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We asked earlier who our last woman standing would be and it looks like it will be Emma Tolley, if this last hand is anything to go by.

There was a flurry of activity on a flop that saw Jonathan Slater bet 17,500 at, William Champion moved all in and Tolley smooth called, leaving herself just 40,000 or so behind. Slater moved all in and Tolley called.


Slater had flopped the nut straight but the other’s still had outs. The turn failed to alter anything but the on the river improved a shocked Tolley to a full house and busted out the other two players.

Tolley now has 460,000 chips and is on course for an even deeper run. We are now on the bubble with 28 players remaining and just 27 being paid. We will reach the money tonight, no matter how long it takes the bubble to burst.

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