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Showing your support for really does pay off. Becoming a fan of the PartyPoker Facebook page not only gives you access to exclusive content, news and information not available anywhere else, it also allows you to take part in exclusive PartyPoker Facebook Fan tournaments where there’s always account-boosting cash and exciting prizes to be won. Just like at yesterday’s big game.

With just a $10+$1 buy-in and the promise that the top 30 would get paid along with at least $600 for the winner, 257 of our fans signed up to show their poker skills. As well as the cash there was also the allure of seats to our huge Monthly Million for the top seven finishers. All in all, a pretty tasty offer.

LunaticParty claiming the always-unenviable bubble position

The first major milestone of the tournament came two and half hours in, LunaticParty claiming the always-unenviable bubble position of 31st and missing out on a pay day. LunaticParty’s luck ran out when he felt his was worth calling the an all-in push VitalicS. VitalicS held only modest pocket fives but they held up with a board that failed to produce the ace LunaticParty so badly needed. Better luck next time!

Someone else who’s luck ran out at a critical time was Janine_3888. Although well into the money, she crashed out in eighth, one position shy of winning a seat at the Monthly Million. Janine pinned her hopes on an all-in raise with ; unfortunately she crashed straight into SizzlerG’s pocket rockets . The flop made things a little uncomfortable for SizzlerG but with on the turn and on the river, it was game over for Janine_3888.

Finally, then, after four and half hours, we discovered our champ. Again, SizzlerG featured but this time he had to settle for the runners-up spot when his hole cards of were not only dominated by lipol82’s but then completely smashed away when the flopped showed . Amazingly, SizzlerG also ended up with a flush when the river produced but it was not nearly strong enough to beat lipol82’s variation.

Top seven finishers and their payouts

Here’s the list of the top seven finishers and their payouts. Don’t forget, all seven also received a seat at our Monthly Million tournament:

  1. lipol82 $693.95
  2. SizzlerG $418.91
  3. megatur76 $231.30
  4. BadWolfOne $186.32
  5. VitalicS $160.62
  6. goozzze_pp $134.92
  7. dreamscrushd $109.22

Make sure you’re part of our next Facebook special tournament. The only way to find out when it will be is by signing up to our Facebook. If you’re not already a member, visit our Facebook page now and make yourself a fan. It’s the only way to make sure you don’t miss out.


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