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Poker Is A Financial Investment.

What are we poker players always looking for? The edge! And if there’s an overlay in a tournament it gets even better!

Since the prizepool in the 300k Guaranteed has been increased a couple of weeks ago, players are able to enjoy such overlay. But it gets smaller and smaller every Sunday. So you better hurry if you want to capitalize on it.

Last Sunday there were 1.432 at the start. Many of them got their $215 tournament ticket through a satellite, paying only a couple of bucks for their big chance.

Final Table

Things were looking great for Liper when the final table started. He sat in 1st position with 2,5 million in chips, followed by AAleshkAA with 1,45 million. The rest of the field was clearly below a million.

Chips Aren’t Everything

Liper had to find out the hard way. After loosing several decent sized pots he managed to get back up to his 2,5 million halfway through the final table.

Meanwhile it was AAleshkAA who built his stack to push himself into the top spot. Liper on the other hand had to suffer more bad luck (and/or bad spots). After loosing with against LFC2012‘s in a preflop all in, he took another big hit in a pot against the chipleader. AAleshkAA‘s Jack high flush was good and Liper now among the shortstacks.

In his last hand he was holding and dominated by Wisiniewski‘s . While there were still four players left after this action, the game sped up significantly.

akaPman had a great chance to get back into the game with his pocket rockets, but Wisiniewski managed to hit a lucky for a set of sevens.

Deal Or No Deal?

Here’s how the chips were distributed among the last three remaining players:

Seat 5: Wisiniewski (2.399.592)
Seat 8: LFC2012 (1.773.244)
Seat 9: AAleshkAA (2.987.334)

At this point the discussion for a deal started in the chat. Chipleader AAleshkAA had the best position for the negotiation and took the biggest piece of the action after they came to an agreement.

Top10 Prize Money:

1. AAleshkAA – $40,000
2. Wisiniewski – $33,569
3. LFC2012 – $29,031
4. akaPman – $14,250
5. Liper – $11,250
6. Snotneus – $8,250
7. timeeeBOMB – $5,550
8. GrinderXXX – $4,050
9. howdouplay – $3,000
10. joeyhebs – $2,550

Qualifiers for the upcoming $300k Guaranteed are running ’round the clock on PartyPoker. $1 is enough to start your journey towards what might be a life changing cash.


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