros are streaming.

Currently, our Twitch is only in English, but there will be both a Brazilian and German version coming at you soon, so stay tuned.


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