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Chip Counts

Level 1 has ended and it is Talal Shakerchi who leads the way with 372,000 chips. The blinds going into Level 2 are 2,000/4,000. Tobias Reinkemeir is hot on his heels with 355,000.

The players chip stacks are as below. The +/- figure in brackets is their profit/loss since the end of the last level and the big blind figure is how many they have for the current level.

Talal Shakerchi – 372,000 (+72,000) 93 big blinds
Tobias Reinkemeier – 355,000 (+55,000) 88.75 big blinds
Jason Mercier – 334,000 (+34,000) 83.5 big blinds
Tony G – 322,000 (+22,000) 80.5 big blinds
Dan Shak – 296,000 (-4,000) 74 big blinds
Phil Laak – 259,000 (-41,000) 64.75 big blinds
Igor Kurganov – 249,000 (-51,000) 62.25 big blinds
Jennifer Tilly – 213,000 (-87,000) 53.25 big blinds

Good level for

Talal Shakerchi – A solid level for Shakerchi, thanks in part to him winning a large pot from Tilly when he backed into a ten-high flush. (see below)

Bad level for

Jennifer Tilly – After losing with trips fives in the hand with Shakerchi, Tilly finds herself as the table’s short stack. She does, however, still have more than 50 big blinds..

Hand of the level

Talal Shakerchi opened to 5,000 with and Jennifer Tilly looked him up on the button with . The , Shakerchi lead with a continuation bet and Tilly called. The improved Tilly to trip fives but she opted to smooth call when Shakerchi barrelled again for 10,000 chips. The river saw Shakerchi bet 26,000 and Tilly raise to 70,000. Shakerchi shrugged his shoulders and called with his ten-high flush draw.

View from the booth

“When did she get good at poker?” – Jungleman about Jennifer Tilly turning her hand into a bluff against Talal Shakerchi.

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