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$27,900 is now nestled safely in the account of KoenigShloss, his reward to being the last man standing in the May 25 edition of the partypoker $200K Guaranteed.

The 953 entrants enjoyed a near $23,000 overlay on the prize pool, making the partypoker $200K Guaranteed one of the best-value tournaments of the year so far. Those 953 starters were gradually whittled down to the final table of nine and the nine finalists lined up as show in the table below.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (May 25, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 GMVALTER9 609,056
2 FunkySpruehKid 185,859
3 DonkKick 744,021
4 IKEA_ 598,426
5 Ryan_Gosling 271,082
6 mari1995 303,960
7 KoenigShloss 1,286,978
8 xandermuhren 563,120
9 flush-out 202,498

Going from nine players down to a champion took around 90-minutes and during those one-and-a-half hours the play was fast, frantic and action-packed.

Within 12 hands a seat became open. The action passed to KoenigShloss on the button and he min-raised to 30,000. After the small blind folded, flush-out re-raised all in for 161,998 in total and KoenigShloss called.

The of flush-out went further into the lead on the flop and stayed ahead of KoenigShloss’ on the turn. However, the river was the , improving KoenigShloss to two pair and resigning flush-out to ninth place money.

Plenty of hands went to showdown over the next 29 hands, but one hand in particular stood out because it resulted in another player being eliminated. With blinds and antes now 10,000/20,000/2,000a, FunkySpruehKid pushed all-in for 160,359 from the cutoff seat, but instead of winning the blinds and antes he picked up a caller in the shape of Ryan_Gosling in the big blind.

The all-in player showed while Ryan_Gosling flipped over . It was anyone’s hand to win up to the river of the board, the on the river ensuring Ryan_Gosling’s hand was best and eighth place was FunkySpruehKid’s.

mari1995 had been nursing a tiny stack for a number of hands and his exit proved it was not his day. When the action folded to him on the button he moved all in for 1,510 chips less than a big blind. KoenigShloss called from the small blind, xandermuhren raised to 50,000 from the big blind and KoenigShloss called for a second time.

KoenigShloss check-folded to a 75,000 continuation bet on the flop, leaving xandermuhren to turn over , a hand much stronger than the in mari1995’s hand. The on the turn locked up the hand for xandermuhren, and the meaningless completed the board and sent mari1995 to the sidelines.

Another couple of orbits of the table played out before Ryan_Gosling came unstuck and was eliminated in sixth place. DonkKick opened to 50,000 from the button and then called with when Ryan_Gosling three-bet all-in for 472,023 from the big blind with . By the river the board read and with that Ryan_Gosling was gone.

Ten hands later and the five remaining players became four. GMVALTER9 was first to act on the button and he opted to move all-in for 15 big blinds with the . DonkKick was next to act and he re-raised to 595,442 to isolate GMValter9. His plan worked because the big blind folded and all that was left was for his to remain best by the river.

That is exactly what happened as the five community cards fell . Game over for GMVALTER9.

DonkKick continued his role of executioner by sending xandermuhren to the rail in fourth place. The latter raised all-in to 355,540 with and DonkKick called on the button with . Those “snowmen” held on a board and xandermuhren busted out, meaning the final three players would now walk away with at least $10,100 for their troubles.

Three-handed had an interesting dynamic in that KoenigShloss and DonkKick had huge stacks and IKEA_ was playing with around 15 big blinds. Those chips found their way into DonkKick’s stack when DonkKick opened to 60,000 and then called with the when IKEA_ three-bet all-in from the small blind for 544,751.

IKEA_ was in big trouble as his was dominated. His precarious position worsened and he was drawing dead by the turn of the board.

Going into heads-up play KoenigShloss held 1,432,016 to DonkKick’s 3,332,984 but that did not faze him. Within nine hands KoenigShloss had draen level and then taken the lead and 24 hands later he had come from behind to win the partypoker $200K Guaranteed.

A min-raise to 80,000 from KoenigShloss was met with a re-raise to 240,000 from DonkKick and a call from KoenigShloss. The pair watched on as the flop came into view, DonkKick check-calling a 244,000 bet.

The turn was the and DonkKick check-called again, this time a 345,555 bet. The river was the and now DonkKick led for 480,000 only to see KoenigShloss set him all-in. DonkKick called and showed , but was destroyed by the of KoenigShloss that had improved to trip nines.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (May 25, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 KoenigShloss $27,900
2 DonkKick $16,900
3 IKEA_ $10,100
4 xandermuhren $7,600
5 GMVALTER9 $5,500
6 Ryan_Gosling $4,000
7 mari1995 $3,180
8 FunkySpruehKid $2,500
9 flush-out $2,000

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